Happy New Year 2018

In October, the boys finished their soccer season.  Both had great seasons and improved their skills.  Boden is a hard worker and plays with intensity.  Huston plays with flair and dribbling skills.  Both scored regularly and had fun teammates.  Boden received the “tries the hardest” award.

We were a Star Wars family for Halloween.  Dad was Darth Vader, Mom was Rey, Boden was a stormtrooper and Hutson was a Jedi.  We had fun carving pumpkins with Samira…who said it was the first time she had ever carved a pumpkin.  Everyone was creative but no one wanted to clean the ‘guts’.   That’s so gross!  Halloween night, both the boys filled their buckets full of candy.  The neighborhood kids all went trick or treating together as usual.

We spent Thanksgiving in California.  Five days in Palm Springs.  The weather was great and we spend a lot of time at the pool.  On Thanksgiving, Boden and Hutson played flag football.  Boden had a nice catch and run while nobody scored on Hutson.   At dinner one night, Mom ordered octopus and when the waiter brought it out,..Hutson said to the waiter… “So, you killed the Octopus!”  The waiter chuckled and said, well not me!.   One fun activity was riding the Aerial Tram.  We took a nice hike at the top but Hutson was afraid we would get lost if it got too dark.  Thankfully, we all made it back safely.

On the way to Disneyland, we stopped off at Huntington Beach for an afternoon in the sun and surf.  Hutson made a friend and they smashed and played for an hour.  We buried Boden in the sand all the way up to his neck.  The last two nights we spent at Disneyland.  Boden was fearless as usual and Hutson enjoyed the more conservative rides.    The hotel we stayed at had great waterpark.

Before Christmas break, we had parent teacher conferences.  Boden was very positive.  Boden is a joy to have in class and he is a hard worker and team builder.  He is strong in math but needs to work on his reading.  They mentioned that he shows signs of  Dyslexia.

Hutson’s was also positive.  He plays well with all the kids and is very verbal and has been enjoying his outside work and art.  Besides his tussle with Ethan in the first month of classes, he’s gotten along great in the classroom.

The boys are now part of the Meadows Race Team.  They will ski every Saturday till the end of March.  It took a few runs for the boys to get their ski legs back.  Hutson departed the lift and ran right into his team.  He was frustrated in the morning but found his groove in the afternoon and was back skiing the pizza and french fry like a pro.

Boden picked up where he left off last season and was crushing it.

Mom and dad were going to a holiday party and when we came down, Hutson said…”mom, you look handsome.   Dad, you look like a musician”.

Boden started to question the existence of Santa Clause.  “Dad, is Santa real?”  or “Dad, how does Santa visit everyone?”  He finally said, I don’t believe in Santa…and Hutson said…”then how do we get the gifts in our stockings?”  We said, if you don’t believe, Santa will not bring the gifts for you…and that seemed to change his mind.

We had a white christmas this year.  The boys helped cut and decorate the tree.  We had snow on christmas eve and carried over to Christmas.  The boys woke up early around 6.30 and opened gifts from Santa first.  They received a Kindle with some books and apps loaded.  Battleship the game, a digital watch and some legos.  From mom, they received clothes.  After opening two packages of pajamas…he opened a third and he fell in despair…”Awe…..More Pajamas?!?”  They also received Skis and ski boots.

We drove over to Bend to spend Christmas evening with Narda and Dave.  While there, the neighbors came over and their 4 yr old daughter tagged along.  When Hutson saw her, he said…”who is that pretty girl?”  Such a sweetie!

We skied two days.  On the second day, Boden’s instructor said “Boden has a natural gift for skiing”.  While visiting Narda and Dave, the boys and mom caught the flu.  Bummer as they were having a great time playing with Dash and Levi.

Hutson lost his first tooth in December.   It was the bottom right center tooth.  He was very excited to meet the tooth ferry.  He lost his second in January but unfortunately, he swallowed it.



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