Not Yet

Boden has begun saying ‘not yet’ to quite a few questions…do you want dinner?…Let’s go to school now…time to go to bed…please put on your shoes…and the list goes on.  Not yet…not yet…not yet.  It sounds better than no but the results are the same.  

He also likes to tell people if they are awake.  He will often come down stairs and say, I’m awake  or Hutson’s awake or mommy awake.  

Boden is now wanting to ride in the car outside of his car seat.  He has asked to drive or sit shot gun on numerous occassions.  

Hutson has had a cold as of late and has stayed home from school.  He had a rough day today, not able to nap and cranky all day.  He had no appetite but did drink.  We took him to the Dr and when the nurse came into the room, Hutson immediately started crying and when she left, he stopped.  Poor guy, he remembered his last visit.




Over the past weekend, we went to the zoo.  There was a new baby elephant that we wanted to see.  It was a beautiful day so we left early and braved the crowds.  It was so busy that we could not find nana in the crowd.  But we did run into Parsa and Darush.  We saw turtles, bears, goats, sea lions, polar bears and the list goes on.  Bode rode on a tractor and a statue of an elephant.  

Bode and Hutson spent the night with nana on Sunday.  On Monday morning, they played tea party for an hour.  Bode loved pouring tea from a small tea pot and eating raisins.  

Bode has been sleeping later in the morning the past week.  He will wake up early in the am and come into mom and dads bed. He will go back to sleep and has been sleeping past 6:30 which is a blessing.  

Bode really likes going to the local coffee shop.  He calls it ‘coffee for mama’ as I always ask him if he wants to go get a coffee for mama.  He’ll respond yes, coffee for mama.  He usually gets a hot chocolate or a mango smoothie.  If he’s good, a muffin or cookie as well.  He likes to get us water from the dispenser without any help.  The other customers watch and chuckle after he gets the water and comes back to the table without spilling a drop.

Today Bode told Hutson that the stove was hot.  Bode, when asked if he wants one of anything, will respond ‘no, I want two…I want three…I want four’.  Very demanding little guy.   He’s still picky eater.  It’s hard to get any greens in him.  We try to hid them in pasta sauce and other places where he will never suspect.  On Saturday, we made pizza.  Bode helped spread the sauce and cheese.  He also put a few other items on the pizza.  He only took a few bites but has wanted to make pizza again.  

Bode finally said ‘help me’ rather than ‘help you’ when he needed help.  He always uses the sign language to accompany help you/me.  

Hutson has been very active.  He is standing by himself a lot.  Still waiting to take the first steps.  87-[‘;;;\'”\?:E===]]=]=[]=].  Hutson likes to type as well.  

Today, when I picked him up from school, he had a mark under his right eye.  looked like another child scratched him or he fell while crawling.  Either way, it didn’t slow Hut down. Hutson ate well at Nana’s house.  He had goulash…and lots of it.  Which made his diapers a real mess the next day.  Nana really likes to spoil the boys.  

Hutson continues to point at things which interest him.  Thursday, he pointed at a dog and I said, that is a dog…Hutson responded…dog.  or something like that.  

Hutson is now able to go up and down the stairs without issue.  He will crawl up three or four steps and then turn to look over his shoulder and give a smile as to say…I’m doing this all by myself, are you going to come catch me?  He’ll either slide down on his belly when he wants to go down the steps fast or step down if not in a hurry.  Once I had to catch him after his foot was caught in the carpet and he started to tumble.  At nana’s house, I turned my back for a second and he bolted up her stairs and got to the top before I knew what happened.  That is about 16 steps.  He glanced over his shoulder and gave a giggle and crawled off around the corner on to his next adventure.

Today was a nice day so after school, the boys and I had a picnic in the front yard.  We had carrots, cheese, cucumber, rotini, a pbj sandwich, apple slices, orange slices and some juice.  The boys were a bit distracted and ate only a little bit before going back to playing.  Bode likes to climb the rocks in the front and Hutson likes the feel of the grass in his hands.  


Both the boys have colds this week.  Hutson was running a mild temperature and both had runny noses.  Didn’t keep them from doing anything but they were a bit more fussy than normal.  

Hutson is getting a bit more picky when eating.  He usually eats everything, but lately has been tossing food on the floor.  

He has also been color coordinating his balls with the same color box.  We thought this was a once off thing but when we played again, he did it again.  

He also scooted down the stairs backwards.  Mom was helping Bode get dressed and when she looked up, Hutson was on the landing.  What a mover.  

He’s starting to stand alone more.  Today he stood for 5 or 6 seconds a few times.  Walking is just days away.

Hutson went to the dr for his 1 yr check up.  He got 3 shots in his thighs, but handled them pretty well.  Poor little fella.

He is also pointing at things.  Pictiures, mom or dad, or things he wants.  He also repeats things you say, like mamama or dadada or nanana.  

Bode received a magnet gift from grandma and grandpa.  He loved it so much, he’s taken it to bed with him the last week.  

Boden is starting to recognize when he poops.  Twice this week, he’s partially pooped and then came to mom or dad to say I’ve got to poo.  When we get to the toilet, he’s pooped his pants but only 1/2 way and finishes in the toilet.  After he goes, he says proudly…’I did it’.   


Happy Birthday Hutson

Hutson turned 1 year old on Sunday.  This was also super bowl sunday so we had a football themed party.  We celebrated with family, nana and bapa, great aunt and uncle Kazem and Marzi, Uncle Dave and Aunt Narda, cousins Perry, Levi and Dash, nanny Elizabeth and of course Boden, Mom, Dad and Cici.  

Mom baked a cake in the form of a football field and cup cakes in the shape of footballs.  We had chili, chips and dips, and hot wings.  

Hutson was mildly amused by the gifts…which Boden opened for him.  He received a tent for the basement, some ball games, a couple of cars and a track, books and a lot of kisses. 

After, the kids played in the basement while the adults watched the game.  Boden loved playing with Levi…exhausting himself playing hide and seek, playing rough, stealing cake before it was time, eating a bowl full of chips, and the list goes on!   Needless to say, he slept like a baby for the next two nights.  Image

Boden took a poop in the toilet and has been going pee by himself.  He’ll climb up on the toilet and then do his business and then flush without telling us he’s going.  He has been practicing getting dressed at school so is getting more confident with taking the pants off and on.  He always likes socks on his feet so will make sure he has these on.  He also takes his coat and hat off, puts them away and then takes off his shoes.  

Boden has been a real moma’s boy.  He only wants mama to snuggle with him, put him to bed, put on his clothes, make is food and just about everything else.  But, mom let’s dad get up in the middle of the night to put Bode back in bed.