Baseball & Easter

The little munchkins have started little league baseball this spring and it’s the real deal. Boden is on A-ball and Hutson T-ball. Tim is the assistant coach for Hutson’s team, which made Boden jealous as he really wanted Tim to be his coach. They have official outfits, boden is pin grey with pin-stripes. Button up baseball shirt, long red socks, a lincoln cardinal ball cap, and even a belt. Hutson has a black t-shirt, gray pants, the long red socks and ball cap.

The boys  had their first game on 4/9. Boden made it to first base each time. He played short-stop and catcher, which made him very excited to wear the padding. For Hutson’s game, they hit off a T and Hutson did great. When the ball went into the play al the little boys would be like little gnats and  jump all at once on the ball.

We had to have a talking with Hutson prior about being a team player because his first practice with Tim he had an epic meltdown because he didn’t go first at bat. All a learning.

At their 2nd game, Boden played 3rd base and he got two people out! He and Aven are on the same team and they had some great team plays.

In between their games, they boys finally had their tongue-tied surgery. We didn’t tell them they were getting the procedure until the morning of. We took them off of school and headed to the doctor, Dr. Gharei, a persian, who is the only doctor in Oregon who performs this surgery thru laster so it’s non-invasive. The boys were given mild sedative which made them very loopy. Boden was just chilling with a big smile on his face and Hutson has hanging all over me. The procedure was less than 3 mins. The doctor put a local anesthetic on their tongue. A used a laser to severe the membrane. They were eating lollipops leaving the doctor office. We have to massage the wound with coconut oil  and have them do exercises. They will have therapy as well to learn to use their new tongue movement.

Today was Easter and Narda, Dave and Dash spent the night. We all watched Rogue 1, well most of us. We tried to get the boys to all sleep in Boden’s bunk beds. That did not last. Boden was the only one trying to go to sleep. Hutson and Dash were having a giggling fit and hanging off the bed.

In the morning, we had an easter egg hunt in the house. Boden was running around downstairs and Hutson and dash upstairs and they had a very even split of the loot. Of course they were devouring their candy and running around on sugar highs. Poor little Dash ran into the barn door and got a huge egg on his forehead. We got the swelling to go down with ice.

We all headed to the Oregon Humane Society to look at a couple dogs. We had a great experience but the dog we saw was a bit hesitant around the kids. We’ll keep looking!

Boden’s maturity keeps increasing. He loves playing baseball, loves basketball. He has patience with Hutson. Hutson is showing is frustration more and more, using screaming or yelling. We are trying to manage his emotions by not using emotions and it’s really difficult!



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