Boden’s 8th Birthday Camping Party

Boden’s 8th birthday was a blast.   There were 20 of Boden’s best buddies and their parents arrived at our home for the Splatoon themed party.  We spent most of the evening on the slip and slide, throwing water balloons and on the trampoline.  We had some ‘Olympic Games”…with basketball skills challenge, trampoline skills and water balloon race.  Everyone was a winner!

The kids had pizza and the adults pulled pork sliders and salads for dinner.  After was  ice cream and cake, opening the presents and then we set up a ‘drive in’ movie for the kids…complete with juice boxes and pop corn.  We watched Coco from Disney.    12 tents were set up and by 10 pm, all the kids went to bed.  Boden shared a tent with his buddy Aven and Hutson shared a tent with dad and Dylan.  The gift of the year had to be Lazer Tag game.  The kids played with it for hours!

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