The Cain family celebrated a family reunion…mostly grandma and grandpa’s 51st wedding anniversary.  The boys met their some of their cousins for the first time…Logan and Abbey.  They had a blast together.  Logan took the boys on a couple hikes around the cabin, looking for tracks and ‘animal skat’.

While there, we saw some deer tracks.  Uncle Andy said, why don’t we get our bows and arrows ready and we can shoot the deer.  Hutson responds…”No, we should just hug the deer because deer are nice.”

On Tuesday, we visited Purgatory Resort.  The boys rode the alpine race course.  Hutson rode with mom and Boden drove himself.  He was thrilled that a six year old could drive alone.  That night, we had dinner at the Bar D Chuck Wagon.  The boys were able to pan for gold and met real cowboys.  After dinner, one of the cowboys asked Hutson if he wanted to sing some country songs.  Hutson responded…”No, I like good music”.

The next day, we visited Mesa Verde.  They boys loved visiting the cliff dwellings.  Boden even gave Nana and Bapa a summary of the ranger’s presentation on why they lived there, what they ate, the fires they made and when they left.

They also played a lot of ping pong.  Boden also went white water river rafting along the Animas river.Boden was riding in the front center and was soaked on the first rapid!  He also had fun paddling and even jumped into the river and rode the river while hanging on the ‘chicken wire’.

Today, Boden is interested in earning money and getting a real job.  “like you and mommy”.   We offered things like vacuuming or washing the cars.  But he wants serious money.  I want to earn $100 so I can buy a new car for mom and dad.