Flu Season

Poor Hutson has been dealing with the flu this past week.  He started being fussy on Wednesday after school and then he had diarrea that evening.  Wednesday morning he vomited around 4am and then continued to have diarrea.  This lead to a sore little butt and diaper rash.  He still has a bit of poop issues today but is in good spirits.  We hope his appetite comes back as he has not really eaten much since Wednesday.  Luckily, he’s only had a low to mid range fever.  

Hutson finally has his two upper teeth…Jan 25.  They both came in on the same day.  The cutting of the teeth made the week even more difficult for the little guy.  He didn’t like to take the liquid kids fever reducer/pain relief so we had to use the suppositories.  His smile will be forever changed.  

Hutson has been practicing drinking out of a cup preparing to make the change to milk from formula.  At school, he will have all his liquids given via cup after 1 year old so we are doing our best to get him ready.  He likes to chug and most of the liquid goes all over his clothes but Boden is trying to teach him the basics.  


Bode had his first bm on the toilet on Tuesday Jan 22nd.  What a happy day.  He was with Elizabeth and he started smelling gassy.  They went to the toilet and voila!  They did a celebration and then had some toilet treats…two M&M’s.  If only we can continue the success.

Boden watches or wants to participate in the morning with me as I get ready. He often wants to get in the shower with me (sometimes successfully!) or uses my makeup brushes on his own face.  This evening one of my little brushes was out and he said momma brush. So I sad on the ground and he gently put “makeup” on my eyelids, cheeks and lips. It was so endearing.

Boden had been screaming for attention lately. He screams when he doesn’t get his way, isn’t getting enough attention or just when he’s excited.  And it’s a high pitched scream which pierces the ear drums.  Something he’s been known for since birth.  But if he screams in anger, we give time outs.  It’s now to the point where I’ll just point to the corner and he’ll stomp off over to the corner.  He’s now starting to negotiate which corner he wants to go to.  

On Friday, Boden’s school had an ice skating party.  We arrived late and unfortunately, after getting the skates on, missed the lesson.  So we tried to get out on the ice but Boden didn’t really like the feel of the blades and ice too much.  He never let my hand go and after about 1/8th of the way around the rink, he wanted off the ice and demanded to be carried.  Dad isn’t a good skater either so we make our way around the ice holding on to the wall.  

On Thursday, picking up Bode, he was given a royal good bye…one of his school mates brought his backpack to him and another was kissing him repeatedly on the cheek.  Bode seemed to like the attention.  He has become so much more social since joining this school.  

 Every day, Bode surprises mom and dad with a few more words or phrases that we just don’t expect.  He randomly counts to 5 in Farsi, 10 in Spanish and 15 in English.  He sing’s his ABC’s and a few other nursery rhyme songs.  He’s starting to string sentences together and make observations.

At the little gym today, Bode practiced head stands, somersaults, balance beam, obstacle course, flipping up side down on the rings and the wheel barrow.  Active class.




Hutson’s upper teeth seem to be coming in.  He’s been a bit fussier than normal.  We are also in the process of phasing out his binki.  It takes a little while longer to fall asleep without it but hopefully, he’ll sleep more soundly after the habit is broken.  Hutson is more aggressive.  He will challenge Boden or us when he really wants a toy or the iphone.  He also is getting more difficult to change.  He squirms and is getting a bit stronger and quicker so we really have to be on our toes.  Hutson got into trouble with the nanny last week.  He hit her 2x in front of Boden.  Boden looked at her to say, hey…if I hit, i have to go stand in the corner.  So Elizabeth put Hutson in the corner for a few seconds.  Boden seemed pleased.

One of Hutson’s new skills is climbing down the stairs.  He learned this at school, where they have mini stairs and not so far to fall.  Here, he will really go for it if not careful.  No real fear yet.  

Boden is testing his boundry’s at home.  When he is not happy or getting what he wants, he let’s our a high pitched scream.  Ear piercing!  This earns him a time out.   He also will hit.  Also a time out.  

Boden is much more social at school with the other kids.  I picked him up on Wednesday and he was ‘chatting’ with two other girls.  Then when we turned to leave, he said ‘see you later’.  Very cute.  He also was counting in farsi to 4 by himself.  Bapa would be very proud.  Also, while visiting great uncle Kasim and aunt Marzi, he said Hudafis, which is farsi for good bye.  That was a hit with everyone.  Bapa only speaks farsi with Bode and Hutson.  

Boden made friends with the neighbor cat today.  We were outside doing yard work when Bode took off and yelled, kitty.  Then spent the next 15 minutes walking around the yard with the cat saying nice kitty.  

Tonight, Boden was walking down stairs and stopped three steps from the bottom.  He paused and then jumped.   Whoa…but he landed on his feet and had a giant smile on his face.  His confidence has been growing since taking ‘gymnastics’.  He loves to tumble, do the rings, balance beam, trampoline and the obstical course.  

Boden has moved on from Elmo videos to Caillou.


Boden’s wound and stiches are healing nicely.  There has been no real complications or aggrivations after he got home from the ER which is good.  He was wary of people touching his head and the wound area which I guess is normal.   He didn’t miss any time at school and his normal routine was…normal.  

He has started chatting more with kids his age.  At school, I’ve seen him chatting with other kids and he always says ‘see you later’ when we leave school.  Today at the Children’s Gym, he played catch with one of the other boys.  

HIs vocabulary is growing daily.  He can count to 5 in Farsi, 10 in Spanish and 20 in English.  He is starting to string more words together.  The other day, he said ‘no thank you daddy, I want yogurt’.  When he needs help, he will say ‘Help you’…when he needs help.

He went to the barber today and had his 2nd hair cut.  He sat in the chair by himself while she cut…like he’s done it a million times.  Sat still and then asked for a sucker when they were finished.

Boden’s food of the month is pasta.  Spaghetti, macaroni, risotto…you name it.  He loves it.  It’s still hard to get him to eat his greens but we pure or sneak them in somehow.  Hopefully, he grows out of this stage.

Bode has been waking up early…5am and we will bring him to our room not to wake up Hutson.  He likes to cuddle but only with mom.  Thursday morning, he slept with mom until 6:30.  He also has been snuggling with Cici.  She tolerates it for a while but then needs her space.

We have taken the side off of Boden’s bed and now he can get in and out as he likes.  The bed is small so we will eventually have to get another one which is a little bed. 

potty training is ongoing.  Boden is very conscious about his poo.  He will hold it until he is alone and then will poo his pants.  It is usually very messy and then he will stand with his legs wide apart (Elizabeth calls it the Sumo position) until someone picks  him up and cleans him off.  Finally, after his cleaning, he’ll declare himself ‘all clean’ or say ‘I did it’.  Hopefully, this will not be an ongoing issue.  

Today, while leaving uncle Kossem and aunt Marzi’s house, Boden said ‘Hudafis’ which means good bye in Farsi and I love you all by himself.  That was a real hit with everyone.

Finally, he’s figured out how to change the tv channel.  Oh boy…

We’ve written this before but Hutson should be walking anytime now.  He seems content with crawling.  But he’s quick.  

He is feeding himself more and more.  Usually making a mess but it’s entertaining.  He’s also trying to drink from a cup.  Very messy but you have to start sometime.  He’s also eating meat and other ‘adult foods’.  Not much he doesn’t like.  

Hutson has spent two weeks at school and enjoys it.  Every time we go, after his coat and shoes are off, he takes off towards the toys and doesn’t look back.  At first, he had trouble napping and eating, but he has settled in and is napping for an hour and eating and drinking fine.  He likes his milk warm and will push away anything that is not heated up.

He spends his day smiling and laughing.  He has started a snuggle pattern after his bath and when he is getting tired.  He will crawl towards you and then put his head down and headbutt then roll into your body.  It’s very cute and he coos all the while.  My favorite part of the day.  He is also clapping and waving and responding to waving.  

He is also into his next wave of clothing…growing out of the 9-12 month items.  

Hutson recognizes Nanna and Bapa and will reach for them when he sees them.  Always with a huge smile on his face.  

Boden’s ER Visit

Jan 2: Poor little Boden, he was playing with Elizatbeth in the basement and tripped and split his head on the pole. Tim called me on my first day of work at the new job and I met him at the ER around 2pm. He required 3 stitches because it was a deep wound. We had to wrap him in a sheet and hold him down (which Tim did). It was so traumatic for the little bugger. When the doctor was flushing out the wound with water, he kept saying “home” and “all done,” “no more water” and please. It broke our hearts. And when they had to give him the shots, he was so upset. When they started stitching, Boden was exhausted and Tim asked him to close his eyes, which he did. When we got home, he just went on his merrily way. Didn’t show any signs of agitation. Just played, bothered Hutson, took a bath and ate really well and fell asleep immediately. Our poor little boy. Breaks my hear.

Welcoming in the new year

Boden and Hutson welcomed in the New Year with Nana and Boppa, spending two nights at their house while mom and dad had a little break and went skiing. They had a blast. Nana and Boppa took them to Omsi where they spend 2.5 hours playing in the water, sand, with the air balls, and play dough. Boden was exhausted and fell asleep in the car. (Unfortunately it’s the only way he’s taking his afternoon naps at the moment.) Boden followed Nana everywhere and even gets upset when she takes a shower and he cant come in…though she did scare him with her green mask. Boden helped take down the christmas tree by taking off the ornaments and helping sweep. He also yelled “wait” when Boppa got the light cord tangled up. Hutson loves, loves nuzzling and cuddling. He buries his head into pillows, stuffed animals, and of course your lamp. He also sings along if you’re singing or if there is music playing on one of his toys. At Omsi he nuzzled next to the fish tank on the floor and had one arm up and of course got the attention of people who thought he was super adorable. Hutson is also clapping and is becoming a bit demanding of the Ipad. He screams if Boden takes it away from him, which is often. He also got the hang of swiping the Ipad.

On Christmas eve, Boden transitioned to blankets instead of a sleep sack. He asked for his sleep sack but I explained to him that he was a big boy and didn’t need it anymore. He seemed to like that answer. A few days later when his bed arrived, Dad took off the crib center piece so Boden can start getting in and out of his bed. Boden took a tumple out of it after his nap because we put him in there after he fell asleep in the car. He was so disoriented.

Both Boden and Hutson are showing so much affection towards Cici. Boden gives her the biggest, genuine hugs, getting down on all fours to craddle her. And Hutson is just hutson…buries his head into her and tries to steam roll her.

One of my favorite things to do with Hutson is to lay flat on the ground while he crawls all over me burying his head into my chest, face, legs. He’s getting also fun at playing games. If you hide behind the door he opens and shuts it and giggles. He also giggles when pushes my face to the side to check on my earrings and I say “hey there.”

On Christmas morning, Boppa and Nanna came over to see the kids open their presents. Boden got the concept of opening things and helped and was very happy. Hutson was in the middle of all the presents, climbing over them and rolling around in the paper. After they left, we think Boden was a bit overwhelmed because he had a major breakdown. Once we got to Nanna and Papa’s he was fine. He got a drum/keyboard set, a ball runner track, lots of Thomas the train friends, a bubble machine, and a cardboard castle. Hutson got an activity block and a musical computer. From Boppa and Nanna they got a art easel and a car. Plus all the gifts from Aunts, uncles and Grandma and grandpa.

Boden is using more and more words. He actually completes sentences and sometimes says things that we don’t know where or how he learned it.

Boden and Hutson have a new Nanny. They both bonded so quickly with Elizabeth that the first two days Boden just said Bye and gave me a kiss when we left! No issues what so ever! She is great with him, finding the right balance of outdoor and indoor activity, play, sensory activites and of course can get him to eat.

The other day Hutson was really upset and crying and Boden kissed him on his head. If we tell Hutson Uh uh. Boden quickly repeats it to his little Brother as well.

Our container arrived from Amsterdam on the 28th of December. We had the boys at their grandparents but the person on Duty was Boppa. By afternoon, both kids had a meltdown. Boppa was trying to get Hutson down and Boden was screaming. Boppa threw in the towel and called nanna to come to his rescue.

Boden no longer say “Yay” but Yes. He also says “Sorry mama” and pleaaase and thank you.

He also is getting really good at follwing instructions. He wanted desperately to pet cici on the bed and wanted me to hoist him up. I told he could go get his stool out of the bathroom and put it next to the bed and get up to pet her. It was lightbulb moment, he ran to the bathroom and next thing I knew he was up on the bed next to her.

Boden sang the full song of ABC and twinkle twinkle by himself spontaneously or to the tune itself. He loves playing music on the iPad and always says “dance, dance.” He loves it when I and dad jump around dancing with him.