Poop Initiation

Hutson just said, “Poop, I have to poop”…and ran off to the toilet.  I followed him and he climbed up by himself and said, “go away daddy, i need privacy”.  He then kicked the door shut.  This is the first time I’ve heard him initiate poop by himself and run to the toilet.

The boys have been reading books about super heros lately.  Hutson now refers to himself as Super Hutson.

Boden has been going to Montessori of Beaverton for 1 month now.  He says he likes to go but really does not talk about what he does there or who he plays with.

Boden’s new favorite song is ‘Here We Go Again’ by OK GO.  Nice song to dance to and it replaces ‘Sexy and I Know It’.

Boden loves to play baseball and he can really hit the ball.  He loves to say nice hit Hutson and nice throw Hutson.  Very encouraging and supportive.

For Halloween, Hutson said he wants to be Spiderman and Boden Wolverine.


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