Christmas and New Year 2016

Christmas morning was spent at home opening presents.  Boden was so excited with his electric football game and remote control robots.  “This is what I’ve always wanted…and Awesome…Yes, Yes, Yes”.  Hutson just opened one or two gifts and started playing.  He was quite content just with the first little match box car he opened. When Boden opened books, he said “Oh that’s boring.”

Later that day, we drove to Bend, OR to visit Narda, Dave, Dash, Levi and Perry.  They were troopers in the car as it was a very long car ride for them.

Once we got to Narda’s house. It was round two! They were so excited to see Dash. They got awesome presents from Narda & Dave and Nana & Papa. Hutson randomly asked for a remote control motorcycle, which Narda got him, and also a remote control fire-truck that squirts water. What?! Where on earth would we find that…well Nana and Papa somehow did! The three little boys played basketball with Levi, chased one another around the house until they wore themselves out. Little Hutson was coming down with a cold. He ended up sleeping with Nana and Boden slept in Levi’s bed. They got christmas pajamas from Narda which they loved and didn’t want to take off the next day.

We left for Sunriver the next day. The whole time the boys kept saying we were going to our Beach house. By the end of the trip they said Mountain house and they also were good about knowing the difference between Mt Bachelor and Hood. However it’s “Mountain Bachelor and Mountain Hood.” Which is actually accurate, if you think about it.

Skiing was our big adventure this break. Even thought it’s quite a procedure getting the boys into the schools and the morning you’re signing them in, lots of other kids crying and drama with their parents, both Boden and Hutson are at ease with day-care environments and adapt very easily. Boden had full day skiing this time and we put Hutson in 1/2 day skiing and 1/2 day care. Each day Boden was accelerating. The first afternoon they took him up on the lift and by the 3rd day he was skiing down by himself. At lunch we asked the instructor if we could ski down with him. Boden was lucky because he had the instructor all to himself. We were trying to catch him and say him from the lift skiing down. We caught up with him rode the lift up with him and the instructor. And he did it. He did skied down, following the instructor, all by himself. He was so pleased and proud. And of course we were just beaming! It was the end of his lesson and we asked the instructor if we could take him alone. So we go in line and Boden turned to us and said, “I’m so excited.” He was so excited to go up with us. And were were too! When we got off at the top of the lift we wanted to go a different route. It was a bit steeper and he hadn’t skied it yet. Sure why not, we said. And he did amazing. Didn’t fall was super confident.

One lunch break during one of his lessons, we popped in to see Boden. There were probably 50 kids in their ski gear all at was total Mayhem. And when Boden turned around and saw me, he had tears in his eyes, “someone ate my lunch.” Poor bugger! Out of everyone’s lunch to eat…the school was great. They ran up to the kitchen and made him a peanut butter sandwich and we also grabbed some of Hutson’s lunch because Hutson was eating the lunch that was provided. He felt much better afterwards.

We didn’t get to see Hutson really much during his lesson. In his first 10 minutes, they had him up on 2 skis, which we thought that was odd because Boden spent a full day getting use to his skis, walking around on 1 ski. I can imagine Hutson didn’t enjoy it very much. The next day they had him on 1 ski. He wasn’t feeling very well so I don’t think he had too much energy. On the comments cards, it would say “he powered through or found the energy.” Poor little guy. Well, he’s only four so he as time.

Dylan and Reese, with their parents came to visit the last part of our stay. The boys loved having them around. The first night when Dylan and Reese  arrived, it was really late. We put Boden in the lower bunk next to Dylan. The next morning, Boden woke up and started crying. We thought it was because he got disoriented at where he was. No, he was crying because he wanted to sleep on the top bunk and someone put him in the bottom. They boys were so excited for Dylan and Reese to wake up. They took forever to get their ski clothes on, especially Hutson! When they finally did, Dylan and Reese wondered up in their PJ’s. Both boys started giggling, saying “they’re still in their Pajamas!”. They thought that was the funniest thing not realizing they were in theirs 1 min earlier! One morning, Reese, who’s two and has the cutest and smiliest disposition, comes wondering up stairs. Boden was already up and he saw her with her hair in her eyes. He jumped down from his chair and said, “here Reesey, let me get the hair out of your eyes.” and he brushed her hair from her face. Ahhh.

One of the nights, Narda and Dave came over with the Dash for dinner. It was mayhem 4 little boys between 4-5 years old with lots of toys, energy and no ability to share. Hutson definitely got the roughest and the most emotional over sharing. He pushed Dash once really good and also wrestled a toy away from Dylan. He did have a point though they were his toys. What’s clear though is that Hutson is by far the scrappiest because he has to be as the younger brother. None of the other boys are a younger sibling (Levi is to old to wrestle over toys with Dash). Hutson is always having to fend for himself. It was really interesting to watch and while all the adults were ganging up on Hutson, because he was the instigator, I thought about it that night and actually felt a bit bad fro him.

Hutson definitely had the energy for sledding in Sunriver. The two mornings we went sledding he would just throw the sled down and he didn’t care how fast he was going. He was cutting everyone off. Boden had a blast too. They both were dare devils. Sometimes they rode with one of us, with Dylan but their preference was to ride by themselves and fly down the hill.  A few times, Hutson would jump on Boden’s back as he started down the hill.  Eventually, they would wipe out and both boys would yard sale down the hill the rest of the way.

Our last weekend of the break, we took the boys to family swim at swimming pool where they take lessons. Boden can no longer go into the W’s changing room so we try to grab a family room. The fountains and water slide were all open and the boys immediately wanted to go on the slide. At first they both rode with Dad and I. Bode and I were the first to go down and we both went under the water at the bottom of the slide. That woke us both up. Then Hutson and dad came down. We probably went up and down the slide 20 times each, laughing each time. Boden after a couple of runs was going by himself and “swimming” to dad or I when we came off the slide. Hutson didn’t want to try and but the end of it we were giving him a piggy back ride up the stairs. Funny how that works!

Boden and Hutson were eating dinner and Hutson was refusing to eat. Must be a turning 4 thing because Boden did the same thing. We said, we just need you to take a “no-thank you bite” and Hutson screamed “NO!”. Then Boden said, “Hutson, Hutson, you can do it…it’s really small bite.” This is coming from the kid who doesn’t eat.

Hutson behavior is changing immensely the last month or so. He screams/shouts, throws temper tantrums, is obstinate and is pushing quite a few buttons. Says “you’re a poo-poo guys” But on the other hand he’s also super affectionate. He definitely a daddy’s boy at the moment. He grabs dad’s neck and gives him kisses on the cheek and in his neck’s crevice and say’s more freely I love you. He particularly loving on Tovar. The dog is getting more snuggles and kisses from Hutson than anyone.

Hutson’s snuggles actually are quite awesome. At night, he grabs your hand and wraps it over his body to cuddle it. Or he drapes his hand over your back or neck. He keeps saying “I love you” while smooching on you. My favorite thing to do at night is read them a book in our bed, Boden on one side and Hutson on the other. They snuggle into my chest while a read a book and then we all fall asleep that way, after they are done shouting at each other..”My mom…no, my Mom!” I definitely won’t have this forever, got to take it while I can.

Hutson also “sprints off” a lot. This stresses out Boden tremendously. The first time Boden got super stressed was at the Zoo. He was panicking and started crying. I had to take him home separately. Every time, we know go out in crowds Hutson lets loose and Boden gets so upset. He just keeps shouting, “hutson, hutson…and Ok we’re leaving now.” I think the message of Stranger – Danger resonated with Boden. Hutson…not so much. He said “well, they say hi to me.” Hutson actually darted off in the Sunriver lodge restaurant and hid on the stairs. He knew we were looking for him but kept quite because he thought it was funny.

Speaking of Stinker…He obviously hears us using it and now calls dogs by saying “You little stinker come here.”

Boden is also emulating us. He’s been shouting if he sees something awesome by saying “Oh my GOD!” Not goodness but God. It’s actually kind of cute but don’t want him going to school saying it!


One day I was  sounding out Hutson’s name, with him, I said ” Hut-SON” and he goes “no mom…it’s Hut-SEN.”

Hutson is really leaning out physically. He’s lost his body fat and his legs and arms are long. He’s only 1 inch shorter than Boden now. He as a little wart on his back which we need to get removed and he got this awesome “hipster” haircut that is long on the top, short on the sides, and he looks so dang cute!

Since I was home over break, I was able to spend quality time with them prior to xmas. We baked cookies for Santa…well I baked and they “decorated.” They got fascinated with the silver balls and Hutson kept saying he was eating metal and that freaked Tim out. We went to Sky-High, trampoline place with loads of trampolines and foam pits. They went nuts. Hutson followed Boden every where jumping after him. I told Hutson that I was momma Nanny, so I’ve managed to get Hutson down for naps most the days I was home. Somehow, saying I was the nanny worked!

The idea of Santa really resonated with both of them this year. They asked lots of questions about his reindeer, Hutson asked where their penis were! Grandma gave them the Polar Express Book and it really has triggered Hutson’s imagination about Santa and North Pole. He really wants us to take him there. On Christmas Eve, we actually called the Santa Tracker and they got to ask where Santa was headed. The operator said that Santa was over RI and was going to be at our place in 3 hours and that they better  go to bed early. They seemed to understand.

The last day of the break, it snowed. The day before Boden kept saying he wanted it to snow at home so he could go Sledding. His wish came true.  So, we broke out the sleds and hit the hills.  All the neighbors were out.  Boden spent the majority of the day out in the snow, while Hutson stayed just the morning.  Boden made snow angels and had fun with Tovar in the snow.  Playing with the bigger kids, he had to stand his ground a couple times when Kellen wanted to take his sled and Boden said “No”…which led to a tug of war.  By the end of the day, Boden was hungry and tired…falling asleep a little after 7.

Boden had a big 2015.  He learned  how to swim, ski, ride his bicycle and play tennis.  2016 promises to be just as exciting for both boys.


Leading up to Christmas

Christmas was a wonderful time for the boys.  Leading up to Christmas, the excitement began building around the first week of December.  We bought the boys an advent calendar filled with chocolate.  We explained the rules that each day, they can open one door and eat the piece of chocolate behind the door.  Boden followed the rules, opening one door per day.  Hutson on the other hand, would carry the calendar behind the couch and open a few doors.  After four days or so, Hutson’s calendar was empty.

Roofie also showed up…the elf on a shelf.  Each day, Roofie would change locations.  Both would wake up in the morning and look eagerly for him.  When they found him, they’d run to us and report the location.

Boden took two classes with Lego Engineers and loved it.  The first class, he participated in building some sort of lego space ship.  The second class, he learned minecraft.  He is now a wizard at building legos and minecraft.

The other day, Hutson was talking with uncle Andy and Andy said, ‘Kentucky’.  And Hutson replied, ‘no, that’s little ducky, not Kentucky’.