You Cheated

Boden and I were playing a video racing game against each other and after six races, dad finally won.  I reached out and said good race Boden…and he threw a fit.  “I wanted to win!!!  I didn’t want to lose!!!  I like winning Daddy!!!”  I tried to console him and he suggested we race again.  And again, dad won!  “Oh Dad, WHY?!?   I wanted to win…I like winning!!!”  This went on for about five minutes and finally, we raced a third time and he won.  Did his happy I won dance and then we went off to bed.  After brushing the teeth, putting on the jimmies, reading books and having a snuggle…he turns to me and says “Dad, you cheated, that’s why you won.  You shouldn’t cheat.”  I explained that I won fair and square.  He said no and that I played dirty by ramming his car with mine and using the boosters.  The conversation ended with “So I am the winner.”


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