The boys went to neighbor friend Samira’s 8th birthday party today.  This was at Sky High Sports.  A trampoline park.  The boys were in heaven.  Two hours of trampolines.  Boden liked jumping from the tramp into a pit of sponge blocks.  Hutson just jumped, and jumped and jumped.

This morning, Boden was looking for his red breakfast bowls and couldn’t find them.  We looked for about 15 minutes around the house to find them and finally gave up.  Right at the time we gave up, we were sitting next to Hutson who was eating breakfast and in between bites, he says…”they are in the garage”.  Mom and dad looked at each other and started laughing as the bowls were there.  Hutson remembered their location from snack time the day before as he took them into the garage.  Would have saved us a lot of time if he would have mentioned it earlier.

Friday night, we went to Playdate PDX to meet Boden’s friend Aven.  The play area has a big long slide that the boys have been afraid to slide by themselves.  When they saw Aven try it alone, Boden and Hutson tried and loved it.  They also watched the puppet show that Boden normally ignores and Hutson is afraid of but Hutson now ‘loves the puppets’.

Last Monday, we went sledding and both Boden and Hutson had a blast.  It snowed on the drive up an then stopped when we arrived at the parking lot.  Great snow and it was not crowded.  Afterwards, Boden’s buddy Layton came over and Hutson answered the door and said “Hey Layton” in his very deep voice…like he sees him every day.

We all were driving in the car and the boys were upset.  We decided to play the quiet game to bring some peace.  After about 1 minute, dad said something to mama and Bode responds…”Dad…you lose”.



Boden has been throwing out the word “Expert” lately.  I’m an expert scooter rider…I’m an expert pasta eater.  But last night, while he and dad were cutting dad’s hair, Boden looked at dad’s back and asked, “can I cut the hair on your back?  I’m an expert back hair cutter” he exclaimed with confidence.

Hutson still has a few accidents here and there.  Tonight, he decided to tinkle in the guest bedroom.  Boden saw this and was off to the rescue.  He first called down to mom and let her know what was happening.  Second, he grabbed a towel and cleaned the carpet.  Last, he told Hutson that we pee in the toilet.

Hutson is using the phrase “Poo-Poo guy” quite a bit.  When is is frustrated or angry with someone.  Mom and dad say, if you use ‘toilet words’ we need to go to the toilet.  So, Hutson has adopted a new strategy and now started saying coo-coo guy and poo-coo girl.