Boden’s Birthday

Boden’s birthday was Sunday and we all had a blast.  We started the day by covering Boden’s door with paper and balloons and he had to crash thru to get out.  We said, once he rips thru, he will be four years old.  Once out, he opened his gifts…which were a guitar, some hot wheels, a ninja book with stickers and the Sorry game.  He had fun playing with all these things before the party.  Later in the morning, Nana came over with a camera.  Boden’s favorite gift.  He took pictures for an hour straight.  

His party started at 1:00.  Aven, Dari, Lois, Hutson, Dash were all in attendance.  Samira came over later.  Nana and Bapa, Aunt Narda and Uncle Dave, Parsa, Kazim and Marzi, Britt Jorgensen, Laura Knapp and April was the photographer.  There was a crafts table where the kids could make crowns or beaded bracelets and face painting.  We made tie-die t-shirts, a treasure hunt and since the day was hot, we ran the slip and slide.  What an awesome day!  The party was to end at 3 but ran over till 6.  

Hutson is making progress with potty training.  He is more apt to declare ‘i have to pee’ rather than go in his pants.  He’s also learning that poop in the pants is not so much fun and gets a little upset when he does it.  

Last Sat, we all went berry picking with Bapa.  Blackberries and raspberries and then peaches.  Yum.  Hutson and Bode both picked a few and ate a few.  Hutson hid in the bushes and then stated…’I pooped’…what a little rascal.   In the pm, we went to Woodstock park for a school function.  Bode had a great time playing soccer with Hutson and some other kids.  They were both wiped out after 1.5 hrs.  




Bee Sting

Today, we went to the St. John’s Bridge Jazz festival where we met Aven and his mom Laura.  Bode’s best friend has moved to a different daycare center and Bode really misses him.  They had a great time playing with their cars and transformers, chasing bubbles, taking a walk to the river and just goofing around.  Hutson had a good time as well until he took off his shoes and stepped on a bumble bee.  Ouch…he really was upset at the bee and the pain on his left foot.  Luckily, no allergy to the sting.  

Yesterday, we went to pick berries.  The boys had a great time picking and eating their way thru the blueberry fields.  Unfortunately, the strawberries were out of season.  

Hutson is improving his potty training going #1 almost all the time in the potty.  #2 is a different story.  Today, we were working out in the back yard and Hutson all of a sudden yells “poop”.  Oh what a mess.  Boden on the other hand is now sleeping thru the night for the last three weeks with out a diaper and no accidents.  He is very proud of himself.  

Hutson and I were playing soccer when I scored a goal.  Hutson turns to me and says ‘good one dad”.  


Boden had an unfortunate run in with his school’s pet rat.  While trying to pet the rat, he put his finger in the cage and the little rat chomped on his right index finger.  The bite was startling and his little finger bled quite a bit.  

Boden has been sleeping in his own bed and ‘uncle Dave’s’ bed the past two weeks.  After our Sunriver vacation, we had a talk explaining that since he is almost 4 years old, he needs to start sleeping in his own bed.  In addition, he has been sleeping without a diaper!  

Boden has finally started riding his bicycle.  We have had plenty of breaking practice as we live on a hill.  He also can put on his helmet by himself.  He likes the freedom of his bicycle.

Hutson has started ‘fake sleeping’.  Once put down for bed, he will snore to convince mom and dad he is asleep.  He’s like a little jack in the box, jumping out of bed at every opportunity.  When we come up to put him back to bed, he says ‘Door Open’.  

Sleep, pooping and Sunriver

Since we took Hutson’s bottle away and removed the leaf from his crib, he’s been quite the challenge going down at night and for naps. He actually thinks it’s a game. We say it’s time for bed and he starts out OK but then is a yo-yo up and down for about two hours. He actually thinks it’s a game, giggling with his head thrown back, skipping and diving back into his bed, which mind you is on the floor, where he insists on sleeping these days. He only sleeps in the bed for Sandy. 

When he was particularly challenging, we threaten we are going to close the door. We close it for a few minutes and he screams, gets super frustrated and we open it and he then stays in his room. Not what we really enjoy what it’s our last resort. One night, Hutson was really challenging and I was trying to get something done and Boden was hovering around. I said “Hey Boden can you put Hutson to sleep?” Hutson was running in and out of our room as a game. Boden perked up and said “come on Hutson! Let’s go to bed!” He gently put his hand on Hutson’s back and said let’s go, escorting Hutson to his room. Then he proceeded to get out a book, “read it to him”, sing him a song and tuck him in. Hutson was kind of going for it. He laid down and then thought “hey wait a minute?” and popped back up. Boden yelled with his finger wagging, “Lay down or I’m going to close this door!” Hmmm, I wonder where he got that from!

Hutson was not giving in one night to any of our tactics of getting him to go down. Finally, I just locked the door. Boy did he protest – screamed, yelled, kicked and about 20 mins later it was quite. Well…the next morning I opened the door and it looked like a tornado hit his room. His stuff animals were strewn all over the room, he tore part his dresser and there Hutson slept underneath his bed.

Pooping is another topic in our house these days. It’s been since Feb we’ve been “training” Hutson. And he’s had some epic moments where his timing of his bowel movements have not been ideal. Despite us saying “we pee and poop in the toilet” and Hutson, always diligently repeating it to us, he tells us after the fact.

One moment was when Nana and Bopa took the duo to the park. Hutson picked his perfect moment to have his bowel movement while swinging in the toddler swing. The poop exploded out of his underwear, up his back and all over the swing. Bopa was quickly trying to clean the swing, while Nana whisked Hutson home in his red wagon for bath.

We were in Sunriver this week and our first day, the kids wanted to play in the bouncy castle. There is one bouncy castle that Thomas the train and is shaped like a maze. We were hanging out when all of the sudden kids started screaming “poop, poop” and spilling out of the castle. Tim and I were both holding our breath, “please don’t let it be Hutson…please don’t let it be Hutson.” Sure enough it was Hutson! Mortified we grabbed him and he had left a trail all over the maze. I insisted on cleaning up the mess with the attendant, who actually said it happens all the time and then proceeded to comment..”it sure looks like he ate a lot of trail mix”

You can always tell when Hutson is about to poop, he tends to “hide” and look sheepishly around. “Hutson did you poop?” “No?” ahhh, yes you did.

Boden at Sunriver learned to ride bike with training wheels. He was so determined and proud. Though he is quick to ask for help when he gets stuck “up” the hill. Boden is definitely cautious and not a risk taker. Dad taught him how to use his brakes going down the hill and Bode had them fully engaged, leaving skid marks all the way down the hill. He did it though…by the end of the trip he was riding confidently around on his bike.

Hutson on the other hand has no fear. He didn’t want to brake going down the driveway and crashed right into the neighbors yard and yard-saled over their lawn. Luckily he wan’t hurt. But he loves motoring around, pushing with his feet the trike. 

Other games Boden loved playing was card games and Sorry. Though he hates losing and plays by his own rules. He got so frustrated when he wasn’t winning War. 

The other game Boden loved playing was miniature golf. We played it probably half a dozen times and he was so focused on getting the ball in the hole. He actually wanted to play it more than going swimming! Who is this child?

Speaking of swimming, Boden’s cautious side came out again. Boden headed straight for the baby pool. While Hutson went readily with Dad to the big pool where he proceeded to jump into Dad’s arms and even was trying to get away from Dad. Boden is like mom, he gets so cold his lips turn blue. He also went in the indoor pool where he attempted to try and figure out every fountain. While Hutson ventured into the deeper side of the pool, it was only when Boden saw his little brother that he too went there.

There was an Tubehill where kids can slide down a hill on inter-tubes. Our first night, Boden desperately wanted to go down the hill. When we got to the top, the girl said we couldn’t ride together so Boden had to go alone, which was fine with. (very unlike him!). He sped down the hill, bumping along. At the bottom, Tim congratulated him and Boden had a big smile on his face but for the rest of the week, every time we asked if he wanted to do it again, he said “no thank you.”

Since the kids were out of their night time routine, we snuggled them extra long to ensure they went to sleep. I was rather useless because that meant I would end up falling asleep at the same time as them, one on each side of me. One night when Tim was putting them to bed, he just tucked them in and said good night. They proceeded to hoot and jump around. Mind you, the novelty of them being in the same room was huge! So after about 30 mins, it quieted down and we peaked in. The two were laying next to one another spooning, asleep. So endearing.

We went to the lake one day and Boden had to go poop really bad. However the restroom wasn’t so nice and he kept saying how he wanted to go home. He went back and forth 3 or 4 times. Finally, Tim asked him do you want me to hold you? And he did over the toilet.

On fourth of July we headed to Dave and Narda’s for a BBQ. There were quite a few kids over including Levi and Perry. They all were playing soccer and Boden jumped in. He kept up, running so hard back and forth. The older kids were so nice to him, passing the ball and letting him kick it. But then it got a bit more competitive between the boys and girls and Boden got “left out”. He sat down on the ground, arms crossed and shouted “no fair!”. One of Perry’s friend’s took him aside and said, I’ll play with you Boden. He loves that extra attention. It’s also fun to know that he likes soccer.

When it started getting dark, the sparklers came out. Boden and Hutson both got to try them and loved them. But then the unfortunate happened, Hutson grabbed the wrong end of stick and burnt his hand rather bad (there was a big blister the next day!) Poor bugger. He cried so hard. The rest of the evening Hutson sat in my lap and Boden in Stacy’s lap watching the older kids light off fireworks. On the way back to Sunriver, they talked about the evening the whole way and how they loved the fireworks.

Hutson makes us laugh so much. The boys can have fun with the simplest of things like a water bottle, vacuums (which becomes a vacuum monster), an empty paper town roller…the boys started playing with water bottles and hutson was squatting down, naked and firing his “pistol” and then running away screaming, laughing. The boys are playing so well together more and more everyday.  

Hutson always has to have something in his hand, usually it’s a car but it can be a crayon, a spoon, his snuggly…he just always wants to hold on to an object. 

Hutson and Boden are beginning to claim their favorite colors. Boden loves red at the moment and Hutson gravitates towards blue but also verbalizes his favorite color is purple. Therefore any time there is a color choice, we must give them their corresponding colors.

Boden is in this phase where he wants clear answers. He’s ask for something, like mom’s iPhone. “Can I have the iPhone, Yes or No. Can i watch TV, Yes or No. Can Hutson give me his toy, Yes or No?!” Boden is also in the phase of expressing his “Love” through punching. Repeatedly he socks me in the stomach or runs up and punches my leg, arm and even has socked me in the eye a couple times. We’re working on him showing his love in different ways.

Prior to Sunriver, Boden started a little sports camp where they played soccer, basketball and rocked climb. He absolutely loved it and really participated. The coach called him and “absolute saint”

Tonight, dad blew up an inflatable pool for the boys and as he was blowing it up, the boys got naked and used it as a slip and slide, screaming and laughing with joy. They make anything fun.

And just to round off the subject of this blog, Dad had gotten water on his pants and Hutson yelled “Daddy peed in your pants!”