Growing Fast

Hutson is communicating and expressing himself more and more.  He often shakes his head no when he does not want something.  He was asked if he wanted to go to bed and he shook his head no!.  He is also saying hi and bye more regularly.  When we left school this afternoon, he waved bye to his mates and teachers.  He will also point to the light switch when you say lights and then want to flip the switch.  He also likes to open and close doors and when asked to close the door, he will close it.  Hutson also loves to play with the iphone or ipad and his nimble fingers are just perfect for scrolling.  

At school, he loves to get his coat and shoes off and head straight for the stairs.  He pulls himself up and walks up and down the stairs using the handrail for assistance.  The stairs are made for little guys and are three up and three down the other side.  

Boden had some tummy trouble when he spent the night at nana and Bappa’s house on Sat night.  It started with gas around bed time and then tummy ache.  Around 1am, he took a big poo in the potty and then again a few minutes later in his diaper.  We think that it was due to an energy bar that he ate earlier in the day but who knows for sure.  The same night, he finally made a connection with Tucker the cat.  Tucker always scrammed when the boys came over but that night after the tummy problem, Tucker came into bed with Bode and they snuggled and slept together.  

Last night, Bode asked me ‘what are you doing daddy?’  I was reading an article on the ipad and he kept asking…what are you doing daddy?…He was very persistant, leaning over my shoulder trying to find out what exactly I was doing and how he could get himself involved.

The last few days picking up Boden at MOA, he’s been playing in the dirt box.  He’s digging and building mud castles.  I think a sandbox is in Bode’s future.  He loves to build, work and create.  Now if we could just get him to clean up!!!

Bode’s been wanting/insisting on sleeping in the ‘big bed’ or ‘daddy’s bed’ for the last few weeks.  It’s been difficult to get him to his bed and once there, he’ll protest and then after he falls asleep, he’ll come back down stairs and flash his million dollar smile and say ‘I’m awake’…It’s hard to take him back upstairs so usually, we’ll just let him climb in between us and snuggle.



Lost Binki

Hutson lost his binki yesterday and will go cold turkey.  Poor little guy loves his binki and was up 30 minutes tonight trying to settle himself for bed.  Last night, he woke up 3x.  Hutson is giving solid high fives and high tens.  he loves to wave good bye and now can say bye and hi at the right times.  He loves to climb the stairs and is confident to go up and down.  He is starting to read books by himself now.  He seems very interested in the pictures and turning the pages.

Boden loves to come down at night and sleep with mom and dad.  He usually comes down around 3am and climbs in.  Last night, he came down very early.  Mom went to bed around 9 and when dad came into bed at 10, Bode was sitting next to mom patting daddy’s pillow saying sleep daddy, sleep.  When dad finally laid down to rest, Bode rubbed dad’s face and said rough.  He then rubbed dad’s head and said ‘all gone’.   Boden now requires a kiss every time he gets a bump.  He’ll go hysterical and then after he gets his kiss, he’ll say all better and then go about his business as nothing ever happened.  He also will give Hutson a wallop and then kiss him while Hutson is crying and say all better Hutson…All better.  Boden likes to play ball in the front yard.  When someone walks by, he always says “hi” as loud as he can.  Always gets a smile from the neighbors.  Bode has his first dentist apt on Friday.  Should be interesting.


Boden has gotten into the routine of hurting himself and then running to mom or dad and asking for a kiss.  After we kiss his booboo, he immediately stops crying and says ‘All Better’ and then goes back to whatever he was doing.  He has even kissed Hutson after he hurts himself and gives him a big kiss and walks away and says all better even though Hutson is still crying.

Boden’s gotten the hang of pooping in the toilet.  He’s been pretty consistent over the last week and has let us know when he has to go.  He goes pee by himself regularly but does ask for help with his pants sometimes.  He also has a normal routine when we go to the coffee shop.  We’ll order our drink, have a few sips and then Bode will want to go to the bathroom.  He always picks the door on the left. (they are unisex bathrooms).  He also gets potty treats…one for going number one and two for going number two.  M&Ms usually.  He likes the blue or green ones the best.

Last night, Bode woke up and wanted to sleep with mom and dad.  He came down and got in the middle of us.  Somehow, he crawled over mom and then fell off the bed.  Of course, he asked for a kiss on his head.  He had a turbulent night, kicking and head butting dad 4 or 5 times.

The night before, he wanted to sleep with mom and dad.  Dad said he wanted Bode to walk down the stairs as dad was too tired.  Bode responded ‘I want a hug’…dad couldn’t let that go so Bode was carried down the stairs.

Hutson is on his first round of antibiotics.  He’s had a runny nose, cough and feeling lousy. We took him to the MD on Tuesday but she said there was no real infection but gave a prescription anyway just in case his symptoms got worse.  Well, they did.  He doesn’t like the liquid so we have to hide it in his milk.

Hutson is standing up for  himself more with Boden.  Bode will try to take toys away and Hutson will fight and go after the toy trying to take it back.  Bode always wins but it’s nice to see Hutson go after it.

Hutson almost took a step today.  He was standing at the stove and mom was trying to entice Hut to take a few steps.  He stood for a minute and then took 1/2 a step before falling to the ground.

Hutson is getting pretty good at high 5s and waving good bye.  He just got two more top teeth today.  He has a total of 8 now.  Four on top and four on the bottom.  He can go up and down the stairs with little difficulty.  Although I worry about him going down.  He enjoys playing with iphones and will mimmic using the phone or the thermometer.  He’s a clever little guy.