Black Eye

So Christmas has come and gone.  It was a wonderful time for the whole family.  Christmas was spent with just the four of us.  Nana and Bapa came over on the 26th and Uncle Dave, Uncle Narda, Cousins Perry, Levi and Baby Dash came a day later.  We had a blast playing, laughing and spending time together.

For Christmas, Bode recieved a bicycle with training wheels from mom and dad.  Hutson received a tricycle and Boden immediately took it over.  They both got helmets to go along with the bikes.  They also recieved music in the form of an organ.  A few more trains and books.  Hutson’s favorite gift was the book “the little train that could”.  We’ve read it over a thousand times already.

When Nana and Bapa arrived with their gift, the boys lit up.  It was in a huge box.  Once they tore the paper off, it was a car!!!  Rather a jeep.  It goes 2 1/2 miles per hour.  When we set it up and Bode got in the drivers seat, mom gave him a drivers lesson and he took off.  Drove for an hour in the back yard until dusk.  The only time he stopped was when the car was stuck or he was so cold, he couldn’t continue.  

Bode also made his first cake.  He was so excited to bake a cake for baby dash. He mixed the eggs and the best job of all was he and Hutson licked the spoons! 

When everyone arrived and the gifts were opened, the next few hours were playing in the bouncy castle, running and chasing Dari and Levi around the house until and Hutson and Dash trying to keep up. The boys were all exhausted by the end of the day.

All the great grand children also got to take pictures with Great Grandma.

Boden is giving the biggest kisses that last over minute. He grabs both cheeks and pulls you in for a big juicy one.

Hutson is beginning to try to put on his clothes. But more often he runs away from us giggling with his little bum jiggling everytime we try to get him dressed. He is even getting more difficult with diaper changing. His language continues to develop every week, saying more words together. He repeats words and wil continue to say, “huh, huh” until he say a word 3-5 times. Hutson is really good about sharing. Boden tends to want everything that Hutson has and gets extremely upset and Huts will be the first one to always give the toy. He does stick up for himself though, if Boden slaps him we see Hutson retliate more often giving Boden a good bop on the head. Hutson’s favorite activity is dancing and every morning will scamper to the play room, turn on the music and bust into his jolly, skipping, dancing moves with the biggest grin. We tried to ween of the bottle during the day but he quickly caught on and now only demands his “bottle, bottle” if we try to give him a sippy cup and actually has reverted backwards. Every morning, we wake up to Hutson singing in bed as he reads his books. When we come get him about 30 mins later or so, he happily greets us and continues reading contently. Hutson also is beginning to sing along to cartoon jingles like Cailou. He likes to count and will say 8, 2,3. He loves the number 8 at the moment. He can even identify of numbers and letters but will default to 8 if he doesn’t know. He can pick up on most images in the book if you ask hime what they are and if you ask him he’ll shout out the word like boat or the animal sound like the elephant “whoo”. If he doesn’t know the word, his default word is always GaGa. Hutson absolutely loves trains. It’s all about hte choo, choo at the moment. Hutson weighs about 31 pounds and is leaning out. He waist is getting longer.

We had some friends over and their sons are about Boden’s and Hutson’s ages (4 and 2.5). At the end of the evening Boden and Avery starting wrestling not in fighting way but more just play wrestling. It was fun to watch because it was like two puppies wrestling around, laughing and just being boys. They were about the same size so it make it a fun match. Boden is showing a lot of interest in reading. He wants you to read every word and sentence, “what does that say?”. He even tries sounding some words out himself. He seems to be doing simple math like 5+5 (two hands) = 10. His mood swings are high and low more than ever. He can throw some epic tantrums if Hutson is has something he wants or if something is not just right. 



We had a great Thanksgiving.  Grandma and Grandpa came to Portland for a visit.  Boden and Hutson really enjoyed getting to know them.  They read books, played ball, went to the Children’s Museum, played with trains and watched some football.  This was a special time for them.  

Hutson is really working on his language skills.  He’s counting 1,2,3 and 4.  He’s singing his ABC’s and can ID different letters and numbers.  His thing now is responding to every question with “Huh?”   He is pointing and identifying things like airplanes, all kinds of animals and people.  He also is a giver…he is the first to bring a schoolmate their snuggley when they are upset.  He also has learned to share.  Tonight, he was eating a cucumber and shared with Bode, alternating bites.  Very cute.  Today is Hutson’s last day with bottles.  He spends quite a bit of time with a book in his hands.  He’s very focused and loves to read books and identify the pictures and asks ‘what’s that?’  

Bode is now counting backwards.  5,4,3,2.1 Blast off.   Bode is also good at rounding up Hutson when he is doing something against the rules…for example, when Hutson is eating in the family room, Boden calls out ‘Daddy…Hutson is eating in the family room.  No Hutson, go to the kitchen!’  Bode is also in charge of the Christmas lights on the tree.  He likes to turn them on and off, change the blinking speeds and change the positioning on the tree.  He is also having a blast with Swimming lessons.  He jumps in straight away and gets to kicking and blowing bubbles.   

As a family, over the weekend we went to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree.  It was a chilly day with snow on the ground and hot chocolate waiting for us after the tree has fallen.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too chilly and the boys and after about 15 minutes of searching for the perfect tree, they started melting down a bit.  Just at that time, we found the one and cut it down.  Then off to get our hot chocolate and put the tree on top of the car and head home.