Hutson at 16 weeks

Hutson had his 16 week apppointment this week, which meant his second vaccindations. He took them like a champ and didn’t have too much trouble thru the day. We tried to keep him pain-free with paricetamol throught the day. He’s grown to 6.7 kilos (14.8 lbs) and is 63 cm (24.8 inches). The doctor recommened that we put him more on his tummy so feels more comfortable.  He’s not a fan of tummy time.

Over the last month, Hutson has really discovered his hands. He observes them and also brings objects up to his sight, like a blanket or toy.

On our trip to the US, we used the binki more frequently and he soothed more readily with it. It made our lives easier but I don’t think he’s the biggest fan.

Hutson is talking so much and smiling a ton. He even had a giggle with us.  He’ll also follow voices, espeically mom’s. He definitely gets starteled easy, espeically when his big brother shrieks and moves to abruptly. Hutson continues to be very communcative with his eyebrows.

Hutson was on his stomach the other morning and he rolled over. I think he had the downslope of the bed but he still rolled over!

Hutson turns 3 months

Our little man turned 3 months this week. He’s changed so much. He’s much heavier for one and he also is considerably alert. He’s so differnt from Boden in so many ways. Boden always had his arms flapping out, Hutson’s are straight by his side. Hutson seems to smile back at us more at this early stage of his life. He’s also doesn’t have much interest in a binky and he doesn’t throw up after he eats. He does have reflux because he squirms alot and spits up watery spit. His hair is getting longer and his eyes lighter. But what we probably notice the most is how he follows our voices and looks towards whoever is talking to him. We are still snuggling him to sleep. The naps are consistent but still a bit irregular in length. The longest he can tolerate staying up is 1.5-2 hours max. He rarely cries unless he has a gas bubble or is overly tired or hungry. Everyone comments how calm and easy he is, which he is.