Poop Initiation

Hutson just said, “Poop, I have to poop”…and ran off to the toilet.  I followed him and he climbed up by himself and said, “go away daddy, i need privacy”.  He then kicked the door shut.  This is the first time I’ve heard him initiate poop by himself and run to the toilet.

The boys have been reading books about super heros lately.  Hutson now refers to himself as Super Hutson.

Boden has been going to Montessori of Beaverton for 1 month now.  He says he likes to go but really does not talk about what he does there or who he plays with.

Boden’s new favorite song is ‘Here We Go Again’ by OK GO.  Nice song to dance to and it replaces ‘Sexy and I Know It’.

Boden loves to play baseball and he can really hit the ball.  He loves to say nice hit Hutson and nice throw Hutson.  Very encouraging and supportive.

For Halloween, Hutson said he wants to be Spiderman and Boden Wolverine.

Dad’s Birthday

Hutson has gotten a new big boy bed.  It’s a blue race car.  Boden had bed envy at the moment.  But, Hutson still is playing jack in the box…in and out of bed at bed time.

Dad’s birthday was yesterday.  The boys made beautiful cards for daddy.  Afterwards, we had cake.  Boden and Hutson sang a beautiful happy birthday and then blew out the candles.  They even opened the gifts for dad.

Boden is getting more selective with his diet.  It’s the tan diet.  He will only eat things that are tan.  Bananas, pasta, cherrios…it’s getting a little ridiculous.  He does go outside of the  tan and eats broccoli.  Very bizarre.  Hutson still eats just about anything.  His new food is grilled tuna.  Yummy.

New Nanny

The boys will have a new nanny starting Monday.  Her name is Kristin.  She came over today and the boys seemed to like her and welcomed her into our home.

We asked Hutson to go pee pee in the toilet and he responded that his penis is gone and he can’t go.  His favorite place to go pee now is off the deck.  It’s awesome when Boden and Hutson go together.  Pretty funny to watch.  The other day, mom said “I love you Hutson” and he responded “thanks”.

Boden was jumping in the bath and it was a little dangerous, so mom said, be careful, you might fall thru the ceiling.  This really upset Boden who wanted to get out of the tub and started yelling at Hutson not to jump in the tub.

Boden and Hutson have a new buddy.  Zavier.  He has come over a few times and the boys love having  him around.  He is almost three so gets along with both Boden and Hutson.

First Day at New School

Boden started at his new school on Wednesday…Montessori of Beaverton.  On Tuesday, we visited the classroom together with teachers Eileen and Sherri along with a few of the older students.  While there Boden checked everything out and tried a few puzzles.  On Wednesday morning, mom took Boden to school and dad picked him up.  On the drop off, mom pulled unto the curb and teacher Eileen opened the door, Boden unlatched himself from the carseat and got out of the car and closed the door.  He spent most of his day in the outside classroom.  He also helped clean up after snack time.  Teacher Eileen’s feedback was that Bode really liked singing time and got on with the other kids very well.  ‘He is very busy with his work’  she said.

Hutson is now alone with Sandy in the mornings.  Today, they went to the library and participated in story time.  On Tuesday after mom and dad arrived home from work, Hutson and Boden were riding their plasma scooters in the driveway.  We then got a visit from the boys in the neighborhood and they were riding their bikes down the big hill in front of our house.  Boden asked and Sandy said no.  But Hutson just went to the middle of the road and let her rip!!!  He reached speeds of about 25 mph before slowing down.  He walked back up and then both Boden and Hutson rolled down.  Hutson is the fearless one and won the race.  Now, all the boys want to do is ride the big hill.  Can’t wait till snow and sledding season starts.

The boys are in daddy mode at the moment.  Everything has to be with daddy…story time, bath time, bed time, ride in daddy’s car, eat with daddy…daddy is tired.

First Sleep Over

Boden  had his first sleep over two weeks ago.  Aven spent a saturday night.  All went well and they played together very well.  They both slept in the guest bed.  After books, mom walked by the room and asked ‘what are you doing’…Bode responded by sticking his arm out as to say go away and said ‘we’re just talking mama’.  They also gave each other a big kiss and hug before sleeping.  Boden and Hutson’s last day of school at Childroots.  They had goodbye circles and said their last bye-byes.  Boden has a new habit of saying ‘never’ when you ask him to do something.  Boden…will you share with Hutson…Never daddy.  They both have new shoes.  bright yellow with black stripes.  They love them and will not wear any shoes but them.  Both boys are playing great together lately.  Bode loves to lead and Hutson follows in his footsteps. 


Hutson had a small bout with strep throat.  But by the time he was diagnosed, he was over the symptoms.  He is also daddy’s boy at the moment.  Every time he needs help, “daddy do it”.  Pascha’s grandma is in town and the first time Hutson met her, he said “I’m scared”.  She is 96 and has dark hair and wears a scarf.  By the end of the day, he was giving her a Boos.  Hutson is getting better with peeing in the toilet.  He loves to ‘pee together’ or pee in the grass or pee of the deck.  He learned the last two from Boden.    Boden and Hutson had a great time at cousin Dari’s birthday party.  The party was at the Willamette park and they played in the water park and had a great time playing with Dari.   Hutson’s favorite activity at the moment is blowing bubbles.  He’s able to do it by himself now.