New Nanny

The boys will have a new nanny starting Monday.  Her name is Kristin.  She came over today and the boys seemed to like her and welcomed her into our home.

We asked Hutson to go pee pee in the toilet and he responded that his penis is gone and he can’t go.  His favorite place to go pee now is off the deck.  It’s awesome when Boden and Hutson go together.  Pretty funny to watch.  The other day, mom said “I love you Hutson” and he responded “thanks”.

Boden was jumping in the bath and it was a little dangerous, so mom said, be careful, you might fall thru the ceiling.  This really upset Boden who wanted to get out of the tub and started yelling at Hutson not to jump in the tub.

Boden and Hutson have a new buddy.  Zavier.  He has come over a few times and the boys love having  him around.  He is almost three so gets along with both Boden and Hutson.


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