Boden and I were at a restaurant today


Boden and I were at a restaurant today when he said I have to go pee.  So we went to the bathroom and he did his business.  Then he turns to me and said ok daddy, it’s your turn.  Before I started to go, Bode said ‘you can do it daddy’… and then after he said ‘good job daddy’ and slapped me on the bum.  We then walked out and he said hi to all the girls we passed.  They all thought he was the cutest.

Bode also has been sharing a lot with Hutson.  He gives him part of his snacks and shares toys.  Not always but he is much more patient and likes to work together.  Yesterday, we were planting flowers in the front yard and Bode said ‘We are working together daddy’.  I like working together.   Then, I was climbing a ladder and Bode said ‘be careful daddy’.  So I was.  

Bode is speaking spanish quite a bit.  He said he has to go to the banjo.  Bathroom.  He also says stuff I have no idea what he means but go along with it.  

In the bath, Bode looks at Elizabeth and says that ‘Hutson has a small penis.’  And that ‘Bode has a big penis’.  

Boden’s continues to improve his language and speak in sentences.  I think both montessori and care with Elizabeth is a big catalyst.  

Hutson is walking up and down steep hills.  He loves to run into the street which is a nono. He watches mom and dad to see where we are and then makes a run for the street…giggling until he’s caught.  

Hutson now has two more molars.  He got his first lower right on May 2nd.  He picked up his second upper right molar on May tuesday May 14 and the third lower left on Thursday May 16th.  He was very drooly but not too fussy.  One night he had trouble sleeping but other thantha 

Last night, Hutson was jumping off the bottom step.  Each time you could see his confidence grow.  He laughed and clapped each time and he got more excited after each turn.  Bode wasn’t going to miss out and clapped for Hutson as well.  Bode then started doing summersaults at the same time.  

You can see that Hutson immitates Boden in almost every way.  Yesterday, Hutson saw  Bode jumping up and down so Hutson tried.  Then he was spinning around so Hutson tried as well.  You can see Hut watching and learning from Bode.  Even the things we don’t want him to mimmick…he absorbs what he sees. 

We’ve had a great spring so far and the boys love playing outside and in the water.  Both love the parks and having picnics.  They’ve been able to spend a lot of time in nature, getting dirty, playing in the gardens, riding bikes and walking in the neighborhood.  Henry, Sam and Dakota are the new friends and neighbors.  Michelle, Mia, Jenn and Rachel are the neighborhood moms keeping an eye out on the boys while they play.  

Uh ohhh

Hutson’s favorite word now is uh-oooohhhh.  He’ll drop it anytime and for any reason.  Drops his spoon on the floor…uh-ohhh.  Spashes in the bath…uh-ohhh.  And the reasons go on.  He is also is saying bottle, kitty cat, fire truck and signs ‘more’.  

Hutson’s had a bad diaper rash.  It started when he played at school in water and I belive walking around with wet pants chaffed his behind.  It got worse even though we let him go naked and put tons of cream to soothe his bum.  It’s better now but gave him problems for a week.

Bode has started dancing at every opportunity.  He likes to shake his little money maker to any music that plays.  He also sings along to his favorite songs.  He knows the words and can keep the rythm.  

Bode still likes to sleep in mom and dad’s bed.  He will bring all his friends down to our bedroom along with his pillow.  It’s going to be a hard habit to break. 

The other morning, while mom was traveling, Bode woke dad up in a very funny way.  He found a bag of his favorite crackers on the counter after he woke up and came down stairs.  He then wandered into our room and crunched his way through the bag.  He was chewing so loud that it woke me up.  

Boden has been enjoying the sunshine. He always


Boden has been enjoying the sunshine.  He always asks to go to the park.  He loves swinging, the slide and jungle gym.  He climbs and plays in the sandbox.  Usually coming home with pockets full of sand and a dirty face.  He also loves to water the plants.  He prefers to use the hose but will settle for the watering can.

Bode got a new rocket.  He learned how to ‘blast off’ quickly and sends the rocket to the moon.  He is good at taking turns with the neighbor kid Dakota and Henry and other kids he meets on walks.  

Bode and Hutson were playing this evening, when he decided to tackle Hutson…Hut flew into the cabinet head first.  I thought there was going to be some serious damage but luckily, he got away with just a bruise.  

Bode is going to the bathroom by himself more often.  He will say, I have to go to the bathroom and then run off to go and not want any help.  He will usually re-emerge without pants or undies and will fib about washing his hands.  

Basketball is a new skill Bode is mastering.  He will play int he basement shooting and dunking with ease.  He will also shout good job daddy when I make a basket.

He also stands up for himself more often when playing with others.  He will put up a fight when there is a struggle for a toy or if someone wants to cut in line.  He’ll yell my turn or that’s my turn to play.  But with Hutson, he will just grab and run.  Hutson puts up more of a struggle as well with Bode.  

Hutson’s had a terrible diaper rash over the last few days.  It’s a combination of warm weather, wet diapers, playing in the water and rolls in his bum.  We are trying to keep him out of diapers to air out.  

Mom has brought a few new shoes for Hutson.  He has tiger shoes and new black shoes.   The girls at school think Hutson is the most stylish dresser.  Which he is.

Hutson loves playing in water and any water will do.  Whether it’s cici’s water bowl or the hose outside, Hutson really goes for it.