My Name is Boden

We had a great long Easter weekend in Bend, OR with the cousins.  Arrived on Thursday, we spent the next three days with the Browns.  Started with a nice drive over and dinner on Thursday.  On Friday, we went to Mt. Bachelor…or Mountain Bachelor as the boys call it for a day of skiing.  Hutson opted out and was in day care but Boden, mom and dad all skied together.  Was a great experience.  Boden jumped on the ski lift and up we went.

The first run Boden wiped out hard.  He was following mom and got a little aggressive on a turn, lost control and turned into a giant yard sale.   Both skis went flying.  Thank goodness for helmets.  Boden was in good spirits after the fall stating “wipe out”.   Later on the run, dad said “good turn Bode” and Boden replied…”Dad, don’t call me Bode, call me Boden”.

After a couple good runs, we jumped on the lift for the last run of the day.  Boden saw the half pipe.  He yelled, I want to do the “half tube”.  Ok, let’s go for it.  The only problem is the run down was quite steep.  We slowly snowplowed our way down and about half way down, we ran into a pretzel.  Boden wiped out at the steepest part of the slope, losing his skis.  We were able to grab the skis and get up to Boden but it was quite difficult to get the skis on him.  After sliding a bit, we hit a snag and all three of us were in a ski pretzel…all tangled and unable to move.  Finally, we sorted ourselves and made it down to the half pipe.  Boden skied it like a pro.  Back and forth he went getting a little higher up on the left side than the right.

That afternoon back at the hotel, we hit the pool and hot tub.  Boden was wearing a swim shirt that had a skull on it.  One kid looked at Boden and said, “I’m not afraid of skeletons”.  Boden looked at him for a few seconds, contemplating his response and then blurted out “You have a skeleton in your body”…while pointing at him.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the Browns for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Boden got very competitive and wanted to find all the eggs.  Running around trying to collect more than Dash and Hutson.  Afterwards, all the boys had their share of candy and a sugar rush.

So, now when Boden goes to sleep, he puts his Leap Frog game pad under his pillow.  Just like mom does her iPhone to track sleep.

Life Lessons

Hutson has been quite a rebel lately.  Last night at the grocery store, he walked up to the apple display and grabbed an apple and took big bite and put it back on the shelf.  Later we were walking thru the bulk items and he helps himself to a piece of chocolate.  It was funny at first but today while getting frozen yogurt, he grabbed an extra piece of candy.  So, he and I had a talk with the owner of the yogurt shop.  Hutson told him what he took and said sorry.  The owner rewarded him for his honesty with a few more pieces of candy.

Boden has been very concerned with Hutson’s behavior while shopping.  Boden stays close to the cart and mom or dad while Hutson is off on his own adventure.  Boden keeps an eye on Huts and when he gets too far away, Boden calls for him to return.  Today, Boden said “Hutson, come back…you are making me nervous”.

Boden has been progressing at swim lessons.  He can dive into the pool, do a cannon ball and use the kick board to kick across the pool on both his front and back.  During family swim, Boden will go down the big water slide by himself.  When he hits the pool at the bottom, he will swim to mom or dad.  Hutson rides down with mom or dad, laughing all the way to the bottom and right before we hit the pool, he covers his eyes with his hands.

Recently, we were talking about losing baby teeth and Hutson matter of factly states, “If you close your mouth, they won’t fall out.”   Then he asked dad if they would fall to the back of throat.

Hutson also believes that if “you eat cake on your birthday, you will turn four” basically change age to the next year. I’m avoiding cake from now on!


At soccer practice, Boden scored two goals and comes running over to mom…who said him “I”m so proud of you.” He responded..”I wanted to do my best.”


The boys have been playing hide and seek lately and after they hide and we don’t find them quickly enough, Hutson will call out “YooHoo”.  His favorite hiding place is under the couch and Boden’s is in the coat closet.

We had brunch with Layton’s family last Saturday morning and while sitting around the table, Boden turns to Layton and says, “My dad is soooo funny”.

As part of Boden’s public service announcements, he warns “When you have a baby in your tummy and you drink wine that’s really bad”

This evening after a big poop, Hutson forgot to flush.  When we went upstairs to brush his teeth he said…”look, Sarah forgot to flush after she went poop”.

Last week, Boden was very upset with Hutson after they had an argument over a toy last Saturday.  Boden looks at Hutson and says…”You are going to be in jain on Sunday”.

For Christmas, Hutson received a remote control fire truck from Nana and Bapa, complete with a working water hose.  So, today we put it to use.  We went out to the garage and lit a few candles, created a fire station and then…we called 911.  Fireman Boden and Hutson drove the truck to the candles and put out the fire.

We were racing around the house and Boden looks at me and says “I’m as fast as a roller coaster”.  He usually says cheetah.

Hutson declared on his birthday “after you eat cake, you grow on your birthday”.

The boys have been sleeping in mom and dad’s bed lately and Hutson demands a snuggle.  one evening, mom had a few things to do and told Hutson she has to get up.  He asked who is going to snuggle me?  Mom said Boden will.  Hutson replied “I want a big girl hugs, not Boden hugs.

During Boden’s last soccer practice, Boden scored a nice goal.  He runs over to give mom a high five and says…I wanted to do my best.

A few weeks ago, Hutson went to swim with Nana and Bapa.  After the shower and changing clothes, Hutson tells Nana, “you are mom today and Bapa’s dad”.

After we had our skis stolen, Boden tells mom, “you can go buy new ones for $15.  Or maybe they will bring them back.