Potty Training

This is the third week of potty training for Hutson.  He sometimes gets it and sometimes not so much.  He will put a string of 3-4x of going in the toilet and then totally miss on others.  Two steps forward and one back.  When he goes, we have a little party for him, clapping and celebrating.  Yesterday, he walked in on daddy going to the bathroom and he started to cheer.

Hutson’s vocabulary is growing very fast.  He knows all the different pictures in all his books.  He can identify so many randon things.  He notices the moon and stars in the sky.  He can count to 5 and knows his numbers up to 9.

Bode at drop off today wanted to be dropped off first.  This goes against the usual routine.  But Ok, so when Bode got to the play ground, he took off running and started playing with Aven, one of his friends.  He usually hangs back and observes, getting a feel for the environment rather than jumping in right away.  But today, he just took off without saying good bye.

Bode loved watching the winter olympics.  He enjoyed snowboarding and speed skating.  While ‘participating’ in the speed skating race, Bode ran around the house with his right hand behind his back…just like the skaters.

Boden has been practicing his writing and was able to write MOM on mom’s birthday card.



Boden’s laugh is getting more giggley than before.  He used to kind of scream laugh and now it has more of a melody to the laugh.  It’s very nice to listen to.  Boden has been reading a lot lately.  Tonight, we were reading ‘Who Stole My Hat’ and Boden was able to read and sound out some words.  It was very impressive for the little guy.  Mom bought a Bode a red t-shirt with a picture of a piano  on it and Bode has wanted to wear it every day and night.  I let him go to school with it after he wore it for a day and slept in it that night.  Bode can sing twinkle twinkle by him self now along with itsy bitsy spider.  Bode went to OMSI the other day with Nana and Bode said…hey mama, and then said…wait a minute, you are not my mama.

Boden and Hutson spent the night at Nana’s and Bapa’s home on Sat night.  The next morning, Hutson woke up and was able to take off his poopie diaper and smear the poop all over…including on himself.  Yuck.  Hutson loves jumping and has found a way to climb up on the edge of the bath tub and jump into the water.  He is a crazy little fella.  Potty trianing Hutson is a bit of a struggle.  He has gone on the potty but usually will do it in his pants unless he is coaxed onto the toilet.  When on the potty, he will sometimes go but usually not.  He can pretty much sing the abc’s.  

Hutson and Bode were arguing over a toy the other day and Hutson bit Bode on the hand.  We are told he took a good bite and really was hurt and upset.   

Hutson’s Two

We had to run Boden to the Dr last week due to penis issues.  He was having some discharge, swelling and some pain.  Dr said he had a bacterial infection and put him on antibiotics.  Boden was brave at the office.  He had to show off his penis to two nurses and a dr.  He seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

At swimming lessons, Boden has been making big progress.  He’s sticking his face in the water, jumping in to the instructor and last week put his face in while kicking.  He loves getting into the water and really enjoys his instructor.

Hutson turned two on Monday.  We had a party for him on Suday which overlapped the Super Bowl.  Seattle beat Denver.  We celebrated with nanna and bapa, Parsa and Dahri, Kosem.   We had fun playing with his new football and soccer ball, trucks and computer game.  He also had ice cream and cup cakes.  Hutson enjoyed licking off the icing and that’s about it.  

At swim lessons, Hutson loves going with Bapa.  He doesn’t want to leave once lessons are over.  He loves to climb out of the pool and then jump right back in.   And after lessons, we were playing at the train set in front and a girl walked up and Hutson takes one of the trains he was playing with and says ‘here you go’, and gives her the train.  

Yesterday, I sneezed and Hutson said bless you.  Very cute.