About a week ago Hutson was “spotted” by a woman at Ikea and was asked if he’s ever been in a photoshoot and whether he would be interested. We were very flattered and definitely were interested. It was for gdiapers, a environmentally friendly diaper company. We went on monday, despite the big storm, and everyone fell in love with him on the set. All the ladies cooed over him and of course he had huge smiles for everyone. They took so many adorable pictures of him in their product, but the cutest were these little “Aloha” green and white diapers that he just looked so dang cute in. All the ladies said he was one of the cutest babies around and even some said he was their favorite! Our little star.

Hutson is getting so confident in his movements. He’s powering up the stairs, crawling over every obstable that’s in his way and pulls himself up quickly. He’s even pushing a little table around the kitchen and walking behind it. He watches Boden constantly and wants to always be where he is. Hutson also is feeding himself really well larger. He’s on to blueberries, grapes, melon, peas and of course cheerios. 

Boden continues just to eat incrementally. He just got a high fever in the middle of last night with diarehha so we hope it breaks real soon so he feels better. He even asked for a nap today and last night. And his sleepsack. Yesterday he even said “home,” “home.” Boden is picking up so many new words and is repeating everything you say. He even is repeating farsi. 


One week in our new home!

So much has happened in the last week. We moved from Amsterdam to Portland last Friday, Nov 2nd. We stayed with Denise and Mark for a couple nights before we left and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Boden was kicking the exercise ball all over the house and running back and forth yelping when Denise would kick it back to him. They snuggled in bed in the morning watching Jim Jam with Mark before the day would get started. They had so much room to roam. Boden would wake up in the morning and shout “Nise” for denise, which was super cute.

Little Hutson got is first tooth on Oct 31st, which explained his crankiness a bit. It broke through and then low and behold we saw a second one emerge on Nov 3, the day after we arrived. At Denise and Mark’s house Hutson also was crawling a ton but then cofindently pulled himself on couches and tables but also could let go. He gets frustrated though when he can’t manage to get down or feels stuck.

Hutson is also getting more interested in Boden’s toys, especailly his trains. Which has Boden quickly snatching them out of Hutson’s hands and shouting mine, which puts Huston quickly into tears. He gets so frustrated when Boden takes things away from him. We are tring to teach Boden to “respect” his little brother…he is too young to understand the concept of sharing though.

But for all the “taking” Boden gives Hutson a lot of love. He will come up and give him a good pat on the head, a tickle in his belly or give him a “roll-over”. That’s when they are both on the floor or in the bed and Boden steam rolls over Hutson in an affectionate way. Hutson gets a bit overwhelmed but manages to hang in there.

It was sad to say bye to Maria on Thursday…she was a bit teary eyed as so were we. Hope Boden will have some memories of her.

Back to the flight…Hutson missed his morning nap because we were getting thru check-in and passport control so it was a bit chaotic. We made it to the gate 10 minutes before depature and they almost didn’t let us on because of Cici’s cage. Thank god the Delta crew on board took pity on us and they put Cici in the closet for take-off and then brought her to our seats to be with us for the rest of the flight. We brought her out at one point, which thrilled Boden who nuzzled her and gave her hugs and kisses. I think that made her feel better.

Hutson and Boden were total troopers on the flight. Hutson was not cranky at all…he had smiles for everyone, especially this woman who sat behind him and absolutely adored him. He played with her for quite a bit. He got to crawl up and down the aisles which made him happy. He also a Nicole, a one year-old, whom he was very interested in, especially her jacket buttons! Boden was a bit shy with her.

Boden was really itiching to run up and down the aisles but he eased his way into it. First he would only go one or two rows then inch further away everytime he came back to us. By the time he was comfortable, he was up and down the plane and even bopped a few dangling, sleeping heads in the isles.

When we landed, they were overly exhausted but quickly warmed up to seeing Nana and Bapa. We spent the night at their house and they both crashed but then both “woke up” at 11pm and were up for the rest of the night “playing.” Each night they are inching their way to a more normal wake up time but the 12am, 2am and now 4am are all brutal. Hutson easily is going down for naps but Boden is not as easyily persuaded unless mom or dad lies down with him. If he misses a nap, he’s spent by bed time. We’ve managed to get bed time to at least 6pm.

Hutson really seems to be developing this last couple of weeks. He’s talking a ton! Especially when we are driving around. Chatter includes “mama, dada, nana”. Other little milestones include doing the queen wave – one hand or two hands and pounding is chest. He also is feeding himself. On Oct 31st, I let him have some cheerios and he gobbled them up. So when we arrived in Portland, we’ve put cheerios and peas on his feeding table and he loves feeding himself. He’s eating like a champ and both Tim and I think he’s grown considerably in this week! He had nearly 8 bottles on the flight!

What Hutson also enjoys immensely is bath time. This bathtub in our new house is a lot lower and as he’s standing on the edge ready to get in while mom or dad undress him, he almost is diving into the bath! Once he’s is he has his big grin and kicks and kicks and kicks.

The other big milestone is by Wednesday, Nov 7th he climed up the top of the stairs all by himself! I couldn’t believe how agile and strong he is. He’s really trying to keep up with big Brother and follows him every where.

He even follows Cici and got a little too close and she reminded him with a little swipe across the face.

Boden is teasing him a ton…but I already mentioned that.

They’ve really adapted to quickly to their grandparents. Boden in the morning goes around the house saying “BApa, BApa” and he got a bit upset when he had to say by to Nana the other day. They love going over to their house! A beautiful bond is forming!

Hopefully the little pumpkins will sleep fast 4am tomorrow.

Good night. We’re so happy to be here.