Boden and Hutson are starting to wrestle a bit more.  And Hutson is more than often the instigator.  Boden has gotten the upper had as he’ll give Hutson a zerbert on his tummy.

Boden loves his swim lessons.  They start by kicking on the side of the pool, then do the crocodile swim, find the ring, motor boat, jump in from the side and kick on your front and back.  Bode does it all.  Nana’s been there to watch the last few lessons and Bode loves to show off for her.

Boden’s vocab is always growing.  Loves to say ‘gross’ or ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’.

Hutson was taking a bath the other night and said he had to go poop.  So as I was pulling him up he went poo in the bath and then finished in the toilet.  The next day, he said he had to go poop as he went in his diaper.   He loves to sing.  His ABC’s and Twinkle Twinkle little star is getting better.  He’ll belt out the songs at any time.  Sometimes he wants to sing alone and says ‘no’ when someone starts to sing along with him.  On Thursday, he came home from school with another bite mark…this time on his rt forearm.  Poor little guy.  He’s turning into a little helper…he will bring mama stuff when asked.




Boden’s been busy over the past week.  We visited the pumpkin patch.  While there we took a hay ride, watched the pumpkin chunker and canon, went to the petting zoo, and rode some long slides.  It was awesome.  The only thing we didn’t do is take home some pumpkins.  He’s been doing great in swim lessons.  Once he’s in the water, he puts his face in, splashes and pretends to do the strokes.

We had our first parent teacher conference with Boden’s teacher.  She said he is an observant child.  He often watches before getting involved.  He likes to play with kids his own age and sometimes feels overwhelmed in larger groups.  Likes music and playing the harmonica and other instruments.  He likes to master his tasks before moving on.

Boden’s been a bit more lovey lately.  He’s holding hands, kissing and says ‘I love you’.

Hutson’s been singing a lot lately.  Anything and everything.  He’s dancing as well…doing his ‘gallop’.  At night, Hutson will point to the moon and say night-night.  He goes to bed very easily.

What are you doing?

Hutson’s new thing is to ask everyone…’What are you doing?’  And loves to ask it over and over.   When you ask Hutson the same question, he looks at you like he’s really thinking about what he is doing and what he wants to say.  He also is able to say Sandy and still loves to give good bye kisses.  He has a new dance, which is more like a gallop.  He leads with his right leg and leaves his left leg still and behind and hops around in a circle, laughing and giggling.  He then looks to Boden to see what he should do next.   He also likes singing…mostly ABC’s.  He really tries to sing along and can carry his own tune.  He is still a good sleeper, going to bed around 7.30 and waking up around 6.30.  He also takes a 2-3 hr nap every day.  

Boden discovered the jacuzzi tub in mom and dad’s room.  It’s deeper than the normal tub and has lots of bubbles.  He calls it the waterfall tub because of the faucet.  Bode still likes to sleep in mom and dad’s bed.  He normally sneaks into our bed after we put him down.  We’ll then take him back after we go to bed and then around 1, he will sneak into our bed again, without waking us.  

Boden and Hutson have a new train set given to them from a friend.  It’s a table with lots of tracks, buildings and trains.  Both have spent the last 12 hours playing with the trains.  

Boden and Hutson growing so fast

Hutson is beginning to say a string of words together. In the car he said, dada “what are you doing?” More because he hears Boden say it all the time but still impressive. He also blurted out Thank you and please.  When we read a book, he’s so smart and knows a lot of the things in the pictures when you ask him. He also blurts on Night night every time he sees a picture of the moon (referencing his Goodnight moon book). He spontaneously will point to trucks, trees and when he sees an airplane in the sky he say “airplane”. He’s adjusted to school really well. Taking naps, eatting well and making a lot of friends. He was for awhile sleeping through the night without the bottle but this last week he’s waking up again at 5:30am.

It’s hard to believe he’s now at 20 months. He can no longer fit into his 12-18month old clothes. He doesn’t sit at the table for very long to eat anymore…getting down from his chair and starts wandering around. His appetite fluctuates. Sometimes it’s hardy other times he can take it or leave it. He still mimicks everything boden does. Loves dancing though it’s more skipping around the house since he hasn’t mastered jumping yet. He can ride his plasma car really well…cruising around the house always with a bottle in mouth. He actually has been giving me the bath sign the last few nights and has pulled up his bed time by nearly and hour.

Boden stil is a poor eater at home but the teachers say he eats well at school. Drop off is getting easier. He still is a bit shy at drop off but doesn’t cry like the first few weeks. He’s getting use to the kids and some of the things he comes home saying we know we didn’t teach him…like that’s Gross! He’s able to better articulate what he wants and how he’s feeling. Like telling dad “that’s not funny!” when Tim was tickling him. So Tim apologized. The teacher’s told me the other day that they asked what the kids wanted to do for the day and Boden sheeplishly raised his hand and in his quiet voice said “dance party.” So they had a dance party.

We have dance parties quite frequently these days…downstairs, on the bed, naked, up stairs…all over the house and it’s always to “sexy and you know it.” 

Friday night probably was one of my most fond memories…Hutson was showered and naked and boden just recieved his new big boy blankets and sheets. For about 90 mins the two of them rolled around in the blankets and we tossed and turned them like they were in a washing machine. We all giggled so hard. It was so magical. 

Boden too is growing fast and we are needing to move him out of 2-3 year old clothes.