The family spent Thanksgiving week on Maui.  What a wonderful time.  The weather was ideal and the water was warm.   Hutson kept saying “I’m so excited” when talking about the plane ride to Hawaii and going to the beach.

Boden and Hutson both loved boogie boarding.  They both caught ‘tasty waves’ and learned to ride them like the pros.  We spent most of our time at Ulua Beach in Wailea.  This beautiful beach was great for boys there age.  The waves were small but they could still ride the waves.  Every once in a while there was sneaker big wave that would put the boys in the washing machine.  The first time this happened to Hutson, he became a bit shy of the waves and started spending more time on the beach.  This happened to Boden later in the week as well.  The wave was big and went over my head, and then tossed Boden around.

The complex also had a pool and if we were not at the beach, we were making friends at the pool.  Boden and Hutson met three other girls from Canada who were also 6 1/2, 4 1/2 and 3.  They enjoyed diving for rings, playing shark and minnows and doing cannon balls.  Both Boden and Hutson confidence grew and they swam the width of the pool.  Both also would swim the perimeter of the pool.  On the last day, Hutson made another friend, Cameron who was 11.  She gave Hutson some tips and a swim lesson.  At the end of the lesson, Hutson was diving for rings in the 4 ft. depths with no problem.  Hutson then said “Bye Camera”.  Cameron looked at me and said…”what did Hutson call me?”

Boden found a love of Ginger Beer while in Maui.  He would have one during his afternoon beach break.  It was pretty funny as he looked like he was drinking a normal beer.

Both boys also discovered mint ice cream.  This was their favorite!

One morning, we took a snorkel cruise to Molokini Island.  About half way there, we saw a humped back whale which was spectacular.  When the boat dropped anchor, there was a slide kids could ride into the ocean.  Dad jumped in and then Hutson tried to slide down, but wound up doing an awkward belly flop.  After seeing this, Boden said to mom…”I think I’ll take the stairs.”  Boden experienced snorkeling for the first time and loved it.  There were all sorts of tropical fish and coral.  Hutson rode the ‘raft’.  This raft had a glass bottom which provided visibility.  Hutson declared that he saw “a treasure chest, a shark, skull and cross bones, a sunken ship, a turtle and a pirate”.  Quite an imagination.

The next evening, was a Luau where the boys saw their first roasted pig and took a hula lesson.  Too cute.  Hutson was off the stage quickly but Boden shook his hips as fast as a first time mainlander could.  They were impressed with the fire dancers as well.

For some reason, we all were stepping on mom’s toes.  Hutson said to dad…”I love mom, but dad, since you stepped on mom’s toes, I don’t love you as much.”

On our return, mom said to Boden, I learned this trip that you love Boogie Boarding, mint ice cream and ginger beer…Boden responded to mom by saying “I learned that you are  always busy.”


Halloween has come and gone.  Boden was a red ninja and Hutson was iron man.  They pulled in tons of candy.  We went around the neighborhood with neighbors Kenzi and Samira.  The neighborhood was quite busy and the boys had a great time yelling trick or treat.  Boden was very generous with his candy always asking if I wanted to share with him.

This is the time of year when Box Elder Bugs come out in Portland.  Where we live, there are millions.  They are also called stink bugs.  When you smash them, they smell like coriander and are very pungent.  Some get in the house and Hutson finally called our house the “Stink Bug House”.

Hutson has a classmate named Shea.  Shea likes playing with Hutson but Hutson doesn’t want to have anything to do with Shea.  Last week, Hutson said he was minding his own business and Shea starts to hug Hutson.  Hutson asked him to stop but Shea continued.  Hutson ran away and Shea followed.  Finally, Hutson shoved Shea and he fell and bumped his head on a rock.  Hutson felt horrible but said “Shea wouldn’t stop hugging me so I pushed him”.

Hutson has said some funny stuff lately.  We were watching a show and Hutson wanted to watch something else…He said “this is SUPER BOOORING” which got a laugh.  Then when he doesn’t want to do something he will respond by saying “WAH-WaH”  Hard to stay upset when he’s making you laugh.

Hutson moved up on his last swim lesson class.  He will be an otter.  At the end of every class, the instructor allows the kids to jump into the pool from the edge.  Hutson gets crazy and does a flip into the pool.  The instructor says to us, that is a first.  I’ve never seen that in all my years as a swim teacher.

The other night at bedtime, Hutson was scared that he was going to have a bad dream.  He said…”daddy, I’m not Brave…I’m not.  I need you to snuggle with me”.

Boden has a second loose tooth.  It’s his other middle lower tooth.  He is wiggling it a lot so should be out in a week or so.  He seems very calm about it compared to the first tooth.

Boden has his hands on an old iPhone and linked it up to wifi.  He’s been texting everyone.  He says I love you all the time and loves to send emojis. He has taught mom and dad quite a few tricks on the phone.  He even uses the microphone to dictate his text messages, have full on conversations with Siri and changes languages so he’s typing in dutch.  Crazy.



Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Boden lost his first tooth on Sunday, September 18th.  The tooth had been wiggly for the last two weeks but finally popped out after dinner while eating a cracker.  Unfortunately, Boden swallowed the tooth.  “How will the tooth fairy know to give me a coin?”  The tooth fairy figured it out and left a short note and a quarter for the tooth.  She even left Hutson a penny for sleeping in his bed all night.

For the last 4 months, we’ve been going thru a remodel in our home.  As a deal on the finish of the work, the boys promised to sleep in their own beds rather than sleeping with mom and dad.  They have been brave and have slept the night in their own beds for the last week.

The other day, Boden asked dad…”when will you be a grandpa?”  I responded “I’ll be a grandpa when you or Hutson become a daddy.”  Boden looked at me confused…trying to tie the two together.  We talked that his grandpa is my dad.  Hutson looked on and then asked a follow up question…”who will be the grandma?”

Boden has been asking “what did you to at work today?”  This comes from us asking how his day was and what he did at school.

Last night while putting Hutson to bed, Hutson told me that he’s “the snuggle champion”.  I would have to agree.

We received a note from Boden’s teacher today stating Boden completed the biggest task at school.  Reading and following directions on how to make a loaf of bread.  She sent a photo of Boden standing behind four loaves of bread in a baker’s hat and apron.  He looked quite proud of himself.

Boden has been working on legos the last couple weeks.  He’s able to follow directions and put different vehicles or figures together.  They look complex but he has the focus and patience to put them all together.

Wonderful Summer

What a great summer!  We have been a busy family.  Sorry it’s been so long since the last post.

Boden and Hutson spent the night at nana’s last night.  When I picked them up, Boden comes running up to me and says…”I have a loose tooth!”  It’s the lower left middle tooth.  Boden said it hurts when he pulls it backwards but is ok when it is pushed forwards.  Boden then tells me about how excited he is to get “a coin”.  I asked him about this and he says…”the tooth fairy picks up all the teeth and leaves a coin”.  Then the follow up  question…”what does the fairy do with all the teeth?”  Very good question.

The summer was full of activities and vacations. We spent some time at the beach, in the mountains, at Sunriver, at Black Butte Ranch, Hood River and many places in-between.

We started the summer spending a week at Manzanita.  We spent a wonderful week in the sand.  We taught the boys how to build a beach bonfire and make s’mores.  The highlight was hiking Mt. Niekahnie.  Both the boys are strong hikers.  Hutson on the last part of the hike started to rock climb up the final 30 yards to the summit.  Mom and Dad could barely keep up.  When he got to the top, he turns to us and says “I’m scared of heights”.

We were then off to Sunriver.  Both Boden and Hutson were signed up for the Kid’s fun run.  They both love to compete.  This race was a quick run thru a splash bouncy house, then a bike/scooter ride and then a final sprint to the finish line.  At the finish, Boden looks up at mom and says…”mom, I couldn’t do my best…I couldn’t do my best…my sides really hurt.  Both did their best and mom and dad had a great time cheering them on.  While in Sunriver, the home we rented had bikes and one Boden’s size.  This is where he gained confidence on a bicycle.  The home was on a circle and we rode lap after lap.  He loved taking the ‘short cut’ across the lawn.  He called it off roading.  This is the summer where Boden really gained confidence on his bicycle.   Boden’s other passion at Sunriver is driving the bumper cars.

The next trip was to Hood River over the 4th of July.  We spent time on the riverfront in the shallows.  The boys had a great time building sand castles and playing catch in the water.  We took a nice hike as well.  The boys were most excited about the Wii in the hotel room!   On the 4th, we attended the town parade.  Very small town experience.

Hutson had his first big time wipe out riding down the hill in front of the house while riding on his scooter.  He was hanging out with some of the older kids in the neighborhood and Huts was trying to keep up.  He lost control and hit the pavement pretty hard.  He had road rash on his knees, elbows, hands, feet, shoulder and hip.  He said “dad…I hit the ground and rolled five times”.

We spent the next weekend camping at Lost Lake.  Again, we went on a great hike and spent time in a boat on the water.  And of course, we made s’mores.  While there, Boden had a spectacular bicycle crash.  He was riding on an elevated walk way above a creek.  He lost control and drove off the edge, crashing into a tree and narrowly missing making a splash into the water.  Lost lake has some of the best views of Mt. Hood.

Hutson had another funny neighborhood event.  It was close to bed time and Boden was upstairs brushing his teeth.  Hutson all of a sudden disappeared.  Dad looked around the house and then went into the garage and found the garage door open.  Then all of a sudden, I heard Samira’s dad shout “What the…” and I knew exactly where Hutson was.  The surprise is that he was wearing only a shirt.  No pants or shoes.

Both have been taking swim lessons and making tremendous progress.  Boden is learning the front crawl while Hutson is a little water bug.  In May, he still didn’t want to get his face wet…but by August, he was doing summersaults in the water.  He would even do a front flip from the side of the pool.

We spent a night camping at MSB, but unfortunately, were unable to watch the meteor shower due to cloud cover.  The next day, Boden and Layton participated in the Bridge Pedal.  A three mile bike ride across the Portland Bridges.  Both Boden and Layton were very confident riding their bikes in a large crowd of bikers.

Next was Boden’s 6th birthday party.  What a great day!  All his buddies came and we had a wet and wild party…complete with a bouncy house and water slide.

The following weekend, we went camping with Aven on the Clackamas river.  We spent two great days playing baseball, hiking, spending time in the hot springs and skipping rocks in the river.

The last trip of the summer was to Black Butte Ranch.  What a great trip.  We spend a long weekend riding bicycles, swimming, hiking Black Butte and of course, Boden found the X-Box.

Today was the boys first day of school.  They were very happy and excited to get started.  Both stay for lunch now.  At the end of the day, Hutson said to Boden, “I wish we were in class together”.  Boden replied…”no way, you would hug me too much”.  And Hutson said, “and I’d kiss you too”.  Too funny.







I Love Both You Guys

Hutson has been telling everyone I love you over the past few weeks.  The funniest was last week…Hutson says to mom…”I love you mom.  I don’t love dad because he is boring”.

Hutson has been focused on bugs lately.  He is afraid of most of them.  Spiders, stink bugs and rollie pollies.  He also claims to have bugs in his penis.  That’s why I have to rub my penis.

Hutson has been into being clean as well…except for wiping his butt after a #2.  He really likes to clean up after he makes a mess and he does not like to get his hands messy.  He avoids spaghetti with sauce.

Boden has been into being useful and helpful lately.  Ask him to do something and he jumps to assist.  Even his little brother.  He takes the leadership role and asks to help her and there.

Boden and I put together our first complete lego project.  A race car with about 55 different steps.  Boden was able to put the car together with little assistance from dad.  Took about 30 minutes.  With determination, he followed the directions, separated the legos by color and he did it.  Very proud.

Bode is totally into basketball.  We started to watch the Blazers together and it took off when his buddy Aven came over and we watched a playoff game.  Boden was totally into it for the first half before we ran off to bed.  He was even calling fouls and time outs.


So we got the boys a trampoline for Christmas and just set it up.  They love it.  They spend 30-45 minutes jumping on it daily.  Last Friday night, two straight hours of jumping with neighbor friend Samira.  Afterwards, they dropped from exhaustion and fell asleep within minutes.

Last Saturday, we went to a birthday party for one of Hutson’s classmates.  Hutson said he didn’t know who it was but when we arrived, he said “hey, this is my friend”.

Tonight, we spent an hour of ‘construction time’.  Boden asked to “Build together” so we charged the drill and got to work.  We built a race track…used the drill to screw a few tracks together.  Was good guy time.

The other day, Boden looks at me and says “Dad, I’m growing hair like you dad…It’s all over my body.  It’s everywhere!”

Hutson said he cried today at school because “a boy took my wheel barrow.  And I was still using it.”  I asked if he told the boy that he was still using it…He said no but will tell him tomorrow.

My Name is Boden

We had a great long Easter weekend in Bend, OR with the cousins.  Arrived on Thursday, we spent the next three days with the Browns.  Started with a nice drive over and dinner on Thursday.  On Friday, we went to Mt. Bachelor…or Mountain Bachelor as the boys call it for a day of skiing.  Hutson opted out and was in day care but Boden, mom and dad all skied together.  Was a great experience.  Boden jumped on the ski lift and up we went.

The first run Boden wiped out hard.  He was following mom and got a little aggressive on a turn, lost control and turned into a giant yard sale.   Both skis went flying.  Thank goodness for helmets.  Boden was in good spirits after the fall stating “wipe out”.   Later on the run, dad said “good turn Bode” and Boden replied…”Dad, don’t call me Bode, call me Boden”.

After a couple good runs, we jumped on the lift for the last run of the day.  Boden saw the half pipe.  He yelled, I want to do the “half tube”.  Ok, let’s go for it.  The only problem is the run down was quite steep.  We slowly snowplowed our way down and about half way down, we ran into a pretzel.  Boden wiped out at the steepest part of the slope, losing his skis.  We were able to grab the skis and get up to Boden but it was quite difficult to get the skis on him.  After sliding a bit, we hit a snag and all three of us were in a ski pretzel…all tangled and unable to move.  Finally, we sorted ourselves and made it down to the half pipe.  Boden skied it like a pro.  Back and forth he went getting a little higher up on the left side than the right.

That afternoon back at the hotel, we hit the pool and hot tub.  Boden was wearing a swim shirt that had a skull on it.  One kid looked at Boden and said, “I’m not afraid of skeletons”.  Boden looked at him for a few seconds, contemplating his response and then blurted out “You have a skeleton in your body”…while pointing at him.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the Browns for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Boden got very competitive and wanted to find all the eggs.  Running around trying to collect more than Dash and Hutson.  Afterwards, all the boys had their share of candy and a sugar rush.

So, now when Boden goes to sleep, he puts his Leap Frog game pad under his pillow.  Just like mom does her iPhone to track sleep.