So we got the boys a trampoline for Christmas and just set it up.  They love it.  They spend 30-45 minutes jumping on it daily.  Last Friday night, two straight hours of jumping with neighbor friend Samira.  Afterwards, they dropped from exhaustion and fell asleep within minutes.

Last Saturday, we went to a birthday party for one of Hutson’s classmates.  Hutson said he didn’t know who it was but when we arrived, he said “hey, this is my friend”.

Tonight, we spent an hour of ‘construction time’.  Boden asked to “Build together” so we charged the drill and got to work.  We built a race track…used the drill to screw a few tracks together.  Was good guy time.

The other day, Boden looks at me and says “Dad, I’m growing hair like you dad…It’s all over my body.  It’s everywhere!”

Hutson said he cried today at school because “a boy took my wheel barrow.  And I was still using it.”  I asked if he told the boy that he was still using it…He said no but will tell him tomorrow.