I Love Both You Guys

Hutson has been telling everyone I love you over the past few weeks.  The funniest was last week…Hutson says to mom…”I love you mom.  I don’t love dad because he is boring”.

Hutson has been focused on bugs lately.  He is afraid of most of them.  Spiders, stink bugs and rollie pollies.  He also claims to have bugs in his penis.  That’s why I have to rub my penis.

Hutson has been into being clean as well…except for wiping his butt after a #2.  He really likes to clean up after he makes a mess and he does not like to get his hands messy.  He avoids spaghetti with sauce.

Boden has been into being useful and helpful lately.  Ask him to do something and he jumps to assist.  Even his little brother.  He takes the leadership role and asks to help her and there.

Boden and I put together our first complete lego project.  A race car with about 55 different steps.  Boden was able to put the car together with little assistance from dad.  Took about 30 minutes.  With determination, he followed the directions, separated the legos by color and he did it.  Very proud.

Bode is totally into basketball.  We started to watch the Blazers together and it took off when his buddy Aven came over and we watched a playoff game.  Boden was totally into it for the first half before we ran off to bed.  He was even calling fouls and time outs.