Summer of Camps

July was the month of camps…including a weekend of camping.

They started at the adidas soccer camp.  This was an all day camp at mom’s work.  They boys played soccer on the turf and when it got too hot, inside in the gymnasium.  The fun part was eating lunch with mom.  Both boys excelled.  On Friday, there was a parents vs kids game.  Both boys almost scored and most importantly, they tried their best and had a good time.  Boden was a little disappointed he was not named the camper of the week…but it was a close vote.

The next camp was the outdoor camp called Trackers.  Boden was in the Forest Ninja’s program and Hutson was part of the Forest Ferries, Dragons and Elves.  Both enjoyed building forts, shooting bow and arrows, hiking in the forest and playing in some creeks and lakes.  Both were completely dirty and tired at the end of the day!

The following weekend, we went camping at Frog Lake near Mt. Hood.  This lake was aptly named as the boys found thousands of tiny frogs around the camp site and the lake.  We went with Boden and Hutson’s friend Aven and his family.  We had a great time hiking around the lake and then, when it was warm enough, jumping in!  We spent the whole day in the water.  Hutson met and started a “gang” of other five year olds.  They were exploring, checking out the frogs and running all over the camp site.  Hutson was definitely the leader and would explain the rules of the games.  One boy finally told Hutson, “look…stop talking and let’s start playing”.   The next day, we went to summer ski bowl and rode the alpine slide, the maze, go karts and some of the other rides.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but Boden lost his third tooth.  Top right middle tooth.

For Boden’s birthday, we went to the American Ninja training center in Tigard and trained with some of the ninjas.  The group climbed “the wall”, did some rock climbing, slid on the suspended rings, jumped on the trampoline and some other ninja training exercises.  Boden received a new bicycle and has been racing all over the neighborhood.  The birthday theme was emojis and mom baked another brilliant cake with cupcakes.  The cupcakes were the pile of poo emoji.

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