Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Boden lost his first tooth on Sunday, September 18th.  The tooth had been wiggly for the last two weeks but finally popped out after dinner while eating a cracker.  Unfortunately, Boden swallowed the tooth.  “How will the tooth fairy know to give me a coin?”  The tooth fairy figured it out and left a short note and a quarter for the tooth.  She even left Hutson a penny for sleeping in his bed all night.

For the last 4 months, we’ve been going thru a remodel in our home.  As a deal on the finish of the work, the boys promised to sleep in their own beds rather than sleeping with mom and dad.  They have been brave and have slept the night in their own beds for the last week.

The other day, Boden asked dad…”when will you be a grandpa?”  I responded “I’ll be a grandpa when you or Hutson become a daddy.”  Boden looked at me confused…trying to tie the two together.  We talked that his grandpa is my dad.  Hutson looked on and then asked a follow up question…”who will be the grandma?”

Boden has been asking “what did you to at work today?”  This comes from us asking how his day was and what he did at school.

Last night while putting Hutson to bed, Hutson told me that he’s “the snuggle champion”.  I would have to agree.

We received a note from Boden’s teacher today stating Boden completed the biggest task at school.  Reading and following directions on how to make a loaf of bread.  She sent a photo of Boden standing behind four loaves of bread in a baker’s hat and apron.  He looked quite proud of himself.

Boden has been working on legos the last couple weeks.  He’s able to follow directions and put different vehicles or figures together.  They look complex but he has the focus and patience to put them all together.