Snow Days

This has been quite a snowy January.  So far, we’ve had 4 snow days.  The biggest surprise was 18 inches on a Wednesday which closed school for three days.  The boys had a blast sleding and playing with Samira in the snow.  We had so much snow that the kids built a snow village and made a long snow tunnel.

We spent two days skiing on Mt. Hood.  The first day, the boys were in lessons.  When we picked up Boden, the instructor said Boden tried some “independent learning”…this means he took off from the class and skied the mountain by himself and met the class at the bottom of the run.  The other kids told Pascha…”Boden didn’t stay with the group”.  Boden was pretty proud of his adventure.  Hutson on the other hand, spend the afternoon rolling around in snow.  Much to the instructors frustration.

Last Sunday, we thought it might be a good idea for Boden to skis with us.  This is the first time we spent the day together on the slopes.  I was a little apprehensive at first but after the first run, we could tell Boden was quite talented on his skis.  The second run, Boden veered right into the ski-park and said ‘follow me’…There were jumps and obstacles…an area where I avoided.  He made four jumps and then was off to the half pipe.  Boden carved up the half pipe and then said, “let’s do it again.  You can follow me dad”.  For the rest of the day, Boden was fantastic…you could hear him calling out to mom…”I’m right on your tail mom…go faster”.  Then we took a wrong turn and skied down the professional obstacle area with big jumps.  Boden had no fear and blasted down the runs and made some small jumps.  He was having a blast!

Meanwhile, Hutson was having his own adventure. He really responded to his instructor and in the afternoon, took his first chair lift.  The instructor said he’s able to do the pizza and french fry.  Great progress for Hutson.



Happy New Year 2017

We had a great end to 2016 and 2017 has started off well for Boden and Hutson.   After returning from Hawaii, the boys geared up for Christmas.

The first week of December, we had a snow day and the boys took advantage.  They took the sleds out and played with Samira for over three hours.  Hot chocolate and cookies awaited them when they were ready to come in and warm up.

Next, it was the birthday week.  We celebrated Layton’s and Dylan’s birthdays.  Layton’s at the Lego store in Beaverton.  The boys wound up playing tag more than with the Legos but they had a blast anyway.  Dylan’s party was at Pump it Up.  After an hour of slides and bouncy houses all kids were exhausted and hungry.  The boys are at the point where they enjoy eating pizza…especially at birthday parties.

Portland had a second blizzard the next week and the city was shut down.  Samantha picked up the boys from school but due to the conditions, couldn’t get back to our house so tried to take them to Nana’s house.  She unfortunately was locked in traffic and then her car became stuck.  It took her about three hours to get the boys 4 miles to Nana’s.  The boys were worried because Sammi started to cry.  Mom was in Germany and dad was stuck downtown Portland and wasn’t able to make it home as all roads home were shut down due to snow and ice.  The boys were happy to hang out with Bapa and Nana then next day.

A few days before Christmas, we went to visit Santa.  The boys were thrilled as they jumped up on his lap.  Hutson asked for a remote controlled transformer and Boden asked for an X-Box.

This year, Ruffy the Elf made a late appearance but the boys were excited for his visit and having to find him daily.  They got a kick out of Ruffy riding the ‘dutch bike’, riding in one of their toy trucks and on the final day before he went back to the North Pole, he was in Hutson’s bedroom watching Hutson sleep.  Is that creepy or what?!?  One morning, we forgot to move the elf.  Mom and Hutson came down stairs and mom saw the elf in the same place.  She told Hutson to wash his hands.  While washing, mom grabbed the elf and just then, Hutson rounded the corner.  Mom threw Ruffy towards the lights over the kitchen island and Hutson exclaimed…”mom, did you see Ruffy flying?  He just flew into the light!”.

Christmas eve brought even more excitement as the boys helped mom bake and decorate cookies.  This took a couple hours and afterwards, they loaded up four plates and delivered them around the neighborhood.  They were giddy and excited to deliver some christmas cheer to Kyler, Kellen, Corbin, Kenzie, Samira and Jane.  Sharing the cookies brought the boys genuine joy.

Going to bed that night, the boys joyfully left Santa some cookies by the fireplace and left Rudolph and the reindeer some carrots in the front yard…both saying that they hoped to wake up and see Santa.  They both fell asleep quickly.

The morning of Christmas began at 6.15 and asked if he could go downstairs to see if Santa delivered toys.  Dad said since Boden was not awake, he should go  back to bed…but this idea was overruled and Boden went straight to Hutson’s room to wake him up.  They both rushed down stairs and found that Santa did indeed come by.  Boden insisted that he heard Santa and dad talking.  He was not sure of what was said but thought it pertained to his basketball hoop.  Boden and Hutson tore thru their gifts and when Boden opened the Wii U, he exclaimed…”this is what I always wanted”.  They also loved their headlamps from Aunt Dara and watches from Grandma and Grandpa.

We then drove to Bend to see cousins Dash, Levi and Perry.  When we arrived, Dash opened the door and hollered “Boden, Hutson…I love you guys!”  The boys went straight to the tree where they opened gifts from Nana, Bapa, Narda and Dave.  Later, Hutson and Dash were playing and they disappeared.  We looked around and finally found them under the dining room table looking like they were up to mischief.  They said, “we are hiding from Levi.”  The next day, dad and Boden went to see Rogue One…Star Wars.  Boden’s second movie and first non-cartoon movie.  We went with Levi and Dave.  We talked about the movie before and agreed if he got scared, just close the eyes and cover the ears.  There were a few scary preview movies but loved Rogue One.  Afterwards, Boden couldn’t stop talking about the space ships battling and the blasters.

That night, we had a late dinner with some friends and Hutson fell asleep at the table.  This is the first time we had to carry him out of a restaurant asleep.  It was cute as we pulled into the garage, he had one eye open and then pretended to sleep.  I took a few items inside and then when I returned, Hutson was peeking his head out of the car door to see if anyone was going to return.  When he saw dad coming back, he quickly shut his eyes and pretended to sleep.  We carried both boys to bed and they fell asleep straight away.

We skied three days straight and the boys were exhausted at the end of each day.  When Boden said he did a run, Hutson responded that he did the same.  When Boden said he went up the lift, Hutson said he did the same.  Just a little brotherly competition.   One day after lessons, we were at the car and Boden had peed his ski pants.  He said he was sorry and that he really had to go.  Come to find out that at lunch, the ski class all chose their own drinks.  Boden said that “he had daddy’s drink.  You know, the drink you get at the candy store.  You know, the store we go to when mom is out of town and we are going to Nana’s.”  This really confused us…and then it turns out that he had root beer at lunch.  And not just one…he had three.  This was his first soda pop experience and he was really proud of the fact that he had soda.  With all the sugar, liquid and caffeine…no wonder he had to go pee so badly.  The next day, he had water.  It’s nice to see that Boden is able to make choices for himself.

When we returned home, Boden said that he wanted to eat spinach and strawberries.  He also wanted green smoothies.  He said he heard how important it was to eat greens.  He also wanted to eat protein.  He listened to a TED talk about nutrition and how important a good diet was.  Glad he listens to someone.