Black Diamond

The start of 2017 has been very busy for the boys.  This past weekend is a great example.  We spent the weekend on Mt. Hood, skiing both Sat and Sunday.  Friends Dylan and Reese came along as well.

Saturday was a ski day in a blizzard.  The boys took a 1/2 day lesson before we headed back to the condo for some fun and a movie.   The big day was Sunday as the boys again took a 1/2 day lesson but the weather was great.  Mom and dad saw Hutson on the slopes for the first time on Easy Rider.  Hutson was excited…with an enthusiastic “hi mom…hi dad”.  Both of us were filled with pride as we watched Hutson ‘pizza and french fry’ his way down the mountain.  Boden said he ran his first black diamond with his instructor.  Corbin said he asked Boden where he wanted to go and Boden said, black diamond.  He took it like a champ.  Was steady and without fear.  A bit later, we had lunch together at the lodge and then made our way out to the slope for the first official Cain family ski day.

Our first run was Easy Rider.  Boden challenged dad to run the downhill ski sprint track.  In the end, Boden flew down the track and dad couldn’t catch up.  Hutson on the other side of the slopes with mom tackled the freestyle park doing a few jumps and other tricks.

The second run, Boden challenged mom to a race and won easily.  During the race with mom, he took a jump and when he landed, totally wiped out, losing a ski and sending up a cloud of snow.  Mom said she had no chance to keep up with Boden.  Hutson took dad on a tour of the freestyle park…where he crushed it.

Hutson had a little scare on the chair lift…he didn’t quite get settled and was being dragged under the chair before they finally stopped the chair.  It was a little unsettling for all of us.

Our final run was down Vista.  This is a long winding run…and was great.  Both the boys loved skiing together.