Pulling himself up!

If you’ve noticed, many of the posts have been about Hutson lately as he’s budding with new developments. Last Sunday, Oct 21st, he started pulling himself up in his bed, Boden’s bed, the table. But then he would get “stranded” and couldn’t get down and would either fall or start crying. Tim had to lower his bed yesterday (Thursday) because he looked like he was going to tip out of it even while standing in his sleep sack. He’s chasing Cici around too and got a bit too close and got swiped on Tuesday pretty good. He’s very interested in what Boden is doing and actually Boden is beginning to aggrevate him more. If Hutson is playing with something, he’ll come and rip it out of his hands and then Hutson will start crying or he’s start picking up all the blocks for instance and moving them away from Hutson while saying “mine, mine, mine.” Not sure where he learned “mine” from but it was probably from play group!

Today something really strange happened. One of my friends stopped over who happens to be black and Hutson was a bit fussy all morning but when he saw her, he just strated screaming at the top of is lungs. He was so upset every time he was around her. After about 10 minutes, she left because he was so afraid, angry, in pain…we don’t know, all I know is that I’ve never seen him so upset for this period of time. His face had red splotches on it from crying so hard!

Boden and Hutson had their last doctor’s visit yesterday with the Dutch care. They came away with flying colors. They both are tracking great…Boden was a bit shy and the doctor asked if he was always this quiet, which made us laugh because he is so not. The size of Boden’s head is larger than average and Hutson is tracking in weight larger than average. When we left, Tim asked Boden to give the Doctor a kiss and the doctor said no he should’nt kiss doctors, only family and friends and this made us think, she’s right. Boden should only kiss people he knows and people “he wants” not what we think…also for his safety. It was a good lesson for us.

Andy is here visiting…poor guy is trying to sleep off is jet lag and he has two early birds getting up at 5am and then having their mid-day melt-downs. Well, it’s family, what can he say!

No teeth yet


Coming on to 9 months, little huttie has no teeth yet but he’s ready to take on the stairs! Today at the coffee shop Doppia he climbed up the two stairs and was so proud of himself. Then he continued to practice at home. He went up the stairs with my help. He always crawls to the stairs to pull himself up. He also trying to pull himself up on everything, in the cot, the playpen and on the tables. But this also comes with falls, which means lots of tears. I couldn’t believe he can stand in his bed now.


We took Boden to the doctor today because last thursday he jumped up and down on the couch and banged his head on the arm of the couch giving himself a good ol’ goose egg. Last nighti in the bath the bump looked like the size of his fist so we decided to take him in today. Luckily he’s ok.



Hutson is saying mama and mama a ton! Tim is trying to get him to say dada at no avail. Hutson loves hanging out with Boden. He always crawls over to him and watches him intently. He laughs when Boden laughs and is eager to be part of the action. Boden loves Hutson too. He comes up and pats him on the head or scruffs his stomach. However, sometimes he doesn’t realize that he can be a bit harmful when he smothers him with his jacket or bites him or pats him on the head too head, which then makes Hutson cry and Boden looks to us as “I didn’t do it!” Boden also likes to ride on Hutson’s back, playing horsey, which doesn’t go over well with Hutson either. Hutson’s sounds are quickly mimicked by Boden whether it’s “ma ma ma” or spitting or gurgling, Boden says what Hutson says. Boden is getting a bit posssesive saying “mine, mine, mine” when Hutson trys to play with his trains or other toys. He scoops them all up and runs off. I think he is picking this up from the play group.


Both little buggers little noses are running like faucets. Hutson absolutely hates having his nose touced, screaming at the top of his lungs and Boden is now “blowing” his nose. He has no problem with you asking him to blow it. 


We realized that we have to be careful of our language around Boden. Dad broke a light bulb and said “oh shit” and then Boden went around saying “oh shit, oh shit.” Whoops.

When we go out to coffee, Tim gives Boden money to pay for coffee, which he does and then gives Tim the change but not the Bills. Smart kid!







That’s not your Binki

Boden and I were getting some milk for Hutson when Bode took off for the living room.  After the bottle was warmed, I called for Bode to come back upstairs.  He turned his head away from me saying nothing.  I repeated my request…let’s go Bode.  He slightly turned his head but wouldn’t make eye contact.  After a few seconds, I walked over to see what he was up to and he finally looked up and had a big grin on his face which peeked out from the binki he had in his mouth.  He started laughing and took the binki out.  

When Bode runs, he has the cutest gait.  He bends his right arm 90 degrees and tucks it tight against his side.  With his left arm, he swings it wildly as he runs.  His head is slightly tilted towards his right shoulder.  His little legs go as fast as they can, feet pounding the ground.  

His also climbing.  He’s found a way to get up on top of the garbage can…he slides the recycling can over and then jumps on top of that.  He then pulls himself up onto the garbage can.  From there, he is able to unlock the top two locks on the back door.    

Bode is totally into his trains.  He has Tomas the Train and some of his friends.  He makes the choo choo sound and runs the trains all over the house.  

Hutson is still trying to find his first tooth.  He’s drooling and seems to be in some pain but still no tooth to be seen.  He’s crawling and starting to climb.  He is pulling himself up on anything and everything.  He’s started playing with the catdoor.  Flipping the door in and out.  He is also saying ‘mama’ and making kissing sounds.  He’s also giving the raspberry a lot.  

Both boys are suffering from sinus colds.  Seems like for the last month they both fall in and out of sinus stuffiness.  

Hutson’s cruising

In one week, Hutson is now crawling around the house. He was slipping on the hard wood floor and then would resort to slinkering around on his tummy or immediately go into his plank position or upward dog as they say in Yoga. But on carpet, he did his best to crawl. Now today he’s crawling on all surfaces, he evening was following Cici around. Poor cat, now she has two mignons after her, though Boden is much more gentle and just wants to give her cuddles. Hutson is so proud of himself. While he crawls, he keeps his head down concentrating on where he is going but then he pauses lifts up his head and beams a big smile as if to say “look what I just did!”. All wires, cables and outlets now have been secured. Though he seems to keep going for his favorite outlet. Hutson also today pulled himself up in his pack and play to a standing position and was giggling so hard. He loves his new accomplishments!

Yesterday, Boden, Hutson and I had the best giggling session. I was in the dining room out of Boden’s visibility and Boden came cruising around the corner from the kitchen and Hutson and I jumped out and went “BOO!” Boden thought that was the funniest thing ever and started howling and then Hutson started laughing hystercially. Then Boden wanted to do it again, but this time I “hid” Hutson and popped him out in front of Boden when he came cruising around the corner. Oh my god, they both were laughing so hard. Boden was on the floor screaming with laughter and Hutson was jumping up and down in my arms laughing. Of course, we had to do this about 15 more times and each time, Boden kept saying “again, again” and he knows he was speaking for both of them!

Boden is not eating well at all. Trickery, bribery, begging…nothing is working. We definitely don’t want to force him to eat either. We just made a meal for him and he picks at it but then goes away from the table. I keep little healthy nibbles out for him so he can reach them. Guess this is really typical for a two year old because they stop growing at the fast rate. Hutson on the other hand is eating for England. He eats three big portions a day, which includes porridge, greens, sweet pototoes, tofu, carrots…we are going to start giving him egg yolks. Plus he has 4-5 bottles. He’s sleeping and napping real well.  Although he’s eating like a king, he is filling out well.  He no longer is soft and pudgy but more solid.

When we drop Boden off at play group, he’s not even phased any more. He goes straight to the trainset. He’s into trains, cars and building blocks at the moment. His vocabulary is increasing and definitely understands a lot. 

Hutson starts crawling

After swaying back and forth on all fours, Hutson took his first crawl this morning trying to reach for his toys. He’s crawling before he got teeth! He was really proud of himself. Then after taking a few “steps” he then laid on his stomach and propped him into a sitting position! Wow! So much going on in a day. He’s eatting like crazy, smiling a ton and just as plump as ever.

Boden loves music! He’s addicted. He always has the iPad on to music. And “sings” along. Right now Katy Perry and Gaga are his favorites. I played this game with him tonight, which blew my mind how much he knows, I sang a song but at the end of each verse he sang the last word! A  couple of songs we hardly ever sing to him. Me “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me…” Boden “Happy”, me “Why skies are…” Boden “grey”. Ahhhh.

Last weekend, we went to an “Open mic BBQ”. People took turns up on singing on stage. About an hour into the afternoon, we lost track of Boden…where was he..on stage, climbing onto the piano bench. Then a little girl escorted him down. I think we have to expose this little man to lots of instruments! You never know.

Tonight in the bath tub, Boden and Hutson has so much fun tonight. Hutson is kicking like crazy in the bath tub. He loves it. This gets Boden going kicking. But tonight Boden took it to the next level, was splashing the water like crazy with his hands which had Hutson giggling so hard. He didn’t want to get out of the tub.

Luv these boys!