Summer Vacation 2018

We spent our summer 2018 vacation touring the national parks in Wyoming and Southern Utah.  What a fantastic adventure we had.  The Cain Family, a rented RV, 2300 miles, six national parks, hikes, wild animals and Las Vegas.  What more could you ask for!!!

Our tour started in Salt Lake City where we picked up a 30 ft. RV which would be our home for the next 16 days.  Our first destination was  the Grand Tetons.  What a beautiful park.  Our first stop was near Jenny Lake for a morning hike.  There was a surprise at the trail head of Lupine Meadows hike…a grizzly bear.  And we didn’t have our bear spray!  After the bear moved on, we hiked into the foothills of the mountains.  Next, after buying some bear spray,  we took a short boat ride across Jenny Lake and hiked up inspiration point.  We had great views and some beautiful waterfalls.  We hiked back to the RV, a 4 mile hike.  The next day, we took a float trip down the Snake River.  We saw a moose family and Hutson’s top front tooth fell out!  What an exciting trip!

The next day, we drove on to Yellowstone.  We started in the southeast side and saw the upper/lower falls of the yellowstone and the mud geyser.  While walking on the boardwalk, we ran across a dozing bison.  Maybe 25-30 ft. away.  It was quite intimidating.  July 4th, we spent the day hiking, exploring Mammoth Hot Springs and the Norris geyser.  After our first hike, we saw an elk run across the road right in front of us followed by a black bear chasing the elk.  Not sure if he caught his meal.   July 5th we had a close encounter with some bison early in the morning.  We were driving down on our way to grand prismatic and old faithful and came across three bison walking down the middle of the road.  The boys were anxious to see old faithful but after waiting for 15 minutes in the heat, they had enough…until the eruption.  We then visited the Old Faithful Lodge which was fantastic.  Our last day in Yellowstone was spent hiking Mt. Washburn.  This was a five mile hike with over 2k ft. in elevation.  Both Boden and Hutson crushed the hike.  About  3/4 of the way down, Hutson slipped and cut his knee.  Luckily, a hiking group lead by REI employees were on their way down and gave Hutson’s first aid.  Dad gave Huts a piggy back down the final mile of the hike.  We luckily found some ice cream to make the injury feel better.

We arrived in Moab, UT late July 7 after a long drive from Yellowstone.  Our campsite was next to another family from Oregon.  They were friends with our neighbor Samira.  Small world.  We spent the next day in Arches NP, home to over 2000 natural sandstone arches.  Our first hike was to Landscape Arch.  The boys hiked, scrambled and jumped along the trail.  We also visited Windows Arches.  Due to the heat, we were back at the camp site around 2pm and spend the rest of the day in the pool.  Boden also loved the giant chess board.   The next day, we hiked Delicate Arch.  A three mile hike/scramble round trip.  The rest of the day, we took a scenic drive up the Colorado river.

Canyonlands National Park was the agenda on July 10.  Grand View Point Overlook was our first hike.  A beautiful hike along the rim of the north side of the canyon.  The boys, especially Hutson was very adventurous.  He would lead the hikes and be the first to scramble up and out on the ledge.

Next was Bryce Canyon.  Arrived early for the dramatic sunrise at sunrise point and then hiked Navajo and Queens Garden Loop.  A 5 mile hike with a bit of elevation.  The boys crushed the hike.  We then drove to Zion NP but unfortunately we were washed out so were not able to explore.  The rains washed out the trails and many of the roads.

Vegas was our final adventure.   We stayed on the strip at Treasure Island.  They had a great pool and in the afternoon, a DJ rocked  and Boden and Hutson danced and swam while Dabbing and Flossing.  They also drove go-carts.  Boden had a good run but Hutson wasn’t able to finish.  He crashed the go-cart and hurt his knee.  After he recovered, he wanted to try again.  That night, we saw a magician Mat Franco.  The boys were delighted by the show.  Towards the end, Mat Franco walked into the crowd looking for a volunteer.  Boden really wanted to be picked and jumped up on his chair.  Mat walked to Boden and said…”Hello, what is your name.”  Boden froze and didn’t answer.  Just like we all would have.  He felt bad about not responding.

The last night in vegas, we went to a Circe De Sole show.  Hutson was fascinated by the clowns and theatrics.

The boys proved they are great hikers on this trip with excellent attitudes and will power.  We averaged about 5 miles per day.  They were strong and had great endurance.  Especially at the elevations in the parks.



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