We are finally having spring like weather and the boys are loving it.  They have been playing outside a bit later with Zoey since the sun sets a bit later.  Both continue to play baseball and the improvements they have made over the last two months is amazing.  Both are swinging the bat, fielding and throwing the ball so much better.

Zoey  is playing a huge part in the boys lives.  They are feeding her in the morning and evening and giving her water.  We took Zoey out to the park today and the boys had a great time using the ‘chuck-it’.  Running Zoey till she was completely spent.

The other day, Zoey was running around the back yard and Boden seemed to be very worried about her.  Then, she took off and ran away into the forest behind the home.  Boden was in tears, thinking that she ran away and we lost her.  He thought it would be a good idea to get some treats to lure her back.  Once she returned, he wanted to take her into the home right away so she couldn’t get away again.

Last night, I asked Boden what he did at school and Boden said “I forgot”.  Hutson chimed in…”Boden is the forgetter”.

Boden is 47 inches and Hutson is 46 inches.  To ride the water slide at Villa Sport, you must be 48 inches tall.  But the boys try all the time.  Sometimes they get to go, other times they are turned away.  They love the slide and try to sell it like they’ve been on it a million times.




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