4th of July

The boys had their mid year gymnastics performance on June 24th and they put on a show.  They performed a floor routine, parallel bars, rings and the spring board.   All four were great.  They were very proud when they marched out with their team to begin and then at the end when they received their trophy.

Over the fourth of July holiday, we traveled to Sunriver and had a blast.  The first day, we rode the Big Eddy white water rapids.  Boden and Hutson were very brave riding the class 3 waves.  Boden “rode the bull”…which is sitting on the nose of the raft while going thru the rapids.  Then both the boys jumped on the sides of the boat for the rodeo.  They stood on the edge of the boat while the rest of us paddled trying to knock them off.  They didn’t last very long but had a great time getting soaked.

The second day, we joined a fat tire bicycle tour.  This was a six mile ride…mostly down hill, stopping occasionally at a river to swim.  Boden rode his own bicycle while Hutson rode a tandem bicycle with mom.  At the first stop, we hiked down to a small waterfall and an area where we could jump in to the pool from the rocks just beside the falls.  Hutson was the first to jump with mom and then Boden and dad jumped.  The water was so cold we all lost our breath for a moment while we swam to the river bank.  After everyone jumped, Boden and Hutson wanted to jump again and this time from the higher rock…about 5-7 feet above the pool.

The next ride was another mile down the trail and the stop was at a natural waterslide.  Boden, Hutson and mom all slid down the 15 ft. slide into a pool of cold river water.   The final ride was a windy 3 mile trail and Boden rocked it.  Meanwhile, Hutson was mom’s co-pilot, directing her when she was going too fast or slow.

On the 4th of July, we went to Dash’s house and had a bbq, lit some fireworks and watched the City of Bend’s 4th of July show.  The boys had a great time playing with Dash and Levi, lighting some sparklers and watching the bigger kids shoot off some of the bigger fireworks.

Boden lost his third tooth, the top right tooth on Friday July 7th.