Borden’s birthday party

This Saturday we had Boden’s birthday party. We had all of Boden’s friends there: Layton, Benjamin, Kenzie, Lois, Samira, Duncan, Dash, Levi, Aven, Dari and Zavier! The weather had been nice for the last two months but on Saturday it rained! Luckily before the party it stopped but it was still in the high 60’s/Low 70’s kind of chilly for an outdoor water party. We rented a bouncy castle and an hour before it was supposed to arrive they called and said they got in an accident and not sure they could make it. Luckily they did and the castle was HUGE. It had a slide that landed into a pool.

The theme of the party of Teenage ninja mutant turtles. We had masks and a cake that had a ninja turtle crawling right out of it. First Levi and Dari were the ones to get their swimsuits on and slide down the water slide. Soon Boden did too and other kids followed. Everyone was in the water for about 30 -60 minutes. We even go the slip and slide going. Hutson decided he had to pee and pulled his pants down and peed outside in front of everyone.We had a great BBQ and then it was cake time! All the kids sang Boden happy birthday and devoured the entire cake. The ninja were then given a secret mission outside for a scavenger hunt and had little ninja bags to around the yard and find.

We did a book exchange for all the kids afterwards. When everyone left, Boden got to open gifts from family and some friends who brought gifts.

The night before, we asked Boden what he wanted for his birthday and he sweetly replied “Whatever my friends give┬áme.”