Sports, Sports and more sports

Boden and Hutson have had a very sport filled summer. It started with Soccer on Sundays, where Hutson has decided to only participate part of the time and runs off to the playground, which is temptingly close. Boden however, determined as ever has emerged as the top talent in class, probably because he is not the eldest. He consecutively scores at every practice and feels super proud overtime. We also had the boys in swimming class for two weeks straight. Boden really benefited from going every day. He actually started swimming! His confidence in the water really bolstered too! We went to the neighborhood pool party and Boden, with a life vest on, was going down slides, swimming in the deep end and doing 360 jumps off the diving board. He was doing all the same things the big kids were doing. Hutson just kind-of hung out of the steps of the pool and played with his cars. The next week Boden had a multi-sport camp. For 3 hours each day, the camp consisted of baseball, soccer and basketball. He was super excited about this camp and especially to play baseball. All the kids seemed to be the same age as Boden. Each day he came back sweaty, hot and really dirty. So it much have been a great camp. The coach came up to me after practice on the last day and said, “I’ve done a lot of camps and Boden was one of the best students have ever had. He participated in everything, he never complained, if he fell down, he picked himself up and had a really positive and eager attitude.” She also said how impressed she was with his running ability. He was fast and could go for distances. This week Boden had Tennis class for 90 mins at Grant park. Our nanny said that he was by far the smallest participant in the class but the coach said the same thing that he was so good about participating and following what the coach said. Hutson would go to the pool during the same time.

A couple of weekends ago we drove up to Mt Hood. Beautiful summer day and they had the lifts open. We took the lift up and hiked about 2 miles on Mt Hood. We played in creeks, listened for birds and really dusty on the trail. Hutson was a trooper for most of it until he wanted to be carried the last 1/4 mile back up the hill. At the base, they had a beer garden and a paint station for the kids. The resorts’ photographer followed us around as it was the opening weekend for this event and we ended up being in their promotional video.

Boden has become a iPhone junky. He is addicted to video games on the phone and actually prefers that over TV. He constantly is badgering me for “mom can I have your iPhone” a thousand times a day. At one point he said, “Dad, I wish I could have my own iPhone!” he’s 5!

Our little neighbor girl comes over and plays with Boden and Hutson and they were all changing into their swimsuits and we had Boden around the corner and he yelled “Stay back..Don’t look at my private parts!”  That lasted about 15 mins before they were taking off their swimsuits and I told them “You need to keep your clothes on, especially around girls…” and he said “darn it!.”

The other funny thing he says is “that’s a bummer”. Not sure how he knows that.