We are finally having spring like weather and the boys are loving it.  They have been playing outside a bit later with Zoey since the sun sets a bit later.  Both continue to play baseball and the improvements they have made over the last two months is amazing.  Both are swinging the bat, fielding and throwing the ball so much better.

Zoey  is playing a huge part in the boys lives.  They are feeding her in the morning and evening and giving her water.  We took Zoey out to the park today and the boys had a great time using the ‘chuck-it’.  Running Zoey till she was completely spent.

The other day, Zoey was running around the back yard and Boden seemed to be very worried about her.  Then, she took off and ran away into the forest behind the home.  Boden was in tears, thinking that she ran away and we lost her.  He thought it would be a good idea to get some treats to lure her back.  Once she returned, he wanted to take her into the home right away so she couldn’t get away again.

Last night, I asked Boden what he did at school and Boden said “I forgot”.  Hutson chimed in…”Boden is the forgetter”.

Boden is 47 inches and Hutson is 46 inches.  To ride the water slide at Villa Sport, you must be 48 inches tall.  But the boys try all the time.  Sometimes they get to go, other times they are turned away.  They love the slide and try to sell it like they’ve been on it a million times.




On April 22nd, we adopted Zoey (formerly known as Sitka at the pound) into our family.  Zoey is a cream colored, half husky and half labrador.  Two years old and full of energy.  When we met her at the Oregon Humane Society, she went straight over to the boys and gave them a sniff.  We fell in love with her right away.  Over the next two weeks, the boys have played with her non-stop, throwing the ball or giving her treats…saying “who is the best dog?” or “I love you so much!”

When Hutson plays a video game, he totally gets into a zone.  So much so that the other day while playing…he was so focused that he peed his pants.  He didn’t even notice until we asked, what’s the deal.  He said he couldn’t stop playing.  The next day, he was playing with Boden and laughing so hard he peed again.

Boden’s been busy at school.  He celebrated his 6 1/2 year celebration at school and came home with a nice crown on his head.  He is also learning long division.  Teacher Sally said he is quite a leader at school…helping the younger kids with work and learning new work for himself.

Hutson’s t-ball team has practice every Thursday and a game on Saturday.  Hutson is one of the teams clowns all the while he enjoys playing.  He gets very frustrated when he is not involved with fielding and likes to play first base.  Last game, Hutson made two great catches while playing second base.  Both times, the ball was hit hard at him.  He was in the ready position and fielded the ball and threw the runner out at first.  Very rare in t-ball.  He is also hitting and running the bases well.

Boden’s baseball team has him playing catcher and third base a lot.  He likes third the most.  He’s also batting second and has been ripping the ball.  Last game, he hit a line shot down the third base line.  He is always hustling and cheering his team on when he’s not at bat.  During the last inning, an opposing batter hit a fly ball and Milo made a nice catch.  The whole team cheered and Boden ran over and gave him a hug.

We were in the car today and Boden said “I just have to say Fucking Shit…fucking shit”.  Mom and dad were mortified and amused at the same time.   Later in the same ride, mom asked Boden why he had his hands down his pants and he said “they just fell in my pants”.

While we were watching TV, there was a couple that kissed.  Mom asked the boys if they would ever kiss a girl.  Hutson responded with a resounding “EEEWWWWW”.  While Boden calmly said…”Maybe”.

Cousins had a sleepover last week and Hutson wanted to sleep with Dash.  So they got into bed and Hutson was kicking in his sleep so much that Dash sat up and said…”Hutson, it’s not time to wrestle…go to sleep!”

Our neighbors home was robbed earlier in the week and the boys went over to play with Samira while the police officer was there.  When they came home, Boden said “It is weird, the robber stole gold and four carrots”.  Both were rattled a bit with the thought of a bad guy around the neighborhood.  Hutson for the next two days didn’t want to be alone and wanted dad or Boden around at all times.  He was happy that Zoey was there to protect him as well.