Boden’s ER Visit

Jan 2: Poor little Boden, he was playing with Elizatbeth in the basement and tripped and split his head on the pole. Tim called me on my first day of work at the new job and I met him at the ER around 2pm. He required 3 stitches because it was a deep wound. We had to wrap him in a sheet and hold him down (which Tim did). It was so traumatic for the little bugger. When the doctor was flushing out the wound with water, he kept saying “home” and “all done,” “no more water” and please. It broke our hearts. And when they had to give him the shots, he was so upset. When they started stitching, Boden was exhausted and Tim asked him to close his eyes, which he did. When we got home, he just went on his merrily way. Didn’t show any signs of agitation. Just played, bothered Hutson, took a bath and ate really well and fell asleep immediately. Our poor little boy. Breaks my hear.

Boden’s play group

Boden started his international play group on wed. He knows the playground well so he was comfortable with the walk over there and started playing on the swing when he got there. Once in he quickly made himself at home playing with all the toys. He would see other kids get upset when their moms left but didnt give it too much attention. When it was time for us to say goodbye he a had an outburst but by the time we rounded the corner he was playing. When Tim went to go pick him up, boden didn’t want to go. He had sand in his pants cuffs. The teacher said he engaged really well with the other kids who are mostly older. He did get a bit shy when they gathered in a cicle and started signing songs and sat on one of the volunteers laps.