Hutson launched his first two foot jump on Thursday at the Dr. office.  He was there as he came down with hand , foot and mouth  which is a little bit worse than a cold but not as bad as Chicken Pox.  He had a rash around his mouth, hands , feet and groin area.  But while at the Dr. office, he had to jump for joy.  

Hutson is also being potty trained.  He wears underwear and has yet to hit the toilet.  But mom is rewarding Hutson with stickers every time he sits on the toilet.  

His 2 year birthday party will be next weekend.  We are having family over for snacks, cake and Ice cream and to watch the super bowl.  

Boden and dad took a hike down behind the house looking for a ball thet went over the edge a few months ago.  Boden was very courageous and we not only found a ball but a frisbee and a soccer ball.  It was a big hike and adventure for Bode.  He was ready to go home to go home after about 15 minutes.  While down tere, we found deer tracks, coyote tracks and a few other animal tracks and a creek.

Boden is dropping his afternoon nap.  When he takes a nap, he usually is awake till 10 or 11 at night.   Aunt Deb and Uncle John came over for a visit.   Bode declaired that he wanted to sleep in bed with Deb and John.  Deb was open to this but John not so much.   


Ga, Ga, Ga

In the middle of night Hutson, woke up in the middle of thei night and couldn’t settle back down and Boden came into his room and said “don’t worry Hutson I’ll sleep by you.” And you brought his blanket into Hutson’s room and slept on the floor to help Hutson go to sleep. In the morning, when Hutson woke up, Boden went all down by himself to the Kitchen and got a chair, took it to the fridge and poured Hutson a bottle of milk and brought it upstairs to him.


Boden is on his third night of sleeping in his bed. The last two nights he went down really easy. A couple of books and a kiss and he’s out. No attempt to come to our bed.

On the way to the Children’s museem today, Hutson was singing to the children’s songs at the top of his lungs. Though he doesn’t know all the lyrics he will shout the word he knows when it get it in the song.

hutson when he doesn’t know a word will say “ga, ga”. Everything is “ga, ga’…though now he is into calling everything BLUE. 

Tonight we are switching from Hutson’s sleep sack to a blanket. He had so issue. Tomorrow we’re going to try toilet learning!

Dr. Visit

Boden is transitioning from sleeping in mom and dad’s bed to his own big boy bed.  He’s been crawling into mom and dad’s bed for the last year and now was at the point where he would skip his bed and just go straight to our bed.  Well, all this has stopped.  He now is sleeping in his own bed.  With some tears and tantrums, he’s now seems content in his bed.

Boden is swimming very well.  He is now putting his whole face in the water.  A big step for him.  We practice in the bat tub.H  His Teacher Celine is very nice and udnerstanding…with the right mix of positive reinforcement and encouragement.  

Boden was very brave at his last Dr. visit.  He was curious and asked the Dr. questions.  Then when the time came for the shot, Bode closed his eyes and recieved the shot in his arm.  He winced but didn’t cry.  What a strong and tough boy. 

Boden is also making friends at school.  He and Avan are good pals.  He also says hello and good bye to a lot of the kids.  On Friday, we saw a girl from his class at ‘playdate’ PDX and she was so excited to see him.  

Today, we were playing our side in  the front yard and street.  Bode was a few houses down at a neighbor we have not met.  Bode al of a sudden drops his pants and pees in their front yard.  Thank god no one else saw this….very funny Bode.  


Hutson was also brave at the Dr.s office.  He recieved a shot and was more upset about leaving one of the toys behind than getting the sinjections.

Hutson’s nw thing is ‘Go Away”.  He uses this a lot when he is playing or eating or doesn’t want to get dressed.  

Hutson loved his swimlesson today.  GrBapa took him into the pool .  At first Hutson wasn’t sure about it.  But by the end of class, he loved being in the water and was jumping off the side into Bapa’s arms.  What fun.  


Bye Friends

Boden seems to be settling into school.  Today, he walked into school and saw teacher Nick and jumped into line to go outside.  He said by dad and ran off with his buddies.  He’s also ziping up his zipper on his jacker.  Also, when I picked him up, he siad by to three of his buddies.  This is also a first.   He also likes to sleep in the guest room which is nice.