Hutson has been a ball of fun over


Hutson has been a ball of fun over the past few weeks.  Hes been learning and mimmicking Boden quite a bit.  The other night, Boden was throwing a cup around the kitchen so Hutson grabbed his cup and threw it around.  Boden was shooting baskets and then Hutson started shooting hoops.  They both like to play with flash lights and the other day, Bode really wanted to play with it but Hutson had it first.  Hutson saw how upset Boden was and gave it to him.  

He also knows how to ask for things.  He grabbed a box of cereal and brought it to mom and asked for it.  

Hutson has taken to books and loves reading.  He enjoys flipping the pages, pointing at the pictures and talking/reading.   He loves talking and says hello to people walking down the street.  He heard a dog barking and he said ‘doggie’  ‘woof woof’.  He also said ‘bubble bath’.  

Boden’s speech is improving by leaps and bounds.  He speaks in sentences now.  He loves chatting with our neighbors.  Dakota and Henry.  They are two kids, 8 and 5 in the neighborhood.  He has really enjoyed playing and talking with them.  

Today, we were riding in the car and he started singing songs along with mom and dad.

Boden loves playing basketball and soccer.  We have a small basketball hoop in the basement and over the last two weeks, loves playing hoops.  Jump shots, dunks and passing.  He does it all.  

Boden shows compasion to Hutson quite a bit.  When Hutson is upset, Boden will sometimes come up to Hutson and give him a kiss and say it’s ok.   

This will be a big week for the boys as their nanny Elizabeth Caswell will be leaving us and they will start day care full days.  She will be having a baby of her own so  we are searching again.  Boden and Hutson love her and will miss her.  



chatter box

We had Hutson’s parent-teacher conference today and they said he’s almost ready for toddler class. He’s getting more adept at drinking out of his glass, points to things and “names them” and eating by himself with a spoon. In the last two weeks, he’s using his words and sign-language. He has his word for dog (og-og) and cat (kitty cat). But can say bottle, bubble, mine (thanks to boden), fire-truck and one of his favorite is CRACker. He is signing the “more” sign, milk, all-done and sometimes eat. He also is getting a bit cheeky challenging mom and dad a bit when we tell him not to throw his food on the floor or keep water in the tub but continues to do so. He points to his nose when you ask him where his nose is and he washes his face in the tub when you tell him to wash his face. He’s really great at following simple instructions. “Hutson can you grab the ball and bring it to momma.”

Boden’s vocabulary and sentence structure is exploding. He’s making full sentences and can tell you about his day or his experiences. Sometimes he’s so mean to Hutson…tackling him, ripping things out of his hands but other times he’s so cute, giving him hugs or kisses when Hutson is upset.

Boden played Hoops with dad tonight and was slam dunking so well. He’s so athletic! So is Hutson. Already Hutson can get up and down stairs, throw himself off the couch and run with agility. He even tonight was trying to copy Boden and trying to jump.

Boden and Hutson stayed at school full day last week because Elizabeth hurt her back. They adjusted really well. Both ate lunches really well, took long naps and were playing the entire day. They weren’t distressed at all. And the teachers really enjoyed having them the full day, saying it was such a joy.

Hutson got another molar in this week on his top left side. Poor little bugger was so agitated. The boys have been going to bed quite a bit later because it’s been so warm out. Boden now is religiously sleeping in our bed with us, unless he has a babysitter who gets him to sleep in his bed. When we move to the new house, that is our mission to reverse this pattern.

Boden has really enjoyed getting to know his neighbors. Our next door neighbor is an 8 year-old boy named Dakota who “invites” Boden and Hutson over to play with bubbles or on the swing or toss a ball. There is a 5 year-old a few houses down, named Henry, whom Boden adores and is always yelling across the street, “Henry, Henry!”. Boden lights up when both of them our out playing. He loves older kids.

One of the most endearing things that Boden does is when I ask him something, he says “OK Momma” or “Ok daddy.”