This winter has been great for skiing and we had another family ski day mid March.  The boys crushed it again.  Both skiing easy rider and vista.  Boden challenged the family to a race on the sprint course.  Boden of course won the race with Hutson coming in second.

The following week, it was a guys evening at Providence Park.  Bapa, the boys and dad went to a Timbers game and had a blast.  We took the max down to the stadium and then took our seats.  Timbers won the game 4-2 over Houston.  Boden learned a few of the Timber Army songs and sang along with Timber Joey.

Over spring break, we took a vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego and had a great time.  Starting in LA, we spent the first day in Newport Beach and Balboa Island.  We rented a boat, met up with our friend Kele and motored around Newport Bay.  Great afternoon.  The next day, we went to California Adventure and had a spectacular day.  The highlight was Radiator Springs Racers and Flight Around the World.  After lunch we decided to ride Grizzly River.  Hutson was a little nervous but decided to ride.  Hutson was the first to get wet and then right before the big drop, our boat became stuck.  We sat there for a few minutes before the boat was released and we took the big drop.  Hutson and Boden were soaked at the end and Hutson didn’t enjoy the ride.  The last ride of the day was Goofy’s Roller Coaster.  Boden had a great time on the ride but it put Hutson over the edge.  While we were walking out of the park, Hutson ran into Spiderman and had his photo taken with him.

The next day, we were at Disneyland.  We started the day in Adventure Land.  Mom and Boden rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones…but Hutson wanted no part of it.  Next, mom and Boden rode splash mountain while dad and Hutson rode Jungle Adventure Cruise.  Disney took a photo of mom and Boden during the drop and it was hilarious.  Boden was riding in the front of the log and mom was right behind.  Boden had a look of terror on his face while he was trying to turn around to grab moms hand while mom’s eyes were closed and a huge grin on her face.  Before lunch, we rode the Autopia where the boys drove cars around the track.  After lunch, we left the park and had a nap.  At 4.30, we went back and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  After we sat down, Hutson was frightened by the Gorillas so we moved downstairs away from the animal action.  The next ride, Boden rode was Star Wars and Hutson rode Astro Orbitor and then we took our position for the starlight parade.

After LA, we headed down to San Diego.  Our first stop was the Zoo.  We had a quick tour of the zoo and the boys favorite part was the sky-safari which took us over the park.

The last adventure we had was at Legoland!  The boys enjoyed the rides, despite the long waits.  The favorite ride was the Lego Driving Zone.  Both the boys received their lego drivers licenses.  Boden was the only kid we saw that stopped at the stop signs and uncontrolled intersections.  Legoland also had a great waterpark and Hutson rode his first big waterslide by himself.  After that, we couldn’t get him off.

Spring break ended on a fun note…mom picked up some great Blazers tickets three rows back from the court.  Boden wore his Damian Lillard jersey to support the Blazers.  Both used their ‘clappers’ to make noise to distract the Phoenix Sun players from scoring.

This week, baseball practice started.  Boden in A-ball and Hutson in t-ball.  First game is tomorrow so cross your fingers for no rain outs.


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