Halloween has come and gone.  Boden was a red ninja and Hutson was iron man.  They pulled in tons of candy.  We went around the neighborhood with neighbors Kenzi and Samira.  The neighborhood was quite busy and the boys had a great time yelling trick or treat.  Boden was very generous with his candy always asking if I wanted to share with him.

This is the time of year when Box Elder Bugs come out in Portland.  Where we live, there are millions.  They are also called stink bugs.  When you smash them, they smell like coriander and are very pungent.  Some get in the house and Hutson finally called our house the “Stink Bug House”.

Hutson has a classmate named Shea.  Shea likes playing with Hutson but Hutson doesn’t want to have anything to do with Shea.  Last week, Hutson said he was minding his own business and Shea starts to hug Hutson.  Hutson asked him to stop but Shea continued.  Hutson ran away and Shea followed.  Finally, Hutson shoved Shea and he fell and bumped his head on a rock.  Hutson felt horrible but said “Shea wouldn’t stop hugging me so I pushed him”.

Hutson has said some funny stuff lately.  We were watching a show and Hutson wanted to watch something else…He said “this is SUPER BOOORING” which got a laugh.  Then when he doesn’t want to do something he will respond by saying “WAH-WaH”  Hard to stay upset when he’s making you laugh.

Hutson moved up on his last swim lesson class.  He will be an otter.  At the end of every class, the instructor allows the kids to jump into the pool from the edge.  Hutson gets crazy and does a flip into the pool.  The instructor says to us, that is a first.  I’ve never seen that in all my years as a swim teacher.

The other night at bedtime, Hutson was scared that he was going to have a bad dream.  He said…”daddy, I’m not Brave…I’m not.  I need you to snuggle with me”.

Boden has a second loose tooth.  It’s his other middle lower tooth.  He is wiggling it a lot so should be out in a week or so.  He seems very calm about it compared to the first tooth.

Boden has his hands on an old iPhone and linked it up to wifi.  He’s been texting everyone.  He says I love you all the time and loves to send emojis. He has taught mom and dad quite a few tricks on the phone.  He even uses the microphone to dictate his text messages, have full on conversations with Siri and changes languages so he’s typing in dutch.  Crazy.




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