We had a great day sledding on Mt. Hood on Saturday.  We woke up early, had breakfast, packed our warm clothes and headed up to the mountain for a day in the snow.  We spent 2+ hours sledding and had a great time.  We started out hiking up a small hill and jumping in an inter tube riding down a small hill.  Then Boden and Hutson decided to ride on their own.  Boden loved it but Hutson wanted to ride together.  Mom and dad had a real workout as the boys would jump in the tube and expect mom and dad to tow them up the hill.   One of the rides, Boden hit a bump and went yard sale all the way down the hill.  As we were walking back up, he said, ‘look out for the bumps’ to the sledders coming down.  The boys…and mom and dad were exhausted at the end of the day.

Boden is still being very picky with his diet.  Still the ‘tan diet’.  The other day after dinner, he wanted a banana.  Mom said no…and he began to throw a tantrum.  After a few sorry, you still can have your dinner but no banana…he cried “All I want is a banana!!!”.

We rearranged the house furniture while the boys were out.  When they came back, both were a little surprised and disoriented.  Boden says to mom while waiving his arms wildly…”mom, what’s going on with the house?”

Some other funny stuff Boden has said……Boden said to mom, who was wearing a pair of torn jeans “Mom, your jeans are broken”.  Later he said to Hutson, “Hutson, you need to go to bed.  You are in trouble”.  Is this my brain…pointing to his balls.

Mom asked Boden to stay in his bed at night because when he comes into our bed, he kicks us.  This morning, Boden came in this morning at 6.30 and said to a still sleeping mom…”sorry I kick you mommy”

Mom told Boden to go ask dad if he signed up the boys for swimming lessons.  When he came back upstairs, Mom asked…what did he say.  Boden said “He said shit”.

When you give Hutson a compliment, he always says thanks.  Or if you ask him to do something, he’ll say, “no thanks”.  He sneezed the other day and mom and dad said bless you at the same time.  He responded by saying “Thanks guys”.  Out of the blue, Hutson said to mom, “I miss you mommy”.


Boden now wants to use maxi pads.  He saw them in the bathroom and now tries to stick them on everything.  Dad went to observe Boden at school last week.  Boden was hard at work on his counting, writing and math skills.  I also met his buddy Layton…his new best friend.  Boden also chatted with is other friends and looked very happy at work.

Hutson had a rough morning on Monday as he was very tired.  When dad was putting him to bed, he said that he was ‘ upset and cried in Grace’s jeep.  And he didn’t have any crackers and was crying.  He likes to talk about his day…both good and bad things.

On Sunday, we went to Julian’s birthday party at pump it up.  There we met many of Boden’s school mates and other parents.  Pump it up was so much fun for the boys and they really enjoyed jumping on the bouncy castles and riding down the slides.  Afterwards, we had cake.

The boys had a special moment this morning when getting ready to run an errand.  Both were playing and tickling each other when they both squared up and planted a huge kiss on the lips.  It was so cute.

Mommy…Do you have a penis

We were in the bathroom just after bath time and Boden asks mom, “do you have a penis?”  Mom replies, “Only boys and daddy’s have a penis”.  Hutson then asks “why don’t you have a penis mama?”  Mom says, “because mommies and girls have a vagina”. Hutson states “a bagina?!!?”

Hutson and Bode have been enjoying their trips out to the stables to visit Rock Star.  They love to bring him apples and carrots to snack on.  They are even warming up to the stables dog, a old chocolate lab who is very gentle with the boys.

Hutson has a habit of doing a little dance when he is happy.  He will get a snack and then in a moment of pure joy, will say “HA HA” and then do a little jig where he runs in place with his knees high and says “whoooo” and takes off.  Like the cartoon character road runner.

The boys are also play fighting/wrestling a lot.  We tell the boys if they want to play rough, they have to ask.  So Hutson will ask Bode if he wants to fight,  Bode usually says yes and then they take off all their clothes and begin to wrestle.  Boden wins the play fights every time but when Hutson gets angry, he will bite.  Bode knows this and recognizes the look on Hutson’s face when he’s about to chomp, and then takes off crying that Hutson is going to bite him.  I can’t blame him as Hutson’s bit is painful.  They also like to play ninja. They have sticks that they use as swords and put them down their pants as a holster.  Pretty funny as the swords are as long as their legs.  But they fight the bad guys and show off their moves.  Boden’s are quite elaborate and Hutson’s will kick his right leg up and kick and then swing the sword all while spinning around in circles.

Boden has memorized many of his books.  If mom or dad tries to improvise on a page, he’s quick to correct us stating…that’s not what it says…it says this.

Every morning around 6.30, the boys come into our bed and snuggle for a few minutes before starting the day.  It’s great to snuggle with them every morning.  Hutson is usually first and will bring his cars or airplanes into bed along with snuggly.  Bode will just bring Oscar.  After 10 minutes or so, Bode will say, I’m hungry, lets go down stairs and eat cereal.  Boden likes to eat the same thing every day.  A mix of Joe’s O’s and Post flakes with a banana on the side.  He basically wanted to mix what mom and dad ate for breakfast one morning and it’s been the same ever since.  Hutson will eat just about anything.  He likes cereal, oatmeal, eggs and bacon or pancakes.

Both boys are doing great in swim lessons.  Hutson is ready to move up to the next level and swim without a parent while Boden is getting used to putting his face in the water for 5 seconds or more.  They both love to swim.  Boden smiles and laughs during the whole class.

Before going to bed, both boys share the routine of going pee pee, washing hands, brushing teeth and Bode wants to wash his face.  We then read three books and have a last sip of milk then go to bed.  Hutson sometimes plays jack in the box and gets out of bed a few times.  But overall, they are pretty easy getting down.  Especially if they have a shot or no nap in the afternoon.  Boden still sleeps in “Uncle Dave’s Bed” and has not had an accident since July.  He is very confident with his potty skills.  Lately, after going poop, he will leave a strip of toilet paper in his bottom and walk out of the bathroom and state “I have a tail”  It usually has a skid mark still on it so not real nice but if funny.  Hutson will then cry out…I want a tail too!  Then runs off to the bathroom to take off his pants and try to get a tail going.

Both boys enjoy working out.  We often do pull ups together.  The other evening, Hutson was laying on the ground and mom asked “Hutson, what are you doing?”  He replied exercising.  He was laying on his tummy and trying to do push ups.  When you call him anything…Sweetie or pumpkin for example, he always replies “I’m Hutson”.  Then he will call you ‘Hey buddy”.

Boden has been having a lot of dance parties lately.  He will take off all his clothes and dance in front of the full length mirror.  And he takes his dancing seriously.  It appears as if he’s choreographed his moves and dance steps.  Hutson tries to keep up but Bode is the has a serious case of dance fever.

The latest toys the boys have been playing with…Hutson has “Dusty” the airplane.  He played with it for at least seven hours on Sunday and had it with him all day today.  Bode has been having fun with ‘Hungry Hippos” and has built some race tracks.


Halloween night was full of fun and excitement.  Boden dressed up as Wolverine and Hutson was Spiderman.  Or as Hutson says “I Spiderman”.  The boys went out in a pack with the rest of the kids…Samira, Kellen, Kyler, Kullen, Aven and others I have never met.  But they were in a pack of about 15 kids.  We practiced saying trick or treat and saying thank you after receiving the candy so they were all ready to go.  Mom walked with them house to house and had a great time.  Hutson was the youngest so was always last to get the candy and running after the pack to catch up.  He had a great time tagging along.  Afterwards, we went to Samira’s house for an after party.  We came home around 9.30 which is pretty late for the boys.

Boden and Hutson both love going out to visit with Rock Star…Grace’s horse.  When they arrive, Hutson walks down the hall saying hello to each of the horses as he passes the different stalls.  They give Rock Star brushings and treats.  Hutson has made a friend next door to RS…a little pony that is Hutson’s size.  He can look eye to eye with the pony and he says this is a baby horse.

Every morning, Hutson has been climbing into bed with mom and dad around 6am.  He always brings a toy, usually a car or two.

Every once in  a while when eating or giving Hutson his vitamin drops, he’ll make a gagging sound.  At first it was a little alarming, but now it’s just funny.  I think he is pretending to burp but is just sounds hilarious.

Hutson has a new friend that he meets up with on playdates.  They met at soccer and they meet up every now and again with Grace and his nanny.  They are about the same age and love playing together.

Boden is finding new and creative ways to play here at home.  His imagination is growing by leaps and bounds.  He’s been cooking with mom, dad and Grace.   Swimming is going great.  Boden is putting his entire face in the water for a few seconds.   At school, all he talks about is Layton, his best buddy.  When we ask if he plays with anyone else, he responds ‘no, just Layton”.

The other day, Grace was helping Boden out of her car, Boden said “I love you Grace”.  Totally made her week.