Ski Lesson with Batman

We unfortunately had to say good bye to Grace, the boys nanny for the last 6 months.  She was supposed to be with us a year but landed her dream job at the Washington Park Zoo.  We’ll miss you Grace.  Kate joins us now as a calm spirit as opposed to Grace’s boundless energy.  Boden and Hutson have taken to her quickly.

Boden had his last ski lesson of the year and what a treat.  It was with Batman.  The real Batman.  He had a great lesson…continuing to improve on turns and stopping.  His biggest accomplishment was riding the ski lift for the first time and then skiing down the bunny slope.  He had the biggest smile when we watched him ski.  As we got in the car, he said, we have a long drive home.

This morning as I left for work, I gave Hutson a big kiss good bye.  Hutson said to me…Daddy, don’t forget to give Boden a kiss.

Tonight, we were cleaning up the toys and I asked Bode to pick up a couple legos…he responded by saying “Eye-eye Sir”.  Where did that come from?

We were out running errands the other day and Hutson ask dad…what are you doing?…I said driving.  I then asked Hutson…what are you doing?  He responded…I’m relaxing.

Boden is excelling in his swim lessons.  He now can hold his breath for over 10 seconds while using the kick board.  He’ll put his face in the water and go for it.  He’ll also jump into the pool by himself, not needing the instructor to catch him.  Hutson is still the clown of his class.  He is quick to jump into the water and do his alligator walk.  He also loves to jump into the pool into the arms of the instructor.  He loves floating on his back and putting his face in the water.



Boden and Hutson love playing soccer.  Mom bought them their first adidas uniforms and soccer cleats.  Both have their names printed on them which makes them even faster.  Their coach has even more energy than the 12 kids on the team.  She shouts out instructions and the kids all jump to it.

We went to Bend, OR this weekend for long Easter weekend.  When we told Hutson, he said “I’m so excited”.  Boden said “I can’t wait to see baby Dash”.

While at the hotel, the boys were playing on a recliner chair when Hutson fell off and bumped his mouth on the ground.  He started crying immediately.  Boden turned and said, “I didn’t do anything”.  Then turned to Hutson, gave him a hug and kiss and said, “sometimes you get hurt when playing.  It’s just an accident”.

On Saturday, Hutson spent the day with Dash while Boden went up to the mountain skiing.  He spent the full day “cutting the mountain”.  He’s made good progress.  Boden can ski with a pizza wedge.  He is a bit hesitant with steeper hills.  But by the end of the day, was making good progress.

Saturday after skiing, we all went to the hot tub as a family.  The boys enjoyed splashing around while mom and dad relaxed.

On Easter Sunday, we got together with Dave, Narda and Dash.  The Easter Egg hunt was in their back yard and we had breakfast.  The boys were on their game, going for the eggs right away.  Even Dash got into the act…picking up a lot of eggs.