Dad’s Birthday

Hutson has gotten a new big boy bed.  It’s a blue race car.  Boden had bed envy at the moment.  But, Hutson still is playing jack in the box…in and out of bed at bed time.

Dad’s birthday was yesterday.  The boys made beautiful cards for daddy.  Afterwards, we had cake.  Boden and Hutson sang a beautiful happy birthday and then blew out the candles.  They even opened the gifts for dad.

Boden is getting more selective with his diet.  It’s the tan diet.  He will only eat things that are tan.  Bananas, pasta, cherrios…it’s getting a little ridiculous.  He does go outside of the  tan and eats broccoli.  Very bizarre.  Hutson still eats just about anything.  His new food is grilled tuna.  Yummy.


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