Little Gym

You can see Boden become more courageous.  He no longer cries when dropped off at play group.  He appears to try to have interaction/conversation with other kids.  At little gym, he climbed up the tallest mat which is about two feet high and looked over at me to say…I’m going for it…and jumped off.  The landing wasn’t graceful.  Most likely a little painful as he tumbled onto his face but that didn’t stop him.  He had his cry and then went back to jumping on the air filled tramp and then back to the tall mat. This time with dad’s help, he jumped again.  Boden’s starting to speak a little Dutch…he says ‘Nay’ for no.  Learned that play group.  He also tries to calm Hutson when he cries.  Overall, takes more interest in Hutson.

Hutson is so close to crawling.  He is up on his knees more often than not.  He also is rocking and even pulling himself forward.  I put him on the kitchen floor tonight and he was able to inch over and grab a handfull of kibbles and bits.  We’ll have to watch what we put around him.  He is also making ‘kissing’ sounds.  Not sure if he knows he’s kissing but  it’s cute.  He is also shaking his head more.  I think that is because we try to wipe his nose he protests and has a good defense.  Shakes his head and bats his hands.  Makes it hard to wipe.

Big boy pee

Boden was running around naked and doing his usual thing of knocking down blocks, while screaming and laughing tonight when all of sudden he started shouting “Pee, Pee”. I asked, “do you have to go Pee?”, “YUP!” “Do you want to go in the big boy toilet.” “YUP!” So off we went to the big boy toilet and he peed all by himself with mom holding him in the toilet. We did a dance and whooped and hollered in celebration afterwards and then flushed the pee away saying good-bye. He was so excited about it, he tried to do it again 5 mins later but of course couldn’t pee.

The kids routine at the moment is waking up around 6am (6.30 if we’re lucky and 5.30 if we’re not so lucky). Usually, it’s Boden starts to yell for one of us and is a bit cranky. As soon as we go into his room, he’s chipper asking to “Zip, Zip” his sleep sack. Meanwhile, Hutson is stirring in his bed with little noise but gives a few grunts to let us know he’s hungry. He gets his bottle first, while Boden is roaming around the bedroom looking for the Ipad or starts doing body slams on mom, which is not the easiest way to wake up! Next, both get their day clothes on while get’s dressed. They play and hang out a bit in Boden’s room and then dad takes them down for breakfast. Boden is able to eat breakfast by himself – a bowl of cereal with fruit and dad feeds Hutson. They watch a little TV until Maria comes. Hutson takes his first nap either around 8.30 or 9.00, Boden goes to play group on Mon, Wed, Friday. In the evening, Tim comes home. Boden is usually fed or eatting. He get’s Hutson’s Bath going at 6pm and by 6.30pm Hutson is conked out. He has a quick bottle and snuggle and off to sleep. Meanwhile, Boden is hanging out in his room. If mom is home, Dad starts giving Boden a bath or he’s by himself on the ipad. After bath it’s naked time for about an hour and playing with mom and dad, which he loves and we love too!


Boden is going to playgroup with confidence.  He no longer stresses and cries when we drop him off but is happy to go and see the others.  He goes straight to the trains and starts playing.  It looks like Bode has a girl friend at the playgroup.  A French/Chinese girl has taken a liking to him and won’t leave his side.  Boden is finding new ways to communicate.  He saw a girl fall and hurt herself at playgroup.  It really made an strong impression on him.  Afterwards, he tried to tell the story to Maria by babbling about what he saw and then reenacting the events by falling down, rolling around and crying.  He brings a new picture home every day.  Today, he brought a big picture of himself with curly blond hair, blue eyes and a big smile.  The picture was life size.  At the little gym, Bode favorite activity is hanging on the high bar.  He’ll hang on for about 10 seconds before letting go.  He still isn’t too sure about the opening activity when the group sits in a circle, sings a song and shake the bells.  But after this, he loves to run, walk on the balance beam and climb on the different obstacles.

Hutson is more and more mobile.  He twirls around in circles on his belly.  Pushes himself backwards and rolls around like crazy.  He’s up in the crawling position and rocking back and forth.  He is babbling and giving the ‘raspberry’.  His grab range is wider.  I left a bowl of his porridge close to his chair and he grabbed it and poured it all over himself.  Cute but messy.  He also likes to grab the ipad when Bode is playing with it which gets a prompt and stern response from Boden…”NO”.  Still no teeth to be seen for Hutson but he likes to bite.  He bit my shoulder the other day and gave me a little bruise.  Cici also is more affectionate with him as he’s bit gentler that Bode was.  Hutson rolled over on top of Cici and she just laid there and enjoyed the attention as Hutson massaged her neck and back.

Daily Routine


Hutson is getting more and more active.  He’s able to push himself around in circles and pushing up into a plank position.  He’s getting stronger and more curious.  His ticklish spot is in his neck and tummy.  


HIs current schedule is wake up around 5:30 or six.  He has a bottle and then chills out.  Change of clothes  We all go down stairs around 7 and Hutson plays on a mat or the pac and play while Boden has his breakfast.  At around 8, Hutson has his first meal and then another bottle around 8:30.  Nap time after the bottle.  He usually sleeps for 30 minutes or so.  He has a lot of energy when he gets up and starts to play.  His favorite toys are his plastic mobile phone that plays music when you press the buttons.  He also likes to play with cars and blocks.  Every time he grabs something he will study it and then put it into his mouth.  His second meal is right before his second nap.  He goes down around noon for 30 minutes to an hour.  He then pops up ready to go.  When he wakes up, he doesn’t cry or scream.  He coos and caws.  He has his last meal around 4 along with another bottle.  5:45 is bath time and then his final bottle at 6:15 and then sleep time is at 6:30.  He falls asleep easily.  No crying, no fuss.  

Boden is settling into his routine of three days a week at the playgroup.  Today, we arrived a little early so played on the swing for 5 minutes.  When the class opened, we walked in and started playing with the trains.  I told him that I’m going now and said good bye and gave him a kiss.  He looked at me and said good bye and went back to playing with the trains.  Very courageous little guy.  He’s also repeating a lot of what we say so we have to be careful.  He likes to sing and will sing along with us or the radio/tv.  




We finally bought Hutson a high chair and he loves it.  He loves to be part of the action.  In addition, he also eats a ton and is getting heavy.  His diet consists of rice, oatmeal, peas, pears, carrots, avocado, mango and banana.  Doesn’t care too much for carrots.  Tomorrow, he will try nectarines.  We also upgraded his car seat to the sit up model.  He was spilling out of his old maxi cozy and now loves sitting up high and able to look out the window.  He has a big appetite and is gaining weight fast.  You can see it in his face and while carrying him.  He’s getting to be a load.

Bode came down with the flu last Sunday.  He had a temperature of 104 and diarrhea.  Not fun for anyone.  His temp came down on Monday morning but shot back up in the afternoon.  By Tuesday evening, things were back to normal.  Wednesday was the start of Bode’s play group.  He was a bit hesatint at first, but after I left, he calmed down and was beginning to play.  

His new thing is the bodyslam.  If we are laying down, he’ll climb up on top of us and jump up, kick out his legs and land on top of us.  It’s pretty painful if not ready for it.  

This weekend, we went for a walk and Bode had his first soft serve ice cream.  He loved it…had it all over his face by the time he finished.  Today was warm, so we filled up the swimming pool and had a great time in the water.  

Boden went back to play group on Wednesday.