We spent the last three days Disneyland.  It was a truly amazing family experience.   We flew down on Friday and came back on Monday…spending Saturday and Sunday exploring and having a grand adventure.

On Friday morning, we told the boys that we were flying to LA that day and going to visit Disneyland.  I’m not sure they could comprehend what was going to happen.  They were mildly excited and then asked if they could watch some tv.

We arrived at the Disneyland Resort early on Saturday morning with thousands of others.  The gates to Disneyland opened with a loud cheer and the fans filed thru.  The boys were filled with excitement and a little nervousness.   Once we entered the park, the boys skipped down main street full of curiosity.  Our first ride was a bit of a mistake.  It was the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Boden was ok with it but it freaked out Hutson.  The ride was dark, loud, jerky, and a bit scary.  Hutson rode with Mom and he had a “oh shit” grip on the steering wheel, wide-eyed. After we exited, he was quite upset.  It set the tone for the day for Hutson.

The next ride was the Flying Dumbo which Hutson enjoyed.  We then took a train ride around the park. After that we jumped on a little train ride that also bode well with all.

The next big ride was the Matterhorn.  Boden was all in and Hutson decided to take a pass. This was a big step for Boden as it’s a pretty fast rollercoaster and is a single seat so he’d be on his own.  By the time the ride was over, Boden jumped out with a huge smile on his face and said, “I want to go again.”  He had graduated!

We next went to It’s a Small World which brought back some memories for mom and dad.  Hutson enjoyed the water ride and calming music.  Boden was a little bored.

Next stop was Mickey’s Toon Town. Dad and Hutson explored while Boden and mom rode Gadget’s Go Coaster and the Who Framed Roger Rabbit ride.  The Roller coaster was a blast and had mom screaming. Boden had his hands up it the air screaming.

Next to Frontier land and the Big Thunder Railroad.  This is a medium roller coaster that Boden was so excited to ride.  Hutson not so much.  Hutson and dad decided to take a pass while Boden and mom jumped right in.  The final ride was the Winney the Pooh.

We decided to head back to the hotel for lunch, a swim and a snooze…but headed back to the park at 3.30 for some more action.  We rode the monorail, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Hutson & Mom) Alice in Wonderland (Boden and Dad) and Nemo’s Submarine ride – the only really long line we had to wait in that day.  Finally, we watched the Parade of Lights. The boys loved it, especially Mack, lightening McQueen’s big truck. What a full day.  We left around 8:45pm. Hutson got scared when the fireworks started. On the way back to the bus stop, Boden ran to catch the bus.  When we got there, he turned to me and said “I’m as fast as a roller coaster”.

California Adventure was the plan for Sunday.  We began in Tow Mater’s Junk Yard and rode the tractors.  The boys were still full of positive energy.  Boden couldn’t wait to jump on the rides.  Hutson continued his conservative approach and wanted nothing to do with the roller coasters or scary rides that went in tunnels.   We rode a big swing ride and then went to the Toy Story Arcade.  Hutson got so upset when we got to to the front, “I don’t want to go” and started crying. Mom got him to sit on her lap and during the ride he perked up watching Buzz light years and Woody. On the way out he skipped out saying, “that was fun!”

I think Hutson’s trepidation was from going into dark tunnels, loud or scary rides.  He didn’t care for monsters or sudden loud noises.  Boden on the other hand, the faster, louder the better.

We saw Tow-Mater and Lightening McQueen. Hutson was curious but wanted nothing to do with taking pictures with either. Actually he had no desire to take pictures with any of the characters. Bode was posed with Lightening.

The highlight of the weekend was the Radiator Springs Racers.  Hutson and Boden were dancing in the que until we were next in line.  Boden jumped into the car and Hutson had second thoughts.  We finally crawled into the car and buckled in and off we went.  Mom and Boden in the front seat with Hutson and dad in the back.  What a wild ride.  As soon as we took off for the races, Hutson slumped into me with an extremely concerned look on his face.  I could hear mom and Boden laughing in the front.  After the ride came to an end, I told Hutson that we won, and he smiled and said, hey mom, we won.

The next big ride was the Grizzly River Run.  We waited for 45 minutes and rode at the warmest part of the day.  This ride seats eight in a round raft in a white water adventure.  The ride began with a few small splashes but Boden took a direct hit with a wave and was soaked.  Then next rapid hit Hutson.  Both were soaked.  The final plunge soaked the rest of the boat.  Boden and Hutson were completely wet.  Hutson started crying because he got wet. We had to change their shirts.

Another one of our favorite rides was California Soar. It was huge screen panoramic motion movie where it felt like you were soaring above California. Mom and Dad loved it but Boden thought it was a bit boring.

Our final ride was a double for Boden.  We rode the Big Mountain Railroad again and again. Once with dad and the second time with mom.  Boden was so excited to jump on the rollercoaster again.  He tried to explain to me how fast the ride was and how loud the explosions sounded.  When we rode, he was laughing and screaming along with the rest of the train.  He slumped into me and gave me a hug after the ride saying how much fun he was having.  He rode the ride for a 2nd time with Mom and met a girl, also 5 that sat in front of us and they were comparing their day’s ride stories and shared their excitement. Her dad said, “alright Turbo let’s turn around” and Boden said “Is your name Turbo?”

Mickey’s Light Parade was the finale to an incredible weekend.  The boys waved at all their Disney friends, they especially loved lightning McQueen and Mack, but when Cinderella or Bella came thru, they were a little sheepish and didn’t want to waive to them.

We powered through a full day from 8-9pm so the boys were exhausted when we got back to the hotel.

When we got home, the boys went to bed early and as I was taking them to their beds, Hutson started kicking his legs and talking in his sleep and said…”No, help.  Help me Help me please”.  I hope the rides were not causing nightmares.





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