Boden at the Park

Boden had a great time at the park today.  He started off as usual on the swings.  He loves the swings and would stay on a swing for hours if given the chance.   This time, we spent only 20 minutes on the swing before dad’s arm needed a rest.  Then he went to the play structure.  While there, he started chatting with one of the other kids.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was the first time I’ve seen him talk with another kid at the park.  Next, he saw a dog which was standing up next to the park bench.  He walked over to the dog and shouted “Sit Down…Sit Down” while pointing his finger down.  

Tonight at dinner, he takes a bite of food and says ‘Yuck”.   “Gross”.  He is getting very picky with eating.  Certain shapes of pasta, yogurt, cheese, cereal, pb&j and fruit.  


Hutson’s wonderful day

This morning Hutson woke up early…probably due to his molar coming in. All day he was a bit cranky, especially after his nap but we gave him some suppository and it seemed to make him feel better. He also is fighting a bit of a cold…you can tell it in his eyes.

We went to OMSI this morning and we had the place to ourselves. Hutson ran right for the water section and played, played and played with the balls and the water spouts. He got himself soaked but was giggling the entire time. 

Hutson is using more and more words. Today he said banana. I thought he said apple too. But he says “mine, dada, mama, bye, ball, hi, and he really tries to get out firetruck when he sees it in his book. Tonight I said let’s go eat and he does made the “eat” sign in sign-language. He has also been using the milk sign frequently. When we read a book, I ask Hutson to point to the ball and he points to it or strawberries and he points to it. When I ask him it’s time to go upstairs, he walks towards the stairs and starts climbing up. Such a bright kid. 

I was reading him green hat, blue hat tonight and everytime I got to the Turkey and said Ooops! Hutson just screamed with laughter. 

Bath time was a bit of challenge…Boden took a bath with Hutson and seemed to grab everything out of Hutson’s hand creating a big cry-off between the two. After dinner though, they were playing so well together. Hutson would run around the room and Boden would tackle him and Huttie would just start giggling…especially when Boden was rolling on top of him.

Little Talker

Hutson has started talking and pointing at certain objects.  Kitty kat, cracker, apple, car, ball, mama, dada, nana, bapa.  He is also using his sign language saying milk and all done.  His teachers at school say he is pointing at objects and talking like he knows they have names.  He is walking almost exclusively.

Boden vocabulary is growing and he is stringing together.  He likes to read and play games.  Now that the weather is improving, we are going outside on walks.  He likes to investigate bugs and plants.  He enjoys digging in the dirt and getting dirty.  Tonight at sunset, there was a rainbow and Bode shouted out…look, a rainbow.  He then named the colors.     

April 13


Boden has been waking up in the middle of the night to come to mom and dad’s bed.  Last week, Hutson was not feeling well so all four of us came to our bed with Boden and Hutson sleeping in the middle.  In the middle of the night, Hutson was coughing  and Boden reached out and put his hand on Hutson’s back and then rubbed his head.  Very sweet.  Boden is also acknowledging Hutson’s walking.  He will walk with him and say ‘Hutson’s walking!!!”  He will occassionally push Hutson in the back sending him falling to the ground.

Boden is jumping off the stairs.  He usually is one or two stairs up but today, he went three up and landed on his feet then did a roll. Then he looked at me with a big smile and said I did it daddy.

One thing you never expect to say to anyone is “son, please don’t cut your penis with the sissors.”  That’s what I said to Boden this week.  He was sitting on a chair doing crafts…with no pants on…and then he said ‘ouch daddy’.  I guess sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Hutson’s walking skills are improving by the minute.  He can stand up by himself without assistance.   He prefers walking over crawling now.  He’s quick so we always have to be on our toes.  When we went to nanna and bapa’s, he stood up and looked at the grandparents, then took off to nanna.

He is doing better at feeding himself and drinking aboiut a cup.  He still drinks out of his bottle but we are working to get him to sippy cups or normal cups.  He’s tried and likes chicken, hamburger, tofu, tuna and most veggies.  He doesn’t like green beans.

He is comfortable going  up and down stairs but I’m still a bit nervous.

First Steps

Hutson took his first steps on Wednesday March 27th.  Four steps to mama with a big smile on his face.  He crashed into her arms giggling.  So were mom and dad.  Mom had been on a trip for a week and I was sure that the first steps would be taken before mom came back…but no, Hutson waited for mom to return to take his first steps. Happened in the living room of our house on 49th.

Hutson was looking like a hippy so we finally gave him a haircut.  What a change to see his face.  He looks like a little man with his short wavy locks.  Elizabeth gave him the cut and it was pretty funny to watch…every cut of the scissors, Hutson would look at what just happened.

Hutson has been sleeping later lately.  On Saturday, he slept till 7:45.  Usually, he wakes up around 6-6:30 so the extra time is nice.  

Hutson is able to recognize dada and mama, pointing to us when we say our names.  He also likes to say bye bye and hi and wave his hand. He also points to other objects like the door or light switch.  

Boden has come into a habit of giving Hutson all the food he does not like.  He gave him some beans and carrots.  “Here Hutson, Have a bite”.  I don’t buy it but it’s funny.  We’ve also been trying to get Boden to help with dressing Hutson.  Trying with shoes and socks but Boden loses interest quickly.  

The family took a trip to Bend for a long weekend.  We stayed at a resort close to the mountains.  We had a great time.  When we were pulling up to the Brown’s house, Boden said we are going to visit uncle Dave, aunt Narda and cousin Dash.  Very cute.  When there, Bode loved the remote control cars at there house.  Unfortunately, uncle Dave was a bit sick.  Huston and Boden had runny noses and started coughing.  Hutson had a terrible cough on Friday keeping everyone awake all night.  Luckily, we had great weather and were able to go swimming…in March.  The pools were heated but it was 70 on Saturday.  The boys, especially Hutson loved the water.  Bode was into the hot tub.  Boden continue to say hi to everyone he meets.  We will go for a walk and he will say hi to almost everyone we pass.  We also went for our first family hike to see Benem Falls just outside of Bend.

Today, we went to the zoo to see the new flamingos.  Not as exciting as advertised but fun.  We saw lots of animals and Bode is starting to call them out by name.  He said Zebra when he saw one as well as hippo.