Summer of Camps

July was the month of camps…including a weekend of camping.

They started at the adidas soccer camp.  This was an all day camp at mom’s work.  They boys played soccer on the turf and when it got too hot, inside in the gymnasium.  The fun part was eating lunch with mom.  Both boys excelled.  On Friday, there was a parents vs kids game.  Both boys almost scored and most importantly, they tried their best and had a good time.  Boden was a little disappointed he was not named the camper of the week…but it was a close vote.

The next camp was the outdoor camp called Trackers.  Boden was in the Forest Ninja’s program and Hutson was part of the Forest Ferries, Dragons and Elves.  Both enjoyed building forts, shooting bow and arrows, hiking in the forest and playing in some creeks and lakes.  Both were completely dirty and tired at the end of the day!

The following weekend, we went camping at Frog Lake near Mt. Hood.  This lake was aptly named as the boys found thousands of tiny frogs around the camp site and the lake.  We went with Boden and Hutson’s friend Aven and his family.  We had a great time hiking around the lake and then, when it was warm enough, jumping in!  We spent the whole day in the water.  Hutson met and started a “gang” of other five year olds.  They were exploring, checking out the frogs and running all over the camp site.  Hutson was definitely the leader and would explain the rules of the games.  One boy finally told Hutson, “look…stop talking and let’s start playing”.   The next day, we went to summer ski bowl and rode the alpine slide, the maze, go karts and some of the other rides.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but Boden lost his third tooth.  Top right middle tooth.

For Boden’s birthday, we went to the American Ninja training center in Tigard and trained with some of the ninjas.  The group climbed “the wall”, did some rock climbing, slid on the suspended rings, jumped on the trampoline and some other ninja training exercises.  Boden received a new bicycle and has been racing all over the neighborhood.  The birthday theme was emojis and mom baked another brilliant cake with cupcakes.  The cupcakes were the pile of poo emoji.


4th of July

The boys had their mid year gymnastics performance on June 24th and they put on a show.  They performed a floor routine, parallel bars, rings and the spring board.   All four were great.  They were very proud when they marched out with their team to begin and then at the end when they received their trophy.

Over the fourth of July holiday, we traveled to Sunriver and had a blast.  The first day, we rode the Big Eddy white water rapids.  Boden and Hutson were very brave riding the class 3 waves.  Boden “rode the bull”…which is sitting on the nose of the raft while going thru the rapids.  Then both the boys jumped on the sides of the boat for the rodeo.  They stood on the edge of the boat while the rest of us paddled trying to knock them off.  They didn’t last very long but had a great time getting soaked.

The second day, we joined a fat tire bicycle tour.  This was a six mile ride…mostly down hill, stopping occasionally at a river to swim.  Boden rode his own bicycle while Hutson rode a tandem bicycle with mom.  At the first stop, we hiked down to a small waterfall and an area where we could jump in to the pool from the rocks just beside the falls.  Hutson was the first to jump with mom and then Boden and dad jumped.  The water was so cold we all lost our breath for a moment while we swam to the river bank.  After everyone jumped, Boden and Hutson wanted to jump again and this time from the higher rock…about 5-7 feet above the pool.

The next ride was another mile down the trail and the stop was at a natural waterslide.  Boden, Hutson and mom all slid down the 15 ft. slide into a pool of cold river water.   The final ride was a windy 3 mile trail and Boden rocked it.  Meanwhile, Hutson was mom’s co-pilot, directing her when she was going too fast or slow.

On the 4th of July, we went to Dash’s house and had a bbq, lit some fireworks and watched the City of Bend’s 4th of July show.  The boys had a great time playing with Dash and Levi, lighting some sparklers and watching the bigger kids shoot off some of the bigger fireworks.

Boden lost his third tooth, the top right tooth on Friday July 7th.


The Cain family celebrated a family reunion…mostly grandma and grandpa’s 51st wedding anniversary.  The boys met their some of their cousins for the first time…Logan and Abbey.  They had a blast together.  Logan took the boys on a couple hikes around the cabin, looking for tracks and ‘animal skat’.

While there, we saw some deer tracks.  Uncle Andy said, why don’t we get our bows and arrows ready and we can shoot the deer.  Hutson responds…”No, we should just hug the deer because deer are nice.”

On Tuesday, we visited Purgatory Resort.  The boys rode the alpine race course.  Hutson rode with mom and Boden drove himself.  He was thrilled that a six year old could drive alone.  That night, we had dinner at the Bar D Chuck Wagon.  The boys were able to pan for gold and met real cowboys.  After dinner, one of the cowboys asked Hutson if he wanted to sing some country songs.  Hutson responded…”No, I like good music”.

The next day, we visited Mesa Verde.  They boys loved visiting the cliff dwellings.  Boden even gave Nana and Bapa a summary of the ranger’s presentation on why they lived there, what they ate, the fires they made and when they left.

They also played a lot of ping pong.  Boden also went white water river rafting along the Animas river.Boden was riding in the front center and was soaked on the first rapid!  He also had fun paddling and even jumped into the river and rode the river while hanging on the ‘chicken wire’.

Today, Boden is interested in earning money and getting a real job.  “like you and mommy”.   We offered things like vacuuming or washing the cars.  But he wants serious money.  I want to earn $100 so I can buy a new car for mom and dad.



We are finally having spring like weather and the boys are loving it.  They have been playing outside a bit later with Zoey since the sun sets a bit later.  Both continue to play baseball and the improvements they have made over the last two months is amazing.  Both are swinging the bat, fielding and throwing the ball so much better.

Zoey  is playing a huge part in the boys lives.  They are feeding her in the morning and evening and giving her water.  We took Zoey out to the park today and the boys had a great time using the ‘chuck-it’.  Running Zoey till she was completely spent.

The other day, Zoey was running around the back yard and Boden seemed to be very worried about her.  Then, she took off and ran away into the forest behind the home.  Boden was in tears, thinking that she ran away and we lost her.  He thought it would be a good idea to get some treats to lure her back.  Once she returned, he wanted to take her into the home right away so she couldn’t get away again.

Last night, I asked Boden what he did at school and Boden said “I forgot”.  Hutson chimed in…”Boden is the forgetter”.

Boden is 47 inches and Hutson is 46 inches.  To ride the water slide at Villa Sport, you must be 48 inches tall.  But the boys try all the time.  Sometimes they get to go, other times they are turned away.  They love the slide and try to sell it like they’ve been on it a million times.




On April 22nd, we adopted Zoey (formerly known as Sitka at the pound) into our family.  Zoey is a cream colored, half husky and half labrador.  Two years old and full of energy.  When we met her at the Oregon Humane Society, she went straight over to the boys and gave them a sniff.  We fell in love with her right away.  Over the next two weeks, the boys have played with her non-stop, throwing the ball or giving her treats…saying “who is the best dog?” or “I love you so much!”

When Hutson plays a video game, he totally gets into a zone.  So much so that the other day while playing…he was so focused that he peed his pants.  He didn’t even notice until we asked, what’s the deal.  He said he couldn’t stop playing.  The next day, he was playing with Boden and laughing so hard he peed again.

Boden’s been busy at school.  He celebrated his 6 1/2 year celebration at school and came home with a nice crown on his head.  He is also learning long division.  Teacher Sally said he is quite a leader at school…helping the younger kids with work and learning new work for himself.

Hutson’s t-ball team has practice every Thursday and a game on Saturday.  Hutson is one of the teams clowns all the while he enjoys playing.  He gets very frustrated when he is not involved with fielding and likes to play first base.  Last game, Hutson made two great catches while playing second base.  Both times, the ball was hit hard at him.  He was in the ready position and fielded the ball and threw the runner out at first.  Very rare in t-ball.  He is also hitting and running the bases well.

Boden’s baseball team has him playing catcher and third base a lot.  He likes third the most.  He’s also batting second and has been ripping the ball.  Last game, he hit a line shot down the third base line.  He is always hustling and cheering his team on when he’s not at bat.  During the last inning, an opposing batter hit a fly ball and Milo made a nice catch.  The whole team cheered and Boden ran over and gave him a hug.

We were in the car today and Boden said “I just have to say Fucking Shit…fucking shit”.  Mom and dad were mortified and amused at the same time.   Later in the same ride, mom asked Boden why he had his hands down his pants and he said “they just fell in my pants”.

While we were watching TV, there was a couple that kissed.  Mom asked the boys if they would ever kiss a girl.  Hutson responded with a resounding “EEEWWWWW”.  While Boden calmly said…”Maybe”.

Cousins had a sleepover last week and Hutson wanted to sleep with Dash.  So they got into bed and Hutson was kicking in his sleep so much that Dash sat up and said…”Hutson, it’s not time to wrestle…go to sleep!”

Our neighbors home was robbed earlier in the week and the boys went over to play with Samira while the police officer was there.  When they came home, Boden said “It is weird, the robber stole gold and four carrots”.  Both were rattled a bit with the thought of a bad guy around the neighborhood.  Hutson for the next two days didn’t want to be alone and wanted dad or Boden around at all times.  He was happy that Zoey was there to protect him as well.



Baseball & Easter

The little munchkins have started little league baseball this spring and it’s the real deal. Boden is on A-ball and Hutson T-ball. Tim is the assistant coach for Hutson’s team, which made Boden jealous as he really wanted Tim to be his coach. They have official outfits, boden is pin grey with pin-stripes. Button up baseball shirt, long red socks, a lincoln cardinal ball cap, and even a belt. Hutson has a black t-shirt, gray pants, the long red socks and ball cap.

The boys  had their first game on 4/9. Boden made it to first base each time. He played short-stop and catcher, which made him very excited to wear the padding. For Hutson’s game, they hit off a T and Hutson did great. When the ball went into the play al the little boys would be like little gnats and  jump all at once on the ball.

We had to have a talking with Hutson prior about being a team player because his first practice with Tim he had an epic meltdown because he didn’t go first at bat. All a learning.

At their 2nd game, Boden played 3rd base and he got two people out! He and Aven are on the same team and they had some great team plays.

In between their games, they boys finally had their tongue-tied surgery. We didn’t tell them they were getting the procedure until the morning of. We took them off of school and headed to the doctor, Dr. Gharei, a persian, who is the only doctor in Oregon who performs this surgery thru laster so it’s non-invasive. The boys were given mild sedative which made them very loopy. Boden was just chilling with a big smile on his face and Hutson has hanging all over me. The procedure was less than 3 mins. The doctor put a local anesthetic on their tongue. A used a laser to severe the membrane. They were eating lollipops leaving the doctor office. We have to massage the wound with coconut oil  and have them do exercises. They will have therapy as well to learn to use their new tongue movement.

Today was Easter and Narda, Dave and Dash spent the night. We all watched Rogue 1, well most of us. We tried to get the boys to all sleep in Boden’s bunk beds. That did not last. Boden was the only one trying to go to sleep. Hutson and Dash were having a giggling fit and hanging off the bed.

In the morning, we had an easter egg hunt in the house. Boden was running around downstairs and Hutson and dash upstairs and they had a very even split of the loot. Of course they were devouring their candy and running around on sugar highs. Poor little Dash ran into the barn door and got a huge egg on his forehead. We got the swelling to go down with ice.

We all headed to the Oregon Humane Society to look at a couple dogs. We had a great experience but the dog we saw was a bit hesitant around the kids. We’ll keep looking!

Boden’s maturity keeps increasing. He loves playing baseball, loves basketball. He has patience with Hutson. Hutson is showing is frustration more and more, using screaming or yelling. We are trying to manage his emotions by not using emotions and it’s really difficult!



This winter has been great for skiing and we had another family ski day mid March.  The boys crushed it again.  Both skiing easy rider and vista.  Boden challenged the family to a race on the sprint course.  Boden of course won the race with Hutson coming in second.

The following week, it was a guys evening at Providence Park.  Bapa, the boys and dad went to a Timbers game and had a blast.  We took the max down to the stadium and then took our seats.  Timbers won the game 4-2 over Houston.  Boden learned a few of the Timber Army songs and sang along with Timber Joey.

Over spring break, we took a vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego and had a great time.  Starting in LA, we spent the first day in Newport Beach and Balboa Island.  We rented a boat, met up with our friend Kele and motored around Newport Bay.  Great afternoon.  The next day, we went to California Adventure and had a spectacular day.  The highlight was Radiator Springs Racers and Flight Around the World.  After lunch we decided to ride Grizzly River.  Hutson was a little nervous but decided to ride.  Hutson was the first to get wet and then right before the big drop, our boat became stuck.  We sat there for a few minutes before the boat was released and we took the big drop.  Hutson and Boden were soaked at the end and Hutson didn’t enjoy the ride.  The last ride of the day was Goofy’s Roller Coaster.  Boden had a great time on the ride but it put Hutson over the edge.  While we were walking out of the park, Hutson ran into Spiderman and had his photo taken with him.

The next day, we were at Disneyland.  We started the day in Adventure Land.  Mom and Boden rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones…but Hutson wanted no part of it.  Next, mom and Boden rode splash mountain while dad and Hutson rode Jungle Adventure Cruise.  Disney took a photo of mom and Boden during the drop and it was hilarious.  Boden was riding in the front of the log and mom was right behind.  Boden had a look of terror on his face while he was trying to turn around to grab moms hand while mom’s eyes were closed and a huge grin on her face.  Before lunch, we rode the Autopia where the boys drove cars around the track.  After lunch, we left the park and had a nap.  At 4.30, we went back and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  After we sat down, Hutson was frightened by the Gorillas so we moved downstairs away from the animal action.  The next ride, Boden rode was Star Wars and Hutson rode Astro Orbitor and then we took our position for the starlight parade.

After LA, we headed down to San Diego.  Our first stop was the Zoo.  We had a quick tour of the zoo and the boys favorite part was the sky-safari which took us over the park.

The last adventure we had was at Legoland!  The boys enjoyed the rides, despite the long waits.  The favorite ride was the Lego Driving Zone.  Both the boys received their lego drivers licenses.  Boden was the only kid we saw that stopped at the stop signs and uncontrolled intersections.  Legoland also had a great waterpark and Hutson rode his first big waterslide by himself.  After that, we couldn’t get him off.

Spring break ended on a fun note…mom picked up some great Blazers tickets three rows back from the court.  Boden wore his Damian Lillard jersey to support the Blazers.  Both used their ‘clappers’ to make noise to distract the Phoenix Sun players from scoring.

This week, baseball practice started.  Boden in A-ball and Hutson in t-ball.  First game is tomorrow so cross your fingers for no rain outs.