We spent last weekend on the Dutch Island of Terschelling…part of the northern Dutch Wadden Islands.  To get there, we had to drive to the docks and took the ferry over.  We had a great time.  The weather was rainy the first two days so we spent quite a bit of time in the pool.  Boden loves the water and loves swimming.  He’s independant and wants to  swim by himself.  He loved to watch other kids jump into the pool and musterd the courage to do it himself.  At first, he needed to hold both hands and would bend and squat as close to the water and then more or less fall into the pool.  After 30 minutes and watching bigger kids jump in and make huge splashes, Boden got more adventurous and jumped in with only holding on to one hand.  Hutson made his swimming debut and loved it.  He laughed and smiled while splashing around.  He didn’t like floating on his back!   Finally, he went under water and popping up, the look on his face said it all.  What the hell!  His eyes were open as wide as they could be with out popping out of his head and his mouth was was making the DDOOOOHHHH sound.   

The third day there, the weather was great so we went to the beach.  Boden made a run for the waves. In no time, Boden was jumping into the waves and soaking wet.  He was having a ball but it was a bit cold and windy.  Boden’s teeth were chattering and had goose bumps…but didn’t want to go back to the beach tent.  Back at the tent, Hutson was getting sandblasted.  The winds picked up and were blowing sand in his face.  A couple of times, he was almost asleep only to be startled by a big gust of wind and the tent shaking violently and sand getting into his eyes.  

Hutson is sitting up more and is quite sturdy.  At bath time, he sits by himself and chews on the bath toys as we wash his hair and body.  He loves bath time and especially when he and Boden splash around together.  

this morning, Boden woke up around 6am.  Mom went in to greet him and asked if he had a good night sleep…Bode replied ‘no I didn’t’.  Funny.  He’s been cranky lately…maybe because he’s getting his second molars.  He’s also getting to be a manipulator…whining and crying until we give in and let him watch ‘JimJam’ or play with the ipad.  But his real love is being outside and exploring.  

Hutson is getting stronger and moving around a lot.  He’s able to get into the crawling position and will move backwards.  He bothers Boden when he grabs his toys or touches his ipad.  Very funny how Bode reacts…he’ll say ‘NO’  and grab or move the toy or out of Hutson’s range. 


Boden went to the potty in his little toilet today.  After his shower, he was enjoying some ‘naked time’ and was playing in his room when all of a sudden he runs into the bathroom.  He was trying to lift the lid to the toilet.  I offered him his little ‘hippo pot’ and he stood over it and went tinkle.  Very exciting.  High fives all around!!!  This is the first time we’ve seen him look to go to the toilet.  He’s looked concerned before but never to the point where he runs to the bathroom.  Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.  Mom bought some ‘detangler’ for Bode’s hair.  After showers and when he wakes up, it’s tough to run a brush or comb through his hair.  So, after the shower or in the AM, we spray this stuff in his hair and it turns the hair from a sticky birds nest into a pot of spaghetti.  

Hutson is on the move.  He not only rolls over with ease, but now he is pushing himself with his arms and legs.  He can scoot on his back and also pushes himself backwards with his arms.  A few times, he’s gotten into the crawling position.  We’ll often find him in a 180 position from where we laid him down for bed or crammed up against the cribside.   Hutson also anticipates very well.  When we go to pick him up, he lifts his arms to meet us.  When we walk down stairs, he will lean into us for balance, when he sees his bottle or spoonfull of food, he goes for it and if he sees something in his range, he’ll grab for it.  

Boden in command

We’re finding it easier to ask Boden to do things rather than get in a power struggle. “Boden can you turn off your Ipad, Boden can you turn off your shower, Boden can you give Dad the remote, Boden can you lay down and close your eyes and go to sleep?” Well maybe not the last one but it does work most of the time! He’s very responsive to our wishes as long as you package them friendly and make it sound like it’s a win for him.

Boden new thing before going to bed is spinning around and around until he gets uber dizzy. Then he falls down or starts to walk into things like a drunk sailor, getting an absoulte riot out of it

One of boden’s favorite items is my makeup brush. He blots it all over his face and ends up looking like he has a nice tan.

The other morning, Boden got up uber early so I went and got him and told him it was still night time and that he had to still sleep. That didnt’ work so I brought him into bed and said it’s time to sleep. He laid in our bed motionless for 10 minutes almost scared to move. Then dad rolled over and it was is “liscense” to roll around and start chatting it up. At least we got 10 mins of peace! But it just shows how he’s listening more to mom and dad when we give instructions.

One of Boden’s favorite sayings is “oh nooo!”.  He also has a new scrunchy face that he uses.

Today was one of the hottest days of the year! Both boys were so hot, especially Hutson. We stuck them both in the same room to sleep, since Boden’s room is cooler. So far so good!

Sitting Up

Hutson is at the point where he would rather sit up than lay down.  Sitting up, he’s able to watch what’s going on around him.  He’s pretty stable, occasionally tipping over to the side or backwards but is able to sit for long periods of time by himself, playing with whatever is in front of him. It also gives him the opportunity to closely observe everything Boden is doing and feel part of the action. He loves watching is big brother. We sit Hutson up in his cot and he can just peer over the edge with his bright blue eyes. He started sitting up stabely last thursday. As a result, he has graduated to the “big bath tub”.

When he wakes up, I think he can anticipate when we come in because he’s been looking at the door the last few times I’ve come in when he’s calling for someone to come pick him up.  He rolls over in the bed on his stomach to get a better view. Then he gets tired of propping himself up and ends up falling asleep on his tummy. He sleeps on his side too. He never got the bald spot.

Hutson’s eyes are changing in the morning since he’s had solid food. They are a bit narrow, like Boden’s gets in the morning. We usually put Hutson in Bed with Boden when Boden wakes up. And he always snuggles up to hutson. Hutson’s little white “pimple” in the corner of his eye is finally gone. It just disappered, after wanting to squeeze it for 6 mos.

Part of Hutson’s bedtime routine is reading a book, but neither Tim or I are very disciplined about it because after the bath and bottle he is usually ready to crash. When I do read him a book, he lunges for it. So different from Boden who acutally was more into his hands than the book. But Hutson always wants to grab and try to “read” it himself. Hutson when he drinks from the bottle, he is so close to holding it by himself. His other favorite thing to do is run his fingers thru his hair when he drinks.

Boden spent all afternoon in his swimming pool.  The weather finally was warm enough to blow it up and he had a blast.  He spent most of his time with his bucket pouring water out of the pool but occasionally dumped it over his head.   The sun was hot so we had to put plenty of sunscreen on. 

Boden loves to get dizzy.  He will spin himself around silly until he can’t walk or stand.  He’ll laugh and then fall to the ground.  It looks like he falls hard and might be hurt but he continues to giggle and then gets back up and starts to spin again.  

Hop on Pop

Boden is getting much more affectionate and like to give kisses.  Tonight, he gave mom a spontanious smak on the lips.  He’s also getting into Dr. Seuss and enjoys Hop on Pop.  Before bed, he is always asking for ‘Hop on Pop’. Tonight Bode and mom were singing Hop on Pop.  He’s also stacking like crazy…he’s got blocks and boxes he piles up and then goes Godzilla and knocks them all over. 


On Sunday, we went for a nice walk in the ‘Groeneveld’ where Bode found the joys of throwing rocks into a pond.  He threw hundreds in and didn’t want to stop.  He also fed some ducks and played with the dogs in the park.  One dog named Macho was very playful, but he was also a 120 lbs boxer.  Luckily, mom was able to scoop him up before Macho tackled him.  He also gave Bode a big wet dog kiss.


Bode is also not eating real well…unless it’s a cookie, banana, or juice.  He rather would go without.


Hutson is starting to blow strawberries.  Sticks his tongue between his lips and lets it fly.  He also ate sweet potato today for the first time.  He wasn’t sure about the taste but ate a little bit.  When eating, he’s starting to lean into the spoon and going to get the food.  




Just Rolling Around

Hutson has officially become a roller.  Front to back, back to front…doesn’t matter.  His preference is to roll to the left, and when he rolls onto his stomach, he picks his head up high to say…hey, what’s going on?  He has such a confident look on his face after he rolls.  He’s also eating solids much better.  He ate avocado today and enjoyed it.  He’s also sitting up.  Not so steady but he’ll sit for a while then slide over to one side or another…

Hutson is grabbing everything.  He seems to use his fingers like a comb or shovel and grips with what looks like his pinky and rakes things to him.  

The stuff that comes out of Boden’s mouth is sometimes amazing.  Today he recited his ABC’s…missed a few letters here and there but made it all the way to Z and then gave the ‘now I know my abc’s, next time won’t you sing with me’ a shot.  

After his shower tonight, Bode was running around the bedroom naked when he let out a fart…and then he said ‘beep’ without skipping a beat.  Then kept on running.  Mom and Boden play horsie…He climbs on mom’s back and then mom gallops around the house with Bode hanging on, squeeling at the top of his lungs.  This is his favorite game.  He’s also getting pretty good at putting on make up.  He’ll grab mom’s powder brush and give his cheeks a little more color.  

Last night, as I put Boden to bed, I said good night and I love you.  Bode responded ‘I love you’.  Very sweet. 

On the Phone

Boden picked up the phone today and started speaking.  He said ‘hello’ and then went on to have a 2 minute conversation and then said ‘good bye’ and hung up. Pretty funny.  Boden’s hair is getting longer and longer.  When you brush it…it is quite a maine.  Big, blond flowing curley locks… 

Hutson is expanding his food choice.  He’s had rice, banana, and oatmeal.  He doesn’t keep much in his mouth but no longer puts on a face like….what is this and why is it in my mouth.   Hutson continues to grow…his last dr visit had him weighing at 7.98 kgs.  He received a clean bill of health and the dr was very pleased with his coordination, strength, movement, ability to sit up by himself, huge smile and bright eyes.  

Sleep comes easy to Hutson.  He went down tonight by himself…he finished his bottle and looked at me and said…you can put me down now…I’m done.  So I did.  He rolled onto his left side and fell asleep straight away.  He sleeps through the night regularly now and will wake up around 6:00.  Today he woke up at 5:45 and drank his bottle and then snuggled with me for another hour until Boden woke up.