Been a While

It’s been a while since our last post.  Needless to say, the boys have been very busy learning and developing.  Both are in great health and spirits.

Hutson is now 18 months and is a ball of fun.  He’s still a huge lover and never misses the opportunity to give a big hug or kiss.  Every morning when we drop Hutson off at school, we take off his shoes and he puts them in his cubbie.  He then goes around and gives all the teachers a big hug.  Other teachers go to see him when they are having a rough day and need a hug.  

Hutson is also bottle dependant.  He uses it as a passifier when the milk, juice or water is empty.  He is a good eater and will try almost anything.  He loves eating with utensils and drinking from a glass.  

Hutson is becoming more independant.  He likes to walk and go his own way.  Being carried is not an option most times.  He also stands up for himself with Boden, standing his ground and hitting back if necessary.

Hutson has four molars now and is his incisors are coming in.  

Boden has turned 3!!!  And for such a special occassion, we had 2 birthday parties.  One for his classmates at school and a second in Bend, OR with family.   His school party was held at our local park and was a hit.  Most of his classmates came and enjoyed playing on the play structures and when it came time to sing, everyone sang along while Bode looked on a bit sheepishly.  He then went on to blow out the three candles.   His next birthday party was in Bend and was a water theme.  There was a kiddie pool and a slip and  slide.  Bode loved the slip and slide and after his cousin Levi showed him how to use it, he wouldn’t stop.  

Boden made an observation about our friend Florence the other day.  He said, “Florence has a black face.  Florence has black toes.”

We had a great family vacation to Sunriver last week.  We spent the time swimming, bike riding, BBQing, golfing, playing outside and exploring caves. 

Not sure how this habit came about but Bode loves to pee outside.  He always wants to pee on the grass.  While at South Twin Lake, both mom and dad had their backs turned and then when we turned around, Bode was standing at the shore, peeing in the lake.  The families sitting next to us had a  good chuckle.  

While in central Oregon, we decided to explore a cave.  At first as we began our decent, Boden was a little frightened and didn’t want to go.  But after talking with mom and dad, seeing another little guy in the cave and wanting to hold the lantern, he agreed to go on the adventure.  He said he was scared but after a few minutes, he was leading the pack, exploring the deep, dark and cold cave.  

We also visited the county fair where Bode visited the cows, sheep, pigs and goats.  He got a kick out of seeing all the animals up close.  He really liked hanging out with cousin Perry and petting her heffer that she entered in the cow competition.  He almost had a run in with a pig who escaped her pen and was running amok in the barn.  What a scare.

After a quick lunch, Boden took to the rides and as it turns out, is quite an adventurer.  He would call out ‘faster mom, faster’ when riding the airplanes.  He rode the swings and had a huge smile on his face as he rode alone.  He even saw some big kids sitting a certain way so Boden sat the same way.