Last Tuesday, the boys both had small pimples on their cheeks near their mouth.  By the end of the day, both sides of their mouths were covered with a rash.  That evening, Boden came down with a fever.  The next day, both boys had the rash all over their bodies.  Small pimple looking rash with white heads.  They looked itchy and miserable.  We went to the Dr. on Thursday and the dr said this does not fit the typical rash.  We’ll give it till Monday and see how they are.  He expected them to be fine by then.  Meanwhile, on Friday Boden started to have severe pain in his lymph nodes.  first in the neck and then in his arm pits.  Totally inflamed.  He could not put his arms to his side especially on the right side, and had to  keep his arms out like chicken wings.  He was so uncomfortable.  He could not be picked up, turn his head or run.  Over the weekend, the lymphs in his groin became inflamed and he began walking like an old man.  His temperature rose to 102+.

On Monday, we took Boden back to the Dr and they decided to do a blood test to find the cause as the symptoms didn’t fit any of the typical viruses.  Boden was brave and declared they took his bad blood and only the good blood remained.  He showed a lot of courage with the medical staff.  The results were positive for a virus but assured, he would make a quick and full recovery. Afterwards, we picked up some ice pops for a reward.

We went to the beach for mothers day.  It was a bit mellow due to the virus.  We did spend a few hours on Sat and Sun enjoying the beach but Bode and Hutson tired quickly. Naps were taken and spent the rest of the time, reading or watching TV.


Cinco De Mayo

Two weeks ago, we went to Layton’s house to play.  The boys had a great time playing together with all of his ‘new’ toys.  After we came home, Boulder…Hutson’s green transformer was missing.  Oh no!  Drama!!!  Hutson looked everywhere for it but could not find it.  It wasn’t until the next week when Layton brought it back.  Hutson left it at his house.

Last Friday, Dillon came over with is little sister to play.  The three boys had a great time playing on the swings and slides, playing baseball and tag.

On Saturday, the boys went to swim lessons.  Boden made his first attempt at the front crawl.  Very impressive.  Both kicking and the arm strokes.  He is very determined to swim like the big kids.  He does not seem to have any more fear.   Hutson loves the alligator walk and floating on his back.  He is very comfortable in the water.  The best part about swimming is getting popcorn afterwards.

Saturday afternoon, we had a family hike in the Columbia Gorge.  The boys made a two mile hike and they both made the round trip by them selves!  What great little hikers.  We had many stops along the way to look at spider webs, caterpillars, green ferns, small streams, and finally at the half way point…the big waterfall.  Boden wanted to walk behind it but Hutson was “scared”.  So we turned around and headed back.

After hiking, we went to the Edgefield for dinner and some putt-putt golf.  They boys had a great time working on their short game.  Hutson didn’t need a putter…just wanted to kick the ball around the green.  What a great time.

Sunday was a busy day for as well for both the boys.  We took the Max-Train down town to the Cinco-De-Mayo festival at the waterfront.  We rode some carnival rides like a roller coaster and other kiddie rides.  They were having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave.  At the roller coaster, Hutson was so excited to ride in the front with dad…he put his arms up immediately.  But when we went down the first hill, Hutson slumped down onto daddy’s lap.  For the first three rounds, the operator looked at me and asked…”how is he doing?”   After the third, Hutson finally had a smile on his face and enjoyed the ride.

After the festival, the boys went to soccer practice.  Bode got quite a few laughs as his shorts kept slipping down around his knees and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle underpants kept showing.  His coach got a big kick out of that.  At scrimmage time, something clicked with Bode and he turned into little Pele’ scoring two goals!  He was controlling the ball and was very aggressive playing defense.  It was almost like he transformed into an older child!  Was fun to watch him celebrate with the other kids.  Hutson was always the first to give him a high five.

Tonight before bed, we always do a penis check for Hutson, making sure that it is pointing down.  This way it is harder to pee thru the pull-up.  Well, Hutson checked by himself and pulled his pants and pull up down and said…”yep, my penis is down”…Then yanked his pull up and jammy bottoms back up.